About 10Mehr

10Mehr* consists of some of the former members of the leadership and cadre of the Tudeh Party of Iran who, since the destruction of the Socialist State in the USSR in 1991 and dissolution of the Socialist Camp, have been opposed to the emerging social-democratic tendencies in the Communist movement, and have insisted on continued adherence to the principles of Marxism-Leninism. For us, Marxism-Leninism is not just a banner to be held up for the purpose of self-identification, but a set of scientific principles that should guide the formulation of any policy at the national and international level.

We consider the international struggle against imperialism, and especially against the U.S. imperialism’s global hegemony, as the primary struggle of our era, which should not be weakened or overridden by other contradictions at the national level. We believe that all legitimate struggles at the national level should be carried out in such ways that do not undermine the unity of the international anti-imperialist struggle, and/or endanger the independence and sovereignty of nations. No “democracy” or “human rights” can be achieved at the expense of independence and national sovereignty of peoples.

Specifically in the case of Iran, while opposing the Iranian government’s neoliberal economic policies and repressive measures, we oppose all efforts — explicit or implicit — aimed at overthrowing of the Islamic Republic of Iran at this critical juncture when the future of the whole humanity is at stake. Given the absence of organized popular mass organizations in Iran at this juncture, such efforts could only serve the objectives of U.S. imperialism for partitioning Iran.

While recognizing the Tudeh Party of Iran as the sole party of the Iranian working class, we have significant ideological and political disagreements with the present policies of the leadership of the Party, at both international and national levels. We consider our responsibility as that of pointing to the weaknesses and present departures of the present Party leadership from a truly Marxist-Leninist perspective, and providing, within the limits of our ability, alternative assessments of the global and national situation on the basis of scientific principles of Marxism-Leninism.


* 10 Mehr 1320 (2 October 1941) is the birth date of the Tudeh Party of Iran.