Western World Propaganda and Nuclear War Threat in Ukraine

Irwin Jerome, Global Research, October 9, 2022 —

Which Way Will The World Ultimately Turn?

How or When Did this Potentially-Fatal Road to Nuclear War in Ukraine Begin?

The year 2022 has been an ideologically-deafening Tower of Babel year, not unlike that described in the Bible in Genesis 11:1, where, since the beginning of human existence, human language, thought and conflict has been forever victimized by a constant babble of falsities & half-truths.

With the ever-escalating War in Ukraine, potentially leading towards an ultimate nuclear confrontation, the Western press continues to pummel the world with a withering barrage of official party line propaganda, creating a simplistic false narrative of the complex, decades-long, geo-politics that underlie this war. Parroted, at the same time, is the ideology of the elite within the Dark State who continue to direct, from behind the scenes, the American national security state’s unrelenting vehement ideological assault against Russia and its ultimate desire, at all costs, to not only bring about a regime change in Russia but, ultimately, once-and-for-all crush its Empire for the American-led Western Empire’s own gain.

The architects of the Project for a New American Century are among those who have long had a goal of planning, in one fashion or another, extending America’s long-held philosophy of Manifest Destiny into a wider expanse of world conquest and domination. The result has been a never-ending Cold War Redux with Russia, Ukraine’s Civil War now its epicenter of a Hot War, about to perhaps get even nuclear hotter, sooner rather than later, if those military analysts are correct who now suggest the hands of the Doomsday Clock should be more accurately moved up to one minute before midnight.

Either Way Ukraine’s Civil War Goes, It Will be a Long-Drawn Out “Savage Affair”

An unmistakably-telltale signal of what the West has all along intended, since day one, to do this time to Russia in the war in Ukraine is the clear message it consistently has given to Russia and the world that this time it isn’t prepared, one iota, to diplomatically negotiate with or back down in the stance it has taken over the crisis in Ukraine. This cold, hostile, frightful and frightening, turning-of-the-back on meaningful negotiations by the U.S. and its allies is another, gob-smacking classic example of the old saying “War is the failure to communicate”.

The heavy metal rock group Guns N’ Roses in 1991 produced the album Use Your Illusions that contained the track “Civil War” that was included in their Greatest Hits album in 2004. The lyrics speak to the never-ending absurdity of this current war that asks, “So what’s so civil about war anyway?”

Axel Rose’s words are worth reminding one’s self at this point:

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. Some men, you just can’t reach. So, you get what we had here, last week. Which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it And I don’t like it any more than you or me. Look at your young men. Look at your women crying. Look at your young men dying. The way they’ve always done before. Look at the hate we’re breeding Look at the fear we’re feeding. Look at the lives we’re leading, the way we’ve always done before. My hands are tied. The billions shift from side to side. An’ the wars go on with brainwashed pride. For the love of God and our human rights. An’ all these things are swept aside by bloody hands time can’t deny an’ are washed away by your genocide. An’ history hides the lies of our civil wars. D’you wear a black armband when they shot the man who said peace could last forever? An’ in my first memories, they shot Kennedy. I went numb when I learned to see. So I never fell for Vietnam. We got the wall in D.C. to remind us all that you can’t trust freedom when it’s not in your hands. When everybody’s fightin’ for their promised land.

