Ukraine: Those Who Take Their Wishes for Reality Will Have a Nightmare

Willy Van Damme, Global Research, July 9, 2023 —

After months of warning everyone about Ukraine’s military counter-offensive, it has finally started since Sunday 4 June. Even in Russia people seemed hyper-nervous. For a week now, that army has been pounding on the positions of the Russian army. They have received billions worth of toys from NATO to enable them to realize their wishes.

The best western war gear

“The best Western material has finally arrived on the battlefield,” declared The Economist somewhat triumphantly. The magazine therefore supports this war of NