Zelensky is Desperate: Can Biden Admin Trick GOP-dominated Congress to “Merge Military Aid for Israel and Kiev”?

Drago Bosnic, Global Research, October 19, 2023 —

It’s hardly a secret that the embattled Kiev regime is terrified of the looming prospect of losing access to hundreds of billions of dollars in American military “aid”.

Even before the outbreak of hostilities in Gaza, the United States was going through a political crisis after the GOP warhawk Kevin McCarthy was removed as House speaker.

With him out of the picture, the increasingly less “cooperative” wing of the Republican Party became more dominant in the US Congress and decided to reshuffle the so-called “aid” priorities by refocusing on other hotspots on the geopolitical chessboard. Although they promised to start tackling the ever-growing mountain of domestic issues, they too (over)focused on other countries. And while their initial target was China, the Republicans have now found themselves in a situation where they have to pour additional resources into the Middle East.

The Israel-Hamas conflict became the centerpiece of the mainstream propaganda machine, clearly implying that the Ukrainian crisis lost its importance to the vast majority of regular people in the political West. Terrified of this prospect, Zelensky desperately tried to bring the spotlight back to Ukraine and himself, but failed miserably after he was told that “the time isn’t right”. However, the warhawks don’t want to renounce their favorite cash cow. The Israel-Gaza conflict is highly unlikely to provide as steady of a profit as the Ukrainian one does. What’s more, leaving the Neo-Nazi junta to fend for itself would invariably mean defeat. The political West doesn’t only provide weapons, munitions, logistics, ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), etc, but also supports the Kiev regime’s economy.

In fact, its entire state apparatus is directly dependent on the US and, to a lesser extent, the European Union. This “life support” on a governmental level has been the source of crawling frustration among the populace in the political West for well over a year and a half at this point.

And while the increasingly impoverished and indebted citizens of Western countries don’t want any “aid” to be sent to anyone until the numerous problems at home are dealt with first, they are somewhat more likely to tolerate it when it’s given to Israel. This is a major issue for the US, as financing two allies/client states simultaneously is very difficult, despite boastful reassurances from the troubled Biden administration. Having to deal with an effectively hostile US Congress, the current government is actively looking for ways to circumvent or at least trick it.

The State Department wants to ease the existing political tensions by (ab)using the ongoing Israel-Gaza crisis.

Namely, the Biden administration is mulling the unification of its “aid” packages for Israel and the Kiev regime. This would accomplish at least two things. First, the government would get on the good side of the US Congress, which is virtually unequivocal in its support for Israel. And second, the US Congress is much less likely to reject the “aid” package if the proposal also includes Israel. In doing so, the Zelensky cash cow stays “in business”, along with all the congressmen who made significant investments in the perpetually avaricious US Military Industrial Complex (MIC). The Pentagon already stated that military aid within the scope of existing agreements has been underway for days and that Israel is receiving “everything it needs”.

According to various reports, this includes air defense and fighter jet munitions. Israel has also requested additional PGMs (precision-guided munitions), SDBs (small-diameter bombs), interceptor missiles for its “Iron Dome” SAM (surface-to-air missile) systems, etc. Officially, Israel receives nearly $4 billion in US military aid each year, although some sources claim that the actual sum is orders of magnitude greater, measuring in tens of billions. Considering how much money the Neo-Nazi junta got so far, the sustainability of this is highly questionable, particularly as Washington DC has been creating enemies left and right. And while Biden keeps parroting about “the most powerful country in human history” and how all this is “a mere speck” for the “omnipotent America“, facts are not exactly in line with such narratives.

At present, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are mostly focused on airstrikes, meaning that they’re using munitions that the Kiev regime forces don’t need yet. However, when Israel launches its ground operations in Gaza, it will require significant amounts of artillery munitions, rockets and missiles to support its tanks and armored vehicles. This is when things could get complicated for the Neo-Nazi junta, as its forces are using enormous amounts of precisely such weapons and munitions. It’s extremely unlikely that the US Congress would prioritize the Kiev regime over Israel, meaning that the former would find itself in an impossible situation, as its needs for munitions have never been met so far, despite hundreds of billions in military “aid”. Having access to even fewer US/NATO weapons would exponentially exacerbate this problem.

However, most Republicans aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea. Many have suggested that “only one” can be financed at the moment, clearly implying it wouldn’t be the Kiev regime, while the so-called uber-hawks proposed even more radical measures, such as the inclusion of Taiwan in the lumped “aid” package. This specific proposal came from House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican infamous for urging Americans to show readiness to die for Taiwanese semiconductors. Expectedly, almost nobody in the US political establishment is talking about the record-breaking debt spiral that is threatening to bankrupt the belligerent thalassocracy.


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Drago Bosnic is an independent geopolitical and military analyst. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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