And I don’t need your civil war. It feeds the rich, while it buries the poor. Your power hungry, sellin’ soldiers in a human grocery store. Ain’t that fresh? I don’t need your civil war. Ooh, no, no, no, no, no, no! Look at the shoes you’re filling. Look at the blood we’re spilling! Look at the world we’re killing, the way we’ve always done before. Look in the doubt we’ve wallowed! Look at the leaders we’ve followed! Look at the lies we’ve swallowed! An’ I don’t want to hear no more! My hands are tied. For all I’ve seen has changed my mind. But still, the wars go on, as the years go by. With no love of God or human rights. An’ all these dreams are swept aside by bloody hands of the hypnotized who carry the cross of homicide. And history bears the scars of our civil wars. We practice selective annihilation of mayors and government officials to create a vacuum. Then we fill that vacuum. As popular war advances, Peace is closer. I don’t need your civil war! It feeds the rich, while it buries the poor. Your power hungry, sellin’ soldiers in a human grocery store. Ain’t that fresh? I don’t need your civil war! No no no no no no no no no no no no! I don’t need your civil war! I don’t need your civil war! Your power hungry, sellin’ soldiers in a human grocery store! Ain’t that fresh? I don’t need your civil war! No no no no no no no no no no, no, no! I don’t need one more war! Ooh, I don’t need one more war! No no no, no! whoa, no! whoa! What’s so civil ’bout war anyway?

The Long Road to Now in Ukraine’s Human Grocery Store Is a Painful One

Axel’s words are profound! Short of ending the war with an all-out quick-strike nuclear confrontation, the already existing complexities behind the Civil War in Ukraine already includes too many ugly soldiers and military doing what they always do in the human grocery store. Behind-the-scenes meddling by Washington and other Western governments and their collective military intel forces have long been in operation, plotting and planning, before Ukraine’s Civil War ever began in earnest.

For starts, depending upon your political and ideological beliefs, if you’re a Russian-speaking Eastern Ukrainian, the origins of this civil war are described as the 2014 Maidan coup d’ etat, when U.S. State Department officials supported the radical Azov and Right Sector neo-Nazi nationalists overthrow of the democratically-elected, Russian-leaning government of Viktor Yanukovych.

The Maidan false flag operation by fascist snipers of protestors in Kiev’s Independence Square, gleefully backed by Washington and oligarch nationalists, are what triggered the Maidan coup and set off the domino effect of: the subsequent annexation of the Crimea by the Russians; the commencement of the war in the Donbas and; renewed Cold War between Russia and the West. Once Ukraine’s civil war is over and won by Russia, which it indubitably will, it’s expected President Putin will return deposed President Viktor Yanukovych back in power to replace President Zelensky.

Whereas, Ukrainian-speaking Western Ukrainian’s who lean towards the European vector and EU Free-Trade Zone for development, are among those who backed the coup in 2014, which they instead call a Revolution of Dignity. The 108 protestors who were massacred, under false flag operations, by nationalist snipers or burned alive in barricaded buildings by their own right-wing thugs, are still referred to as the Heavenly Hundred Heroes.

The complexity of what all has transpired in Ukraine over the past eight years since 2014 seems too much for the outside amnesiac world to comprehend. To begin with, the majority of the citizenry in the West are either just: too busy with their own lives; too intelligently ill-equipped; too poorly-ill-informed by choice or by design, or; too disinterested to even try to remember or understand the complexities of the decades-long causes that underlie the historical hostilities between the American and Russian Empires. The masses just aren’t that interested, beyond being fed a steady diet of war news over their next meal, coffee and dessert; unquestioningly willing to accept as gospel, whatever is fed them by whatever national or international Western propaganda news feed or affiliate. It’s how World War’s I & II, and every other war in the world before or since, was ever started.

Both sides in this conflict now have been led to believe they must be totally prepared to knock out the other, once and for all, if ever there is to be any kind of resolution to this untenable situation. The Russians realize they are going to have to totally wipe out the Ukrainian Army to successfully end the conflict. While the West, as the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton broadcasted early in March, at the start of this renewed civil war, if the West is ever to win they must be prepared to give their nuclear knockout punch or fight a long, brutal, bloody insurgency war like the CIA did in Afghanistan, with neo-Nazi elements continuing to fight a clandestine ethnic cleansing war of Russian-speaking Ukrainians and occupying Russian troops; with a right-wing government in-exile to serve as a figurehead high command. But this insane option only makes some kind of quick -fix nuclear strike even more desirable on either side.

