Zionism and Africa

Rosa Moro, Orinoco Tribune, December 26, 2023 —

In their charm offensive in Africa, the Zionists exploit the image they want to sell around the world of being the legitimate representatives of the Jewish people.

Africa and the “Holy War” against Islam
Since its inception, “Israel” has sought allies and clients in Africa, as in the rest of the world. In 2017, it planned to hold an “Israel”-Africa summit in Togo, along the lines of summits in Europe, the US, Russia or China. “Israel” trumpeted that Netanyahu would meet with ’25 African leaders’, but in the end, the summit never took place because African leaders did not confirm their attendance. African countries support the Palestinian struggle and are not easily fooled by Zionism’s whitewashing propaganda. They understand that Zionism is colonialism and they themselves have suffered and suffer from the colonialism of Western powers.

Until his assassination by NATO in 2011, Gaddafi led this support for Palestine against “Israel”. The Libyan leader repeatedly declared that he had “nothing against the Jews, but against Zionism” and about Zionism he also said that “it is behind every conflict in Africa”. Today, this support for Palestine is led by Algeria and by South Africa, which has a very recent history of its own apartheid, so they understand how Zionist apartheid operates in Palestine.

When the Organization of African Unity was transformed into the African Union in 2002, the Israelis tried to continue with its observer status, as it had in the previous organization (heavily controlled by the colonial powers), but a coalition of countries led by Gaddafi opposed it. Today, “Israel” is still trying by all means to obtain such status and the AU is still refusing so far. But Zionists are the masters at rewriting history, at conquering minds and hearts by subterfuge and propaganda, very sibylline and persistent.

The American scholar Kevin Barrett, who holds a Ph.D. in Arab, Islamic, and African studies, claims that the United States is a “colony of Zionism” when he critically analyzes his own government’s war on terror. Barrett defines the “war on terror”, launched by Bush post 9/11, 2001, as a “holy war against Islam”. He and other researchers, such as James Petras and Stephen Sniegoski, argue that the US, with the launch of the “War on Terror”, adopted the Israeli agenda, acting against its interests and defending “Israel’s”, somewhat unconsciously, influenced by Zionists inside and outside the Bush administration, who went so far as to publicly define the “war on terror” as a “Crusade”, and a “holy war”.

This plan began with the occupation of Islam’s holy land, Palestine, and went global when the US empire became part of it. The new enemy civilization designated by the master of the world was no longer the Slavic or Russian civilization of the Cold War, it was now the Arab civilization. With the help of the United States, Zionism has gone much further in its crusade against Islam than it would have on its own.

In this context, one can find many well-documented analyses exposing the erosion of African support for Palestinian resistance over the years, thanks to Zionism’s mastery of propaganda.

The Israelis have concluded trade and services agreements with many African countries. It mainly offers services in security and arms sales, agriculture, technology, and pharmaceuticals. Many Israeli private and state-owned companies sell arms and organize trainings offered to African governments and armies. It should be remembered that all weaponry, as well as spying and surveillance systems, that any country purchases from “Israel” and its private companies require additional training to operate them. Additionally, with the highly convenient advent of terrorism, “Israel” has emerged as the world’s foremost expert in combating this brand of terrorism. It has won over governments besieged by this scourge such as Kenya, Chad, Mali, and Niger, among others. In some cases, such as Niger, this may be about to change with the arrival of Russia, with whom Niger signed anti-terrorism agreements in early November.

While the government of Niger may not formally have open diplomatic relations with “Israel”, as does the regional economic body ECOWAS, there are a number of private security companies that operate freely in the country for the time being. As Gaddafi warned, one should not underestimate the capacity of the Zionists to enter into all the continent’s conflicts and take advantage of them. When governments do not establish open relations, their private companies do so, and if these are vetoed in any country, the “security” work is done by Israeli NGOs, as has been seen on many occasions throughout the continent, where under the banner of humanitarian aid, arms and other materials such as diamonds and minerals, or even espionage, were traded.

The Israelis supply arms, ammunition, and training to militaries and intelligence apparatuses to all parties to conflicts alike. It arms not only governments, but also terrorist groups such as the jihadist militia Al-Nusra, and even works to ensure the “security” of the plunder of large multinationals in impoverished countries, such as Exxon Mobil in Equatorial Guinea, or Chevron in Nigeria.

