What Kind of Ukraine Do We Support?

Patrick Pasin, Global Research, April 1, 2023 —

The slogan “Support for Ukraine” continues to bloom. Do those who promote it know that the Ukrainians were the most martyred people in Europe BEFORE the war? Because of the very person the West cherishes… President Zelensky.

In summary, here is what our media hide from us and which should make us think about our sincere and friendly support of the Ukrainian people.

The country without babies

In 2021, the number of deaths exceeded the number of births by 442,279.[1] This is a staggering figure for a population of about 41 million: it means that more than 1% of the population literally disappeared that year, not to mention the effects of emigration.

In January 2022, the last month before the Special Operation, the situation worsened further: there were about 57,000 deaths, but only 18,000 births, a multiple of more than three.

Although the gap was smaller in previous years, it was still in a negative six-figure surplus since the 2014 Maidan revolution and before. At this rate, the Ukrainian people will be gone within one to two generations, especially as many of the refugees and emigrants will not return, whatever form Ukraine takes at the end of the war.

To this must now be added the ongoing disaster, in which more than 200,000 men who were killed in the prime of their lives will no longer have children. And the butchery continues: it is now teenagers who are being sent to the front. Who can imagine the medium and long-term consequences for the very existence of the Ukrainian people?

The land of US war laboratories

According to data from the WHO and local authorities, including the Medical Association, infection rates for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C remain among the highest in Europe and the world. Tuberculosis has even spread there in a unique form, highly resistant to drugs.[2]

The country is also affected by violent epidemics of measles, despite a high rate of vaccination, but also of swine flu, botulism, leptospirosis, diphtheria, etc., [3] which are not found anywhere else in such proportions.

Medical tests carried out by the Russians on thousands of Ukrainian POWs show that a third of them were infected with hepatitis A, more than 4% have a kidney syndrome and 20% have West Nile fever.[4]

The rash media conclusion would be that they were subjected to years of biological experiments [by the Russians]?

The realities are otherwise.

The US Department of Defense acknowledged on June 9, 2022 that it had established “collaborations” with 46 Ukrainian laboratories, obviously for… peaceful purposes.[5] In reality, the Pentagon was not “collaborating” but directly operating biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine since 2014, in violation of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. This has been documented since the 2014 Maidan, including, for example, a report by a former agent of the SBU, the Ukrainian intelligence service, revealing that “the deaths of the test subjects were authorized as part of its conduct.”[6] In this case, the “test subjects” are Ukrainians, not lab rats.

It is also discovered that this extremely dangerous research was aimed at improving the pathogenic properties of plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases.[7] Among the priorities identified was the study of bacterial and viral pathogens that can be transmitted from bats to humans, such as the pathogens of plague, leptospirosis, brucellosis, and coronaviruses… Bat coronaviruses? Doesn’t that remind us of something? Let us add that a military program entitled ‘Covid-19’ was financed in November 2019, three months before the WHO gave this name to a global pandemic that has not finished making the headlines.[8] Simple coincidence?

In any case, there is no doubt that the Ukrainian civilian population and soldiers have been used as guinea pigs for years by the US military, with the complicity of Kiev. Moreover, these biological weapons pose a direct threat to us, for who can guarantee that these deadly viruses will stop at our borders? What are the European Commission and our governments doing to protect us from this threat?

The land of the neo-Nazis

Reuters estimates that there are more than 100,000 of what some call “mainstream nationalists” or neo-Nazis. Whether they call themselves Azov, Aidar, C14, etc., they have been poisoning the lives of Ukrainians since 2014, and not only the Russian-speaking population but also, Magyar, Jewish, Roma, LGBT minorities…[9]

In particular, they have participated in the thousands of people killed in the Donbass, a situation that has the characteristics of genocide in the sense of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of December 9, 1948. Moreover, testimonies reveal that these death battalions were paid up to $10,000 for the killing or capture of any separatist.[10] A good business in a country whose democratic and progressive values are constantly being sold to us.

They also do not hesitate to enter courts armed to threaten judges, and administrations to coerce mayors and governors. They even force some municipalities to pay them as militiamen to ensure the security of the citizens. Since Ukraine is also the country without justice, as we will see below, they have all the rights, including murder, rape, torture, robbery, racketeering, etc. Of course, with the complicity of the police.

And when the Aidar Battalion was disbanded by the authorities in 2016, its members blocked an artery in Kiev and tried to storm the Ministry of the Interior.[11] After such an act, one imagines that the prison sentences were severe… Not so! The disbandment order was cancelled and they were integrated into the Ukrainian armed forces, like the other neo-Nazi battalions after the Minsk agreements, and sent to commit their crimes in the Donbass.