To make matters worse, almost every major airwave and journalistic platform in the West now is under the unofficial command: of America’s national security state; its multitude of Intel agencies and; their battalions of skilled wordsmiths, visual media artists, talking heads and tacticians of all manner of psychological warfare, who deftly or clumsily, only spin the story in Ukraine one way. This includes all those broadcasting networks who, collectively, who rightly could be characterized as ‘Radio Free Ukraine’, or their WWII, Cold War predecessors: Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and Voice of America.

Forever absent is the ‘equal time’ space allotted to opposing independent media anti-war sources who challenge the validity of the primary argument that Ukraine, rather than a country with a long-standing history of frustrated democratic principles and longings, instead is one who, in the Western region of Ukraine, clearly has long had strong neo-Nazi sentiments, held since WWII and before, that has led to an unbridgeable ideologically-divide and Civil War-mentality between its Western and Eastern regions.

Not surprisingly, The Americans, true to form, have chosen to protect the Western region’s Ukrainian-speaking people, while Russia, based on a democratic vote taken in a war-zone under extremely trying conditions, has chosen now to place the Eastern Ukraine’s four regions of Russian-speaking people – in Zaporizhzia, Kherson, Donetsk and Luhansk – back under the protection of Mother Russia.

By so doing, the hands of the Doomsday clock have now moved even dangerously closer to midnight, while the United States and its Western European allies refuse to accept the validity of the democratic vote in Eastern Ukraine and are now preparing to provide the Western regions with the latest, cutting-edge battlefield nuclear weaponry, while Russia and its allies have also declared their readiness to use nuclear weapons to protect the four annexed regions that now are part of the greater Mother Russia.

The Hands of the Doomsday Clock Move Ever Closer to Midnight

Ukraine’s pro-Western region, now is being used by the American national security state as a pawn to ram through a fully-fledged NATO Army in Ukraine, with which to ostensibly defend itself from its Eastern, pro-Russian side; with the additional collective military might of the West’s NATO nations unequivocally backing them up to the hilt at the cost of even every NATO country’s citizenry. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Whereas many alternative peace-prone, anti-war media sources, left out of the conversation, instead contrarily hold that Ukraine is a country in need of a new identity for itself with the world’s collective help; not to fuel yet another world war but to find non-violent ways to protect and grow the desired freedoms of the Ukraine people, and, by inference, all the rest of the citizenry in the free world, from the unwarranted aggressions of whatever born and bred evil Empire at home or abroad.

A brilliant counterbalance to the massive ideological conformity and dissonance of the dominant war mentality that now flourishes in Ukraine, is the wide spectrum of countervailing voices of the alternative press that already can readily be found on the opposite side of the Tower of Babel’s constant blare of war, conquest, empire-building and genocide. This would be the Tower of Babel’s social media platform to be found in places like: www.YouTube.com that offers a rich source of contrary voices to the War that serve as antidotes to the West’s mainstream media’s crisis of self-censorship.

Cherry-Picking Voices From Youtube.Com to Counter Western Propaganda

One sterling YouTube.com voice taken from the Tower of Babel, that sheds more light and truth on this nuclear crisis, is Scott Ritter and his Scott Ritter Report. This regularly updated report, is an excellent source that and can always be counted on to provide as honest, truthful and accurate an accounting as one can expect of the rapidly unfolding and evolving situation in Ukraine.

Ritter, born into an American military family, is a former U.S. Marine Corp intelligence officer who served as a military advisor during Operation Desert Storm and following that war in Iraq served as a weapons inspector who oversaw the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) from 1991 to 1998. Rittter is a superb author of numerous books: “Shifting Sands: The Truth About Unscom and Disarming of Iraq”; “Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & Selling of American Empire”; “Dangerous Ground: America’s Failed Arms Control Policy from FDR to Obama”; “Scorpion King: America’s Suicidal Embrace of Nuclear Weapons from FDR to Trump”, and; “Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of the Soviet Union”.

