Yemenis demonstrate against Saudi blockade

The Cradle, January 7, 2023 — The demonstrators reiterated their support for any decision that the leaders deem appropriate to lift the blockade.

According to Al Masirah, tens of thousands of people marched in Yemen to condemn the war and siege imposed by the US-Saudi aggression on 7 January.

Protesters were seen carrying banners of Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the leader of the Yemeni popular resistance movement Ansarallah while chanting slogans against the illegally imposed economic blockade on the country.

Protesters have strongly condemned the continued aggression of Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen and asserted that the United States is primarily responsible for the war and the siege imposed on the poorest country in the Arab world.

In a statement, the participants warned against the escalation of the aggression on any front, the continuation of the blockade, and the prevention of the entry of oil ships.

The protesters reaffirmed their full support for the decisions of their country’s leaders to confront the aggressor while stressing the importance of maintaining unity to overcome the hardships.

The Governor of Saada, Mohammed Jaber Awad, said the protestors expressed their opposition to the no war, no peace situation as long as the Saudi-led invasion and the air and maritime blockade on Yemen is still in place.

Since March 2015, the US-Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out a massive bombing campaign in Yemen, targeting the country’s infrastructure and decimating its ability to produce crops with devastating consequences for the population, especially women and children.

The UN-brokered ceasefire between Yemen and the US-Saudi-led coalition expired on 2 October, as officials warn that the agreement is at a “dead end” due to the reluctance of Riyadh and its allies to lift the blockade on the country and alleviate the severe humanitarian crisis.

“During the six months of the truce, we have not seen any seriousness to address the humanitarian file as an urgent priority,” Sanaa’s UN negotiating team said in a statement on 1 October while accusing the US-Saudi-led coalition of stalling in the negotiations over matters that would “alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.”

“Since the start of the truce, despite the delay, we have been keen not to miss any opportunity that could lead us towards peace,” the statement added.

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