Zelensky Orders Evacuation From Donetsk Over Russian Advance

teleSUR, July 31, 2022 — In the face of Russian advance, Ukrainian president issues the order for mandatory evacuation of troops and civilians in Donetsk, the front line in the east of the Slavic country.

Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky on Saturday in his daily address called on all remaining residents and servicemen in the region of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic to urgently evacuate the area.


Ukraine’s Shelling of Donetsk Prison Leaves 53 Dead, 75 Wounded

“A government decision was made on the mandatory evacuation of the Donetsk region,” located in the Donbas (eastern Ukraine), the head of state has said. “Please evacuate,” Zelensky stressed.

The Ukrainian president assured that the authorities are taking care of logistics and support operations “from A to Z” and will do everything possible to save the maximum number of human lives and limit the damage in the area.

Zelensky has called on Ukrainians who have the opportunity to talk to “those who still remain in the combat zones in Donbas” to convince their compatriots that it is necessary to leave.

In another part of his speech, Zelensky accused Russia of an attack on Friday on a prison in the Donetsk locality of Yelenovka, which killed more than 50 Ukrainian prisoners.

The president made this statement despite the fact that Moscow had accused Kiev of having carried out the attack, presumably with American HIMARS multiple rocket launchers.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry has officially invited independent experts from the United Nations (UN) and the Red Cross to conduct an “objective investigation” into the shelling of the Yelenovka detention center by the Ukrainian Army.

Russia launched its military operation on February 24. In recent weeks, the Donetsk region, has become the epicenter of fighting between the Ukrainian Army and Russian allied forces.

Kiev’s Western partners make no secret of their activities to equip Ukrainian extremists with more weapons to thwart the Russian mission seeking the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of the Slavic country.

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