In one of his latest reports on YouTube, Ritter provides a fascinating and informative interview with the Russian military leader and political statesman Andrey Gurulyov about Russia’s recent annexation of the four regions in Eastern Ukraine and what his prognosis is for the future conduct of the war.

For the sake of this piece of reporting, this writer has further chosen to cherry-pick another important report by Ritter about the recent annexation by Russia of the four regions of Russian-speaking  Eastern Ukraine that have democratically-voted to return under the protection of Mother Russia.

Click here to watch Brink of Nuclear War by Scott Ritter.

Still to follow are a few of the many representative examples of the rich wealth of healthy, balanced, open voices of debate to be found  through You Tube’s social media platform. In the face of the West’s reticence to open up the debate on its airwaves, the selections that follow lend themselves to expand the dialogue between all those truly interested in listening to the many challenging critics who endeavor to speak truth to power about the War in Ukraine and the extremely dangerous situation in which the world now finds itself tottering.

Crisis of Media Censorship & Ideological Conformity

Since the inception of the shooting war began some eight months ago, The Chris Hedges Report, is another sterling voice of anti-war and anti-imperialism, that always provides an excellent perspective on war.

Chris Hedges, is an award-winning American journalist, Presbyterian minister and author of over 50 books who arguably is the world’s most influential social media star. A longtime host of the Emmy-nominated program On Contactfor the Russia Today America television show, Hedges was the one-time Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief of the New York Times during the wars in Afghanistan and the then Yugoslavia. He is also the author of over 50 books (“Empire of Illusion”, “American Fascists, the Christian Right and War on America”). Yet since the war broke out in Ukraine, six years (the entire archive) of his RT On Contact program have simply mysteriously “disappeared”, deleted without notice or explanation, when You Tube unilaterally decided, or perhaps was forced, to do so because of Hedge’s opposition to NATO warmongering in Ukraine his criticisms of the war actions by both the Democrats and Republicans.

Hedges co-host on this still available segment in You Tube’s archive is Patrick Lawrence, author, columnist essayist for The Nation magazine, foreign correspondent (who wrote under the name Patrick Smith) for the Far Eastern Economic Review, International Herald Tribune and The New Yorker. Hedges enters into an enlightening dialogue with Patrick Lawrence about media censorship and ideological conformity in general in the American press vs a vis war reporting during wartime.

How did all this press censorship Hedges and Lawrence speak about first happen? Even though Ukraine possesses its own undeniable history of Nazi affiliations, Fascist, Anti-Russian, Anti-Communism sentiments? Yet, in spite of the horrendously-ugly, vicious Maidan coup d’etat in 2014, it now suddenly, seemingly overnight, has become a democratic country who now needs its own fully-fledged, cutting-edge NATO Army and trillions of defense dollars from tax payers around the world to properly outfit it with the latest cutting-edge, even nuclear. war materials, along with the immediate total military, political, logistical protections and defenses of the entire U.S. dominated and led NATO nations that already encircle the Russian land mass.

It’s like say what? It would seem the Americans and their allies clearly are now prepared to do to the Russians what the European invaders once did in the New World, following the so-called Age of Discovery that more rightly should be deemed the Age of Conquest, when they themselves ruthlessly “annexed”, willy-nilly, all its territories and First Nation peoples, and then for the next five hundred years murdered or subjugating them by putting the survivors onto reservations and reserves (i.e. “concentration camps” or “Stalags”), totally surrounding them with troops and restricting their movements so they no longer could threaten the conquering, colonizing immigrant masses in their midst. While, at the same time, all their wordsmiths set out to rewrite all the history books and create a different spin to New World history.

