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West Asia / Middle East


Latin America

Why is Cuba in the heart of the world?

Iroel Sánchez, Granma, Cuba, December 8, 2022 — The Commander made the anti-imperialist struggle an instrument of social cohesion with the people as protagonist. We will never forget that we are part of that world, […]


The US Imperium Garrisons Australia

Dr. Binoy Kampmark, Global Research, December 8, 2022 — On December 6, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hosted Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister […]


Merkel Reveals West’s Duplicity

Scott Ritter, Black Agenda Report, December 7, 2022 — Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that the collective west never had any intention of honest dealings with Russia. This “war of choice” was not provoked by […]

Imperialism and the World

Why America Aims to Deindustrialize Europe

Eric Zuesse, Global Research, December 8, 2022 — Imperialism has always been — and always is — control of foreign governments. This is especially control of those governments’ foreign policies — international trade, military, diplomatic, […]