What Happens When Kiev Regime Runs Out of American Money?

Drago Bosnic, Global Research, December 12, 2023 —

One of the gravest mistakes the Kiev regime ever made was to involve itself in American politics.

It could be argued that this was inevitable because the United States effectively created the Neo-Nazi junta, but still, its leadership could’ve certainly expected what focusing only on one part of the American establishment would do to their future. However, the Kiev regime’s absolute lack of sovereignty is such they couldn’t even make that decision and the consequences are coming back to bite them.

Namely, the fact that the Democrats, aided by the increasingly unpopular neocon Republicans, were the power behind the Maidan coup, is what will be the undoing of the Neo-Nazi junta. Of course, apart from the fact that they thought it was a good idea to fight the military superpower next door.

By going with the Democrats and even aiding their efforts to grab power in Washington DC, the Kiev regime did so thinking it was fighting for its own interests. However, this was only a very short-term solution and it was quite obvious it wouldn’t last. As the Biden administration kept sweeping rapidly growing domestic issues under the rug, while sending hundreds of billions of US taxpayer’s money to the Neo-Nazi junta, it was only a matter of time before the American people themselves would punish that with a landslide victory for the GOP during the midterms. The DNC knew this and it feared the midterms just like it’s terrified of the presidential election in 2024. However, there’s no going back now, or in 11 months, or ever, for that matter. And the Kiev regime might be the first “casualty”.

The Democrats are perfectly aware of this, but they can’t have a “change of heart” now. Their supporters have been brainwashed into thinking climate change and Ukraine are the world’s greatest problems, while the vast majority of Republican voters and an increasing number of neutral ones are simply enraged by the hellscape the DNC leaves wherever it’s in power.

The fact that the Democrats and the Neo-Nazi junta established this symbiotic relationship where US taxpayer’s money is sent to the latter only for it to them circle back to the former’s coffers is what’s driving people away from and against the DNC. By losing power in Congress, the Democrats lost the ability to secure “aid” for the Kiev regime (and by extension, for themselves). Worse yet, they gave Republicans the incentive to stop it.

Namely, the GOP has both financial and political reasons to leave the Neo-Nazi junta hanging, as this also stifles the DNC’s finances, and their ability to campaign. And while the so-called “Big Tech” and the mainstream propaganda machine are deeply intertwined with the Democrats and neocons (in other words, the Deep State), their chances for a win have plummeted and the only thing they’re left with at this point is election fraud. However, the time is running out, fast. The Kiev regime’s situation is only exacerbating the issue. The fact that it will be left without US money and that this will accelerate its downfall in the face of Russia’s counteroffensive will result in a downward death spiral that will finally destroy the DNC’s already grim prospects. Precisely this is why Moscow is in no hurry.

It’s important to note that the American money is what’s keeping the Neo-Nazi junta’s institutions functional, not only in terms of military power but all-round. Salaries of its corrupt officials, starting from Zelensky himself all the way to a mailman, are paid precisely by Washington DC. Due to the limited scope of the special military operation (SMO), most of Ukraine is completely intact and life goes on relatively normally. However, with US funding running dry, this will be unsustainable, very likely with graver consequences than the SMO itself. For instance, various interest groups within the Kiev regime will start competing for the dwindling funds, including the military and the Neo-Nazi battalions, which are already in competition with each other, causing the already low morale to plummet.

In turn, this will exacerbate the situation on the frontlines, particularly as the Kiev regime’s much-touted counteroffensive failed, with much (if not most) of its fighting capabilities either destroyed or damaged beyond repair. On the other hand, the Russian military is slowly moving from active defense and defense-in-depth to incremental offensive operations. The Kremlin will certainly not make the mistake of throwing tens of thousands of soldiers into the fire and “hope for the best” as the Neo-Nazi junta did. The high command in Moscow doesn’t have any illusions that the fight is easy. On the contrary, the Russians take these advances very seriously and are perfectly aware of the fact that NATO invested tens of billions and nearly a decade to fortify western parts of Donbass.

However, the Kiev regime’s ability to launch offensive operations is effectively gone. In any sort of conflict, focusing on defense only is simply unsustainable. The Russian military, despite all the reverie about it running out of fuel, shells, missiles, drones and other munitions, is actually getting stronger by the day. It hasn’t only increased its manpower, but it’s also adapting fast and using ever newer and more advanced technologies. This ensures its superiority, both strategic and tactical, limiting not only the Neo-Nazi junta’s room for maneuver, but also that of NATO itself. According to the belligerent alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the Kiev regime’s prospects are rather grim. He’s insisting on the need to continue financing the Neo-Nazi junta, but NATO is completely powerless without the US.

The world’s most aggressive military alliance needs to take the peculiarities of the American political system into account.

Without Washington DC, NATO will be unable to continue financing the Kiev regime, as it’s effectively composed of little more than the European Union. The process of de facto unifying EU and NATO is well underway, but this will only exacerbate the troubled bloc’s already dwindling economic power. The cumulative effect of these developments will further diminish the Neo-Nazi junta’s chances for survival. The official narrative of what a “victory over Russia” constitutes will change, going from “liberating Donbass and Crimea” to actually not losing any more regions. However, the disastrous effect that this will have on the overall morale will only accelerate the possibility of a complete defeat.


This article was originally published on InfoBrics.

Drago Bosnic is an independent geopolitical and military analyst. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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