As a result, they become our… allies, since the West has allied itself with Ukraine for life and death (especially that of the Ukrainians, at least to begin with…).

The land of corruption

This point would require an entire chapter, as corruption is so endemic in Ukraine. In 2015, CNN reported that it cost the state budget around $10 billion.[12] No international institution is fooled by this reality. For example, the European Court of Auditors stated in a 2016 report that it had no knowledge of the use of the last €11 billion sent to Ukraine.[13] On the other hand, it said that ‘the risks posed by the old and new oligarchs remain high’. How better to admit corruption without using the word?

Nevertheless, the billions continue to flow in, from the EU, the US, the IMF, etc. Strange, isn’t it?

In order not to dry up the flow of these boundlessly generous funds, the issue of corruption is definitively settled by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU) with its dramatic decision of October 27, 2020: it absolves the government, senior officials and judges of any responsibility for false declaration of assets.[14]

As a result, a judge who would have only declared ownership of a modest home in Kiev is now protected by law if it is discovered that he also owns a lavish villa on the French Riviera. At least court decisions will be made more quickly: they will depend only on the thickness of the envelopes paid out. The same applies to politicians and civil servants. The country of corruption has also become the country without justice. And vice versa.

Since then, of course, billions continue to flow into Ukraine. In fact, are we sure that the Ukrainian leaders are the only ones who are “taking it”? Is none of this huge amount of money being shared out of sight with the Western side, which is sending it to the Danaid’s barrel that has become Zelenskyland?

Whatever the case, it is certain that these tens of billions, to which we contribute, have not benefited the Ukrainian people or peace.

The country without labour law

When the war broke out, opposition parties and media that did not toe the official line were quickly banned. No doubt a demonstration of democratic values to please the European Commission… Just as worrying, the authorities decided with Law 5371, ratified on August 17, 2022 by President Zelensky, to abolish the labour code in companies with less than 250 employees, i.e. for more than two thirds of the population.[15]

From now on, there are only contracts “freely” negotiated with the employer, who can impose, for example, 50 or 60 hour weeks and beyond. Employees no longer have legal protection and trade unions have no means of action. Ukraine has become quite legally a paradise for rogue bosses.

Of course, a worker can refuse such a contract, but is he or she sure to find another job that will not impose the same constraints, since all companies, apart from multinationals, benefit from this exceptional regime?

It should be noted that the law was added at the last minute to the fact that it will remain in force as long as martial law lasts. Who can guarantee that it will no longer be in force, if only to “fluidify” the labour market? Who can even guarantee that, with the upcoming crisis in the European Union, the same type of law will not be imposed, obviously for the good of employees?

The country of human trafficking

The above leads softly into this, but it gets worse: numerous reports prove that Ukraine is the country of children for sale, but not only. For example, the 2021 Trafficking in Persons Report published by the US Department of State, thus hardly suspect of being biased against Ukraine, reports the following:


“As has been reported over the past five years, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Ukraine, and traffickers exploit Ukrainian victims abroad. Ukrainian victims are exploited in sex trafficking and forced labour in Ukraine, as well as in Russia, Poland, Germany and other parts of Europe, China, Kazakhstan and the Middle East. Ukrainian victims are increasingly exploited in EU Member States.[17]

One wonders what the European Commission, so quick to boast about its human rights values, is doing to combat this scourge… The report goes on to say

“The approximately 104,000 children placed in state orphanages are particularly at risk of being trafficked. Officials in several state-run care institutions and orphanages are reported to have been complicit or deliberately negligent in the sex trafficking and labour of the girls and boys in their care.”

Even if the word is not spelled out, it is pedocriminality. “One in ten child victims of trafficking in the world comes from Ukraine.” In this film broadcast on Arte,[18] we also learn that “some 40 teenagers have been sold to local politicians for sexual purposes. The press and the general public were kept out of the trial. Of course, nothing came of it, and who can believe that virtue has since descended on Ukraine’s elites?

Yet, who has heard Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel, Josep Borrell, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, Boris Johnson… denounce these inadmissible human rights violations?

So, who still wants to support the dream country of President Zelensky and Nato that the Western media touts day and night? Does their Ukraine deserve our support, and even our sacrifices?

To help the Ukrainian people and avoid the catastrophe that is already having an effect on our society, there is only one option: peace.

It is therefore urgent to stop sending weapons and money for the war: it must stop for lack of weapons, not for lack of fighters. Moreover, we run the risk of ending up there too if we do not stop the madness of our leaders.


Translation from French: Yannis V. Zbroek

Patrick Pasin, Publisher and author of “War in Ukraine: The Criminal Responsibility of the West – Our Options for Stopping the Crisis” (in French)



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