Venezuela: Poll Projects President Maduro’s Victory in 2024 Presidential Elections

Orinoco Tribune, October 8, 2023 —

A recent survey by the polling firm Hinterlaces projected that President Nicolás Maduro will win the presidential elections in 2024. According to the poll, 51% of Venezuelans stated that Maduro will win the next elections.

The survey asked: “Who do you think would win the next presidential elections if they were held today?” In response to this question, 51% of those polled said that it would be the current president of Venezuela.

Around 24% responded that the winner would be the disqualified opposition leader, María Corina Machado; 3% chose Henrique Capriles, another disqualified candidate; 2% said that businessman Benjamín Rausseo will be the winner; and 2% selected other candidates. About 18% stated that they did not know or preferred not to answer.


Conduscted in 2023, the Hinterlaces survey employed a stratified sampling method that encompassed multiple demographic factors such as gender, age, geographical location, and socio-economic status. The survey reported a margin of error of 3%.

78% of Venezuelans say Guaidó should be in prison
In another Hinterlaces survey, 78% of respondents stated that coup-plotter former deputy Juan Guaidó should be in prison for corruption.

While 78% stated that Guaidó should be in prison, 16% said no, and 6% stated that they “do not know.”


This survey was carried out in June, consulting 1,200 people throughout Venezuela.

It was published on Thursday, October 5, after the attorney general of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, announced that an arrest warrant had been issued against Guaidó.

Saab further announced that his office had requested an Interpol red alert in order to aprehend Guaidó, the former deputy fled Venezuela to the United States few months ago.

The announcement came after a court in Delaware, United States, revealed that the so-called interim government of Juan Guaidó used funds from CITGO, the US subsidiary of Venezuelan national oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), to pay for legal expenses.

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