RT America Is Dead! Long Live RT America

In 2017, RT America won 9 awards, 2 Gold, One Silver and Bronze, 19 awards in all, at the prestigious New York Festival of the World’s Best TV. RT America in that year was nominated in 18 categories, including war zone coverage and documentaries, beating out Germany’s Deutsche Welle & Voice of America. But just like Chris Hedges brilliant archives of RT On Contact mysteriously disappeared when the war in Ukraine broke out, so too did all the airwave providers, that, one by one, black listed RT America.

Direct TV immediately distanced itself from RT America by removing all its programming, curtly stating, “We are accelerating this year’s contract expiration timeline with RT America and will no longer offer its programming effective immediately”. FoxTel in Australia soon followed suite as did Canadian broadcasters who were no longer allowed to distribute Russia’s state-run RT America broadcasts when Canada’s regulators found its programming had in some way targeted Ukrainians during the on-going war. Canada’s CRTC and PM Trudeau also immediately took steps to combat what they and he called Russian “disinformation”. Even the satellite carrier Roku, a major television provider in the US banished RT America from its platform. RT America also was pulled from YouTube and RT America soon ceased production and was forced to lay off all its employees. So much for democracy in action and the rule of law in the West. It was a clear sign, early on, that the fix against Truth was in!

Now, with Western Ukraine in the war camp of the West, NATO’s ploy is to get as many client states positioned as close as possible on the actual physical border with Russia, literally everywhere in its face, as it were, with a full-compliment of nuclear weapon systems at the ready, with fingers poised on the buttons.

But if this were yet another Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and President Kennedy was caught on the prongs of the same dilemma as President Putin, Kennedy no doubt would be taking far more aggressive actions than Vladimir Putin so far has done with his “Special Military Action”, in order to back-off NATO’S war-mongering, imperialism. But with the latest annexations of territories in Eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has now just done exactly that when he issued the same ‘hands off’ ultimatum to the West and its Ukrainian Zelensky puppet that President Kennedy once gave to Cuba’s Castro and Russia’s President Khrushchev, OR ELSE! Yet by President Biden and his Western NATO ally’s arrogant responses to Putin’s dire warning it’s clear that Western ideology in Ukraine now, clearly, seems to be a struggle to the death to bring into alignment the West’s deceitful ‘Master Plan’ for the future of the world.

Sabotage of Nordstrom Pipeline: A Classic Case of Western Deceit & Subterfuge

What the Americans and their NATO allies, or whomever is involved in the sabotage of Russia’s Nordstrom Pipeline to Germany, has in mind is another crystal-clear example of how insidious and flagrant the West’s leaders of the so-called “Free World” are in carrying out their Machiavellian Master Plan to ultimately defeat Russia..

Without getting into a host of contentious, pusillanimous details of the whodunnit’s and why’s of it all, there’s the curious fact that at the time of the sabotage, the USS Kearsarge, a U.S.  amphibious assault ship, apparently was in the area conducting military underwater demolition exercises, okay. Yet President Biden and the Western press immediately jumped on the bandwagon, screaming “IT WAS THE RUSSIANS!” The whole matter ugly and nauseating.

Video of Biden Saying He’d ‘End’ Nord Stream Resurfaces After Pipeline Leak (newsweek.com)

One need only recall past comments made by the then U.S. Sect. of State Condoleezza Rice to sense where the smoking gun indeed lies behind this incident and the war itself. Rice queried, “Do you want to change the structure of energy dependence? Do you want to depend more on the North America energy platform that don’t have pipelines that don’t go through Ukraine & Russia?”

Europe, and especially Germany’s industry obviously depends upon cheap energy from Russia. Without it Germany would end up de-industrialized and financially broke. But at the outset of the war, Biden clearly threatened to disable the pipelines connecting Europe to Russia if and when they became operational.

