US-Ukraine Relations with Islamic Terrorists and the Crocus Attack.

The facts are clear:

The US has supported Islamic terror before, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and in Chechnya – yes, the US has even supported Islamic terror inside Russia in the Caucasus.

During the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the US flew Islamic terrorists into ex-Yugoslavia.

Already within 55 minutes of the Crocus terror attack, all US media in coordination announced that “Ukraine didn’t do it”. How could the US know before anyone else – unless Washington KNEW beforehand what was planned and happening.

Already before 8 March 2024, the US embassy in Russia warned Americans in Moscow against terror at “concerts.” The US clearly had knowledge, but yet the US withheld from Russia concrete information which Russia could act on.

The terror suspects are not the usual jihadists – they were doing it for money, and they fled the scene, not wanting to die as “martyrs”.

An image alleging to be the perpetrators before the attack was clearly made-up by westerners.

Faces were blurred, not usual for ISIS. And the “fighters” raised their left hand, not the right hand which in Islam is the clean hand.

Ukraine (with US support) has committed several acts of severe terror inside Russia before.

Ukraine has for years shielded Jihadists and ISIS terrorist leaders – and given them Ukrainian passports with false identities. The CIA knew all the time. See this.

The suspects of the Crocus terror crime were heading towards Ukraine – where the Ukrainians had “opened a window” for their passage.

Ukraine’s security services are created, steered, monitored, and supported by the USA – in all details.

Based on the smoking trail linking the Crocus terror attack to Kiev and Washington, Russia is right now quickly digging into Ukrainian and US relations with Islamic terrorists.

In early March 2022, the BBC quoted Syria-based terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) explicitly expressing solidarity with the Kiev regime. High-profile HTS member al-Shamali al-Hurr took to Telegram to cheer Ukrainian victories by sharing footage and graphic images of damaged Russian military hardware and dead soldiers. See this.

Even without a “smoking gun” proving US guilt, it is becoming more and more clear where this is going.

Russia is right now seeing criminal evidence and intelligence information piling up which all points to US-Ukrainian organization of the Crocus terror crime.

Devastating for the US in the World

One of my friends in international relations pointed out that it is pivotal whether Russia can deliver this perspective to the rest of the world. Russia will of course never be able to sell to the US and the West – Russia knows that, and Russia doesn’t care too much about that either.


But as Russia digs up the evidence, Russia will have enough of evidence and intelligence information to deliver this perspective to China. And China will know, that China can be the next target of US-organized “Islamic” terror at any time.

China will draw the consequences – not openly, but very, very effectively at the policy level. It will be extremely bad for the USA. China siding with Russia on this will already be a game-changer for Global Politics.


Russia is already getting top-attention among the broad Indian public to the perspective, that US-Ukraine were the real perpetrators, using “ISIS-K” as a front for their own act of terror against Russia. See these two popular videos from two big Indian news media on that issue.

The following is going out directly to 1.4 billion Indians:

This is completely devastating for the USA.

Russia will obviously present its evidence to top circles in Delhi – and top circles in Delhi will be sufficiently convinced to make some unannounced but big underlying changes as well. If it goes as I see it most likely, it will put an enormous road-block on how far India is willing to ever go with the USA.


Then you have Africa. I am not on doubt, that a lot of African states – if not outright the vast majority of them – will accept Russia’s narrative. After all, what Russia has suffered, Africa suffers all the time…

The US Going Down?

The US media – steered by the CIA and its think tanks – is already spinning its own net of lies and parallel realities.

With US participation in the Israeli genocide starving one million people in Gaza, and now US commitment of incredible terrorism, the majority of the world sees the US as a decrepit, failing, and Nihilistic violent entity.

The US is going down in the non-Western world – which is the majority in both numbers and power.


Karsten Riise is a Master of Science (Econ) from Copenhagen Business School and has a university degree in Spanish Culture and Languages from Copenhagen University. He is the former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mercedes-Benz in Denmark and Sweden.


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