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US Downing of Iranian Airliner Gone From History

Shane Quinn, Global Research, July 4, 2022 — Today is the 34th anniversary of the downing of Iran Air Flight 655 by an American vessel. Almost 30 years ago, the large civilian aircraft was shot down over Iranian territorial waters, on its normal flight path. All 290 people aboard the Iranian airliner were killed, including 66 children …

Middle East

Palestinians ‘Are Not Animals In A Zoo’

Ramzy Baroud, Mintpress News, July 2, 2022 — Years before the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, U.S. media introduced many new characters, promoting them as “experts” who helped ratchet up propaganda, ultimately allowing the U.S. government to secure enough popular support for the war.


Latin America


The Empire is not done torturing Afghanistan

Pepe Escobar, The Cradle, July 5, 2022 — In the name of national security, the land of the Afghans was bombed until the Pentagon ran out of targets, as their chief Donald Rumsfeld, addicted to “known unknowns,” complained at the time.


Imperialism and the World