But when Biden remarked at the outset of the war, “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it”. Yet, when a reporter at the time repeatedly asked the President: “But how will you do that, exactly, since the project is in Germany’s control?” Biden’s simply smugly repeated several times, with a Cheshire cat smile, “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

Hello! Is anyone listening? Clearly, are these remarks by Biden not now a clear bellicose open declaration of war against not only Russia but against Germany and any other European country that considers doing business using Russia’s oil and gas? The sabotage of Russia’s Nordstrom is yet one more example of the harsh reality of what now is afoot in the world, that could be summed up with a line from Shakespeare, “Something is rotten in Denmark!”

Lordy, what the world is witnessing in slow motion is a classic textbook case of ruthless 21st century empire-building like what, for centuries, occurred over and over again in Western & Eastern Europe, and throughout the America’s, during the bogus ‘Age of Discovery’ in the New World, that back then also clearly had the full religious, moral and military support and approval of Catholicism, Europe’s other major religions and all of Europe’s feudal lords and leaders. It’s just a repeat of the same old ugly imperialism.

Every World Citizen Must Listen to Their Favorite Voices in the Tower Of Babel

The time is long since passed that the citizenry of the world should have already totally turned their backs on all the West’s propagandists and their endless clamor and drone of intellectually-suffocating, ideologically-imperialist world press that intentionally stifles and smothers whatever independent thought ever seeks to break through it all.

This time around, The West’s diabolical geo-political chess masters, with their strategic Project for a New American Century (PNAC) blueprint already carefully laid out, continues to engage Russia in their long-awaited WWIII nuclear chessboard. Now, with all the final pieces and checkmate strategies almost all meticulously set in place; while exploring ways to maneuver Russia to move into the final trap that a host of military strategists, fascist politicians, corporate kingpins and warmongers have been plotting long before even the U.S.-master-minded own Maidan coup d’etat became operational.

The Doomsday clock now should perhaps be reset at one minute before Midnight as world events continue to speed up, exponentially. But before that moment of truth arrives, it behooves every citizen of the world to refresh their memory of what the actual substance and underlying intentions are of those imperialists who originally authored the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Once the reader has digested their intentions, it would be worth while to listen to the writer-author David Swanson.

David Swanson is an author, Green Party activist, journalist, director of World Beyond War, a global non-violent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace. His books include, “War is a Lie” and “When the World Outlawed War”. Swanson also hosts Talk World Radio and is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

Undaunted by the truth, Western NATO countries and NATO commands continue to press their ‘hot war’ rhetoric while they up the ante, stock-piling Ukraine with the latest armaments, logistics, military intelligence and strategic support by the U.S. and other Western nations who, for their own maniacal, unipolar view of world history, duplicitously continue to use Ukraine as a proxy spearhead to, once and for all, finally pierce the heart of their historically-hated Russian Empire nemesis.

For decades, American and European imperialists have sought to create one international crises after another between Ukraine, Russia, America or whomever. But even the controversial right wing talk show hosts, like Tucker Carlson. now get the incredulity and insanity of it all.

Click here to watch Tucker Carlson: This is insane

But Will the Insanity Ever End

Whether right or left-wing, fascists or democrats, many voices, past and present, continue to speak out from their Tower of Babel perch about the craziness of what all is going on in the world.

One of them is the late Professor Stephan Cohen, one-time professor emeritus at New York University and Princeton University who, when he was alive, brilliantly countered the American government and its State Department’s anti-Russian hostility. Even in death, Professor Cohen offers the kind of sober-minded balance that needs to be brought to the table about the war in Ukraine and America’s right wing political leaders, and especially to those who only listen to the Western world’s right-wing mainstream press, to the exclusion of alternative sources of media in both the Western and Eastern press, Cohen’s wisdom in regard to Russia and America relations knows no equal. The books he authored:” War with Russia”; “Rethinking the Soviet Experience: Politics and History since 1917” still stand alone without equal.

