US Intelligence Operation Against Cuban Finances Unveiled

Orinoco Tribune, March 10, 2024 —

The US intelligence community is carrying out a strategy to distort Cuban finances, as part of the US economic war against the Caribbean nation.

Recently leaked information shows a series of maneuvers carried out to induce inflation within the Cuban market. The strategy is divided into four stages: shortages, induced inflation, supply boycott, and financial blockade.

In the first stage, they limit to the maximum the entry of foreign currency into the country, fundamentally dollars. The restrictive measures of the blockade make it difficult for the Cuban government to use this currency, which hinders the Cuban people’s access to food, medicines, and other basic necessities. The actions have an essential emphasis on tourism and medical services.

The second phase includes the use of platforms financed by the northern administration, such as El Toque website, to stimulate inflation. Its influence has a significant impact on all areas of societal development. The antecedents of this phenomenon can be found in similar procedures carried out by the US government in Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Argentina (Blue Dollar via Telegram), and Venezuela (Dollar Today website).

The common denominator of the attempts is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram, where anonymous and unknown individuals put a price on freely convertible currency, in a closed circle, which is very difficult to access.

The main objective of the CIA’s maneuvers is to manipulate the prices of products and finally, to subvert the order in the Antillean nation.

The third and fourth part of the operation, a boycott of supplies and financial blockade, follows the pattern of harassment of entities that could establish commercial links with Cuba. It is along the same lines of economic asphyxiation imposed more than 60 years ago. Restrictions include persecution, blackmail, and denial of licenses to potential sources of supplies, among others.

International lawsuits, with the use of vulture funds, are also part of this undeclared offensive.

The most recent onslaught by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and associated agencies pursue, in essence, three goals:

• To attack the currency, not only to generate hyperinflation but also to contract Cuban production.
• To alter the distribution of goods. To take them to the informal markets, to sell them overpriced.
• Attack the economic actions of the Cuban government.

The methods are improved, and the actors change, but the hostile intentions of the US government against Cuba persist. The apparent lack of interest in the reality of the island, by not publicly placing it among the administration’s foreign policy priorities is part of the strategy according to experts. The amounts destined to subversion and the promotion of violent acts speak of permanent aggressiveness. The maxim of the Commander in Chief persists, like a prophecy.

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