Unity: Our Strategic Weapon in the Face of Threats and Aggressions

“In the face of lies, tall tales and the incitement to hatred and violence of the empire and its mercenaries, the decision of the majority of Cuban people and their president Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez to overcome obstacles, move forward and save the Revolution has shone through.”

These are the first words of the book “Cuba, un golpe blando fallido (Cuba, a failed soft coup),” by Doctor of Science Manuel Hevia Frasquieri, a denunciation in which he defined the violent street protests of the summer of 2021 as “a typical subversive operation secretly directed by the CIA and the U.S. intelligence community, promoted through subversive programs,” in which -he predicted- they would persist with an unprecedented media and propaganda war. And it has been no less.

That investigation and other evidence confirm that the government of the United States has a direct responsibility in the disturbances of July 11 and 12, 2021, with the tightening of the blockade in the context of COVID-19; with the open incitement and funding of groups and individuals to violate the law. This included acts of violence, robbery, assault and aggression, in addition to the fact that a campaign of disinformation and slander was carried out from that country in the previous weeks through the digital networks.

The experienced analyst timely denounced that what happened then was part of a strategy aimed at the so-called “regime change”, which is still in force in its approaches, objectives and tasks in the field, in correspondence with more than 400 million-dollar programs executed against Cuba since 2008, inside and outside the country.

In line with its predictions, Washington appeals to lies and cynicism to include Cuba in any list that discredits it, isolates it and allows it to shamelessly justify its policy of encirclement and suffocation in order to procure a social explosion as soon as possible. At the same time, internal difficulties and deterioration fuel international defamatory campaigns against the government, its leaders and fundamental pillars of the Revolution.

The White House unscrupulously tried to take advantage of the difficulties generated by the difficult years of the pandemic to attack us with more force, to intensify coercive measures and to try to achieve its destructive objectives.

This was the attempt of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, the biggest liar and the one with the most criminal charges in history, who fabricated the superglobe of the “sonic attacks” against the U.S. embassy in Havana in order to destroy bilateral relations.

It was that same government that, a few days before leaving office, infamously placed the island on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism with a view to gaining allies among terrorists and Miami extreme right-wing.

An all illogical and perverse measure, tailor-made for the U.S. intelligence services, at the height of their macabre strategy and the exact dosage for their Florida mercenaries.

Joseph Biden, with the same million-dollar subversive script, persists in the vile anti-Cuban obsession, ratifying the permanence of the Island in infamous lists, full of contradictions and ambivalences, but total continuity of the aggression and copying his predecessor in the invention or co-sponsorship of new pretexts for not changing the fascist policy.

Without the slightest modesty, they take advantage of fake news and prefabricated “conspiracies” to call for tougher measures and invasions, in the name of the national security of the United States.

While the factory of lies against Cuba supplies the digital social networks and international media 24 hours a day, the Miami terrorist machinery uses this channel to call for chaos, violence, aggression against the authorities, terrorism and civil disobedience.

So far this year, more than 300 of such calls to hatred and violence have been registered from the United States and other countries inciting to act against the Cuban government, manipulate the claims and demands for situations created by the destabilizing machinery itself, send dozens of direct messages on social networks by notorious mercenaries and fabricated facts, all aimed at conveying the perception of a scenario conducive to reissuing the attempted “soft coup” against Cuba.

The slander promoted by the White House, related to the events it sponsored in 2021, are used by that government as a pretext to maintain the policy of maximum pressure against Cuba and to tighten the measures of the economic, commercial and financial blockade, as designed by the Trump administration and as the Biden administration has severely applied them.

Contrary to the lies that the subversive sites from the United States are repeatedly stirring up, the Cuban authorities have demonstrated that those detained in those events two years ago were proven to have participated in violent or vandalistic actions or actions that altered public order. No person was punished for demonstrating peacefully or for his or her way of thinking. Nor were minors sanctioned as the cyber-terrorists repeat.

Nevertheless, the war continues. Based on the same strategy, while taking advantage of their past victims to try to heat up the present, Washington and its mercenaries instigate acts of vandalism by marginal groups with the purpose of provoking a police response and putting on a media show to multiply the erroneous image of ungovernability, social instability and to promote destabilization.

Cuba does not owe gestures to the United States, nor does the government of that country have the political or moral authority to demand them. Political differences with respect to the government do not exempt anyone from criminal responsibility for criminal acts or crimes, neither in Cuba nor anywhere else.

The 3,478 Cuban dead and 2,099 mutilated and disabled people, victims of State terrorism against our people, remind us every second of who we are facing, what is the nature of the enemy that through hunger and hatred seeks division and massacre, while openly inciting attacks against peace, our leaders, our institutions, our military, our law enforcement agents or any of our citizen.

Our Army General Raul Castro Ruz warned in the Central Report to the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, on April 16, 2021: “Historically, U.S. imperialist hegemony has posed a threat to the fate and survival of the Cuban nation. This is not a new phenomenon. It has accompanied Cubans since the origins of the homeland when the first yearnings for sovereignty and independence emerged within our people. ”

Faced with this reality, he provided the antidote that we can never forget: “The unity of the immense majority of Cubans around the Party, and the work and ideals of the Revolution, has been our fundamental strategic weapon in successfully confronting all kinds of threats and aggression. This is why our unity must be zealously protected and division among revolutionaries under false pretexts of greater democracy never accepted, because that would be the first step in destroying, from within, the Revolution, socialism and consequently our national independence, and falling once again under the domination of U.S. imperialism.”

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