During the Cold War, Cohen was critical of both Western war hawks and the Soviet Government. He said Bill Clinton backtracked on the promise of his predecessors not to extend NATO eastward. In 2014, he wrote that President Obama had unilaterally declared a Cold War against Russia and that the Washington Beltway was complicit in it by their silence. In 2014, Cohen said the crisis in Ukraine also came about as a result of complicit U.S. actions, started by Bill Clinton and completed by George Bush to expand NATO’s sphere of influence to the borders of Russia.

In relation to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Cohen said, “any Russian leader who has legitimacy at home would have had to do the same version of what Putin is now doing. They’d push back!”

Click here to watch Stephen F. Cohen: The Ukrainian Crisis – It’s not All Putin’s Fault (Recorded in 2015)

One last voice to be selected from the Tower of Babel is that of Jeffrey Sachs who speaks to U.S. Policy and and how the West’s false narrative has continued to stoke the tensions with Russia and China.

Jeffrey Sachs is a renowned Harvard economic professor that some contend is possibly the most important economist in the world because he has worked between Russia and the United States and as an advisor to reform-minded governments from Bolivia to Slovenia to Poland, where Poland now is one of the fastest-growing economies in Eastern Europe. Says Sachs, “If Poland can do it, so can Russia.” Sachs, as well, is the former director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and its Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University. He also is President of the UN Sustainable Developed Solutions Network and co-founder and chief strategist of Millennium Promise Alliance dedicated to ending extreme poverty and hunger.

Sachs declares, “The world is on the edge of nuclear catastrophe in no small part because of the failure of Western political leaders to be forthright about the causes of the escalating global conflicts. The relentless Western narrative about the West while Russia and China are evil is simple-minded and extraordinarily dangerous. It is an attempt to manipulate public opinion, not to deal with the very real and pressing diplomacy.”

Click here to watch Jeffrey Sachs: U.S. Policy & “West’s False Narrative” Stoking Tensions with Russia, China

Will the Hope & Challenge of a New Direction & Purpose for Humankind Ever Come to Pass

The abuse of the planet’s natural world and its indigenous inhabitants by aggressive homo sapiens in every nation continues at a record pace and pitch greater perhaps than what ever occurred in the past. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what the end result will be if the so-called ‘Age of Discovery’, that began in the New World 500 years ago, follows the same pattern for another five centuries, with the: decimation of its First Nation peoples; their natural worlds, ancient endemic species of life, natural resources and rare earth minerals; not to mention the out-of-control disastrous effects of ever-greater populations of immigrants, refugees and displaced peoples from other parts of the globe, devastated by war and famine, that continue, wherever they go, to stretch all life-support systems far beyond their coping capacities.

In the 21st century and beyond, the Western World’s historical track record of the past five centuries suggests what the most likely continued trajectory in the future will be, if left unattended, for because of war in places like Ukraine or Russia, or because of one planetary climatic calamity after another. Given the same propaganda of world domination by the same dominant powers in the West and East, they all point in the inexorable direction of some eventual human-made conflagration, or climate crisis of yet unknown cataclysmic consequences. “There But for the Grace of God!”, as that old saying goes.

Meanwhile, the unabated rape and pillage of everything by the corporate world in the Old & New Worlds continues to feed the mayhem that leads ever closer towards yet another, possibly fatal, world war, that threatens not only humankind’s fate but that of all living things on Mother Earth.

This disaster-in-progress between the West and East’s, is like a Damocles sword coming everywhere closer one looks. The choice is clear: peaceful Evolution or violent Revolution for all of Humankind & Mother Earth alike. CLEARLY, another different way forward must be found.

To put it bluntly, without listening to and taking into account the wisdom of critics like those in the Tower of Babel featured here and many other like-minded ones can only lead humanity to becoming as if partially brain-dead or, to put it yet another way, to end up being left with one sandwich-short-of-a-picnic, when it comes to clearly understanding the whys and wherefores of the War in Ukraine or so many of the other man-made or natural  crises that now threaten the earth and humanity with extinction..


Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who, for decades, has sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by a host of environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting world philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

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