Venezuela — Jorge Rodríguez: Workers’ Income Will No Longer Deteriorate

Orinoco Tribune, May 3, 2023 —

The president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, said that “the National Government responsibly established the indexation of workers’ income so that now the income does not deteriorate.” He made this statement during the parliamentary session on Wednesday, referring to the presidential announcement made on Monday regarding the adjustment of the warfare and food bonuses distributed to Venezuelan workers and increased to the equivalent of $70.

Rodríguez explained that the main factor causing the deterioration of workers’ income is inflation, “let’s wait for next month when you receive your indexed income, and it will not deteriorate due to inflation,” he said.

He stated that the opposition expected the government to use inorganic money to implement a salary increase to trigger hyperinflation again after the government has fought a great battle against this problem.

“They [the opposition] were rubbing their hands because they wanted inflation to skyrocket after Nicolás Maduro’s government has responsibly controlled hyperinflation. That must be recognized as it is a great victory amid the economic war, amid the blockade. Are they going to be so irresponsible that they don’t recognize it?” Rodríguez wondered, addressing the opposition bench.

“The mark of the Venezuelan opposition is irresponsibility, especially on important issues such as the wages of workers, the country’s economy and finances, and the resources stolen from the country,” Rodríguez stated. “Yesterday, they went one step further to rob us of CITGO corporation.”

Rodriguez recalled that much of CITGO’s income was dedicated to the Simón Bolívar Foundation, intended to finance complex surgical interventions for girls and boys.

“They are so miserable that, yesterday, US imperialism gracefully handed over the money that was available for it [the foundation], by decision of OFAC, to a member of the Justice First party who can now freely dispose of it,” he said.

“Meanwhile, Henrique Capriles, knowing that this money was being stolen, went out to talk irresponsibly about the bonuses,” he added.

“Capriles: she is a member of your party”
Deputy Rodriguez then lashed out at the opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who criticized the presidential announcements about the bonuses through social media.

“Capriles, tell this lady [Dinorah Figuera] that with the money she stole and with CITGO, valued at $11 billion, we could better respond to the necessities of workers. She belongs to your party, give her the order,” Rodriguez said, holding up a photo of Dinorah Figuera, a former Justice First deputy in the 2015 National Assembly and staunch supporter of Juan Guaidó, meeting with a US government official.

Referring to the opposition deputies who would have preceded his speech, Capriles claimed their criticism of the bonuses was out of context.

“You speak as if you came from a moon of Jupiter. You have four governorships and 40 mayorships. I want to ask you, opposition legislators, how much do you pay your workers? I am going to answer for you: zero!” Rodríguez stated.

“Their salaries are paid by Nicolás Maduro Moros because they [the opposition] are irresponsible. They are irresponsible individuals who steal the people’s money. They are not capable of paying the salaries of Cojedes or Zulia states; the government of Nicolás Maduro makes a tremendous effort to pay them,” he said.

Rodríguez commented that neither opposition governors nor mayors use the resources they obtain from municipal tax collection to pay their workers’ salaries.

“Capriles, tell Rosales to pay the salary you say must be paid. Ask Morel Rodríguez how much of a raise he will give his workers,” Rodríguez said.

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