Repercussions of the October 7 in Africa
On 15 October, Africa Intelligence (AI) published a story that may serve as an indication of the extent of Israeli security cooperation with certain African countries. Following the Hamas’ Operation Al Aqsa Flood on October 7, on the 9th of October, the Israeli Security Ministry informed the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo that all Israeli trainers and technicians present in Congo were to return home immediately. There were two repatriation flights on October 15 and 20 consecutively. In total, AI affirmed that the Israeli government had summoned 360,000 reservists, a huge number for a “state” with a population of less than 10 million. Programs run by the Israelis, such as drone surveillance training in the east of the country and others such as shooting training, were suddenly and surprisingly without instructors.

In the DRC in particular, the Israeli trainers worked mainly for Synergy GPM and Beni Tal Security (BTS), but also for Global CST and the Mer Group, among others. Some of the trainers recalled from the Congo were not so young, AI explains, having been in other African countries for years before the DRC. Only about 60 Israeli military personnel remained in Congo because their presence was considered “essential”. Prominent among these essential experts were those of Global CST, the private security company (a subsidiary of state-owned Mikal Defense) owned by General Israel Zilberstein, a former IOF director of operations and well-known in African ‘defense’ circles.

It must be said that it is not only Israeli agents and companies that are in charge of “security” in eastern DRC, which has suffered from civilian massacres on an almost daily basis for more than 30 years. “Security” actors from multiple international, regional, and foreign organizations, private companies from Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria or Romania are operating in the area; even China, at the beginning of November, with four armed drones and their corresponding instructors, has become part of this “security Tower of Babel”, which has not achieved positive results so far.

Uganda, Rwanda, and Morocco, the big allies
For a full account of Zionism’s business dealings in Africa and other countries, I recommend listening to activist Susan Abulhawa in this online lecture, entitled The Global Cost of Israeli Economy, in which she documents with conventional sources Israeli global military industry, arms trafficking, diamonds, surveillance, police training and intelligence sharing with many African and other countries. Susan Abulhawa argues that “while one pillar of Israel’s wealth rests on the bodies and blood of Palestinians, the other pillar rests on the bodies and blood of Africans.”

Uganda’s relations with “Israel” have always been in the shadows, although they have not been without incidents, such as the accidental arrest in the African country of two Israeli arms dealers linked to the defence ministry in 2014; Or the scandal that hit the media in the 1990s, because the Israelis were selling arms to conflict zones under arms embargo, such as Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo or South Sudan (France even denounced to the UN that it had seized Israeli weapons in these countries), through the Ugandan police, with the involvement of President Museveni himself. Suddenly, the whole investigation vanished.

In their offensive in Africa, the Zionists exploit the image they want to sell around the world of being the legitimate representatives of the Jewish people. In 2019, Netanyahu declared at the ECOWAS headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia: “There is a natural affinity between Israel and Africa, because we have, in many ways, similar histories. Your nations suffered under foreign rule. You have lived through terrible wars and terrible slaughter. This is very much our history.”

But there is one state in particular that feels this affinity to the core, Paul Kagame’s Rwanda. In my book “El genocidio que no cesa en el corazón de África” [The Unabated Genocide in the Heart of Africa], I explain how these two governments are true brothers and work closely together. “Israel”, which has always refused to share the role of “genocide victim” with any other people, agreed to share it only with the victors of the genocidal war in Rwanda, now in government. These two genocidal and racist regimes clearly share a real history, they are both major criminal aggressors, who play the role of victims and their impunity is staggering.

Thanks to ‘Kagame’s diplomacy’, it was under the Rwandan presidency of the AU that Morocco made a great surprise return to the continental body, which it had left in 1984 because the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic was admitted as a full member. Immediately afterward, Morocco became the fourth Arab country (after Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan) to normalize relations with “Israel” through the US-driven Abraham Accords.

Following this masterstroke, Morocco became the perfect partner for NATO and Europe in the fight against migration. In return, Morocco has obtained the weakening or withdrawal of NATO allies’ support for the Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara and has become NATO’s main security partner at the southern gateway to Europe and the African continent. “Israel” is the main supplier of arms and training to Morocco in its role as guardian of Europe’s borders, violently and with impunity repressing African migration to Europe. Israeli training of armies, police, and border guards around the world, not only in Morocco, consists of teaching how to commit with “proven effectiveness” (so they sell it, proven in Palestine) all kinds of abuses and tortures, including extrajudicial killings.

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