Ukraine War Could Force Russia-China Into Military Alliance to Counter the US-NATO Threat

Chaitanya Davé, Global Research, November 2, 2022 — United States and European countries have created an anti-Russia military alliance—NATO–since 1949. Now all of them have ganged up against Russia. In near future, all of them will gang up against China when China finally tries to take over Taiwan. Basically, NATO has always been a willing partner with America in most of America’s aggressions against other countries—Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine to name a few. NATO wants to dictate to the world that they are the big boss and bully on the street. Now, with immoral Ukraine war which could easily have been avoided by the United States and its vassal states of Europe, the whole world knows the criminal behavior of NATO nations led by the United States.

United States and other NATO countries claim that NATO is a ‘Defensive Alliance’. This is a lie. NATO was fully involved in the illegal war against Yugoslavia in 1999, and the SAS soldiers reportedly murdering people in Afghanistan in cold blood. During the immoral and illegal Iraq War started by President George Bush and his neocon advisors, five other NATO countries namely UK, Italy, Australia, Spain, and Poland were involved conducting and handling the military operations. The war on Libya in 2011 that resulted in the killing of its leader Muammar Qaddafi and the destruction of Libya leading to the suffering and refugee crisis that we see today were took place under NATO auspices.  Currant unfortunate Ukraine War is the result of unjust NATO policy of expansion led by the United States because the litany of Russian grievances, fear about NATO expansion was not irrational. Record shows that promises given to the Soviet Government at the end of the cold war were shamelessly broken as NATO kept expanding towards Russia ever since.

Also, it is a myth that NATO was and is an alliance of democracies. The Salzar dictatorship in Portugal was a founding member. Even today, NATO members such as authoritarian Polish and Hungarian governments as well as Erdogan’s Turkey, are hardly called ‘a Democracy’.

Given its role in the Afghan War in central Asia and the expansion of the US, French and British military presence in the China seas, its status as a ‘north Atlantic’ organization is looking dubious. Ultimately, what NATO is, is an extension of US power. It is designed to project that power globally at a time, when by many other measures, America is losing ground diplomatically as well as economically. NATO led by the US has been creating conflicts…arbitrarily launching wars and killing civilians while talking about the “rules-based international order” and that means, their own right to dictate to others while ignoring international law themselves whenever convenient.

At the start of the Ukraine war in February, China disagreed with the US narrative and sided with Russia condemning NATO expansion while India, another major power stayed neutral, and did not agree with the US-NATO narrative. And most of the countries of the world in Africa, Asia and Latin America stayed neutral. Even several countries like Argentina, Iran and others now want to join the BRICS countries to get away from US-NATO and dollar global dominance. The BRICS could well eclipse the G7 in economic clout by the end of the decade. The handwriting is on the wall. The US led, NATO created proxy war in Ukraine is to restore and maintain the status of the United States as the number one and solo superpower.

So, what stops Russia and China from creating a military alliance of their own? After creating this alliance, they could invite all those countries who have been victims of America and NATO aggressions of the past. Many nations who have suffered America’s criminal aggression will be very happy and eager to join this alliance.

Some or most of these countries—Vietnam, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Granada, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Iran, Belarus, Libya, Laos, Cambodia, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Panama, Somalia, Yemen, Angola, Bosnia, Sudan, Congo, Yugoslavia-Serbia, Albania, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Algeria, Honduras, Palestine,  etc. etc. will likely join this alliance if invited. All these countries have suffered terribly at the hands of the United States and some European nations such as UK, France, and Netherland.

This military alliance could have following clauses:

  • The sole purpose of this alliance would be the peaceful coexistence for the citizens of this world.
  • The purpose of this alliance is to preserve world peace and not allow any nation, including NATO members to bully and wage wars against any member of this alliance.
  • Attack on one member country will be taken as attack on all the members of the alliance.
  • Attack on any member of the alliance by any NATO member will be defended by all the members of the alliance by every means.
  • To show that their sole purpose is to thwart NATO created wars and aggressions on other weak nations, this new alliance will be dissolved shortly as soon as NATO is dissolved. Then the world will be a peaceful place to live in.
  • Not to antagonize non-NATO nations like India, Brazil or South Africa, this alliance will not get involved in any conflict where one member of the conflict is a non-NATO member. In other words, this alliance is only against any aggression or conflict where a NATO member is involved with a member of this alliance. For example, if there is a war between India and China, this alliance will not get involved with either side in that war because India is not a member of NATO.
  • This alliance will help–without getting directly involved militarily in the conflict–any nation who becomes a victim of a coup, regime change, military aggression by invasion or bombing, illegal sanctions, or by any other means or any other kind of outside interference in their internal affairs by any NATO member country.

There are some obstacles for forming this alliance. One of them is, China has huge business exporting to the United States as well as to some European countries. But by the same token, these countries too benefit a lot with cheap goods from China. So, it is a loss to both the sides if that business is adversely affected. Hence every nation would think twice before breaking these business ties with China. For the future, China will have a powerful ally in Russia in case of a war with the United States if it decides to take over Taiwan. This war is imminent in next few years.

Russia has nothing to lose and everything to gain by this alliance.

If Russia and China decide to get involved in this alliance, most of the nations of the world will not mind—if this alliance is formed to maintain peaceful co-existence in the world– as this alliance is mainly aimed at the illegal dominance by the United States and its NATO members.

By their criminal policies towards Russia since 1945 and especially since 1989-91 after U.S. S.R. collapse, and constantly projecting China as an enemy now by the United States in particular, and by their provoking Russia to have this proxy war, it will not be a surprise if Russia-China military alliance does materialize in near future.


Chaitanya Davé is a Chemist and a Chemical Engineer and a businessman. He has authored three books: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A Shocking Record of US Crimes since 1776-2007, COLLAPSE: Civilization of the Brink-2010, Capitalism’s March of Destruction. Author of many articles on politics, history, and environment Founder/President of a non-profit charity foundation helping the poor villagers of India, Nepal, Haiti, USA-homeless, environmental NGOs, and other poor countries. He can be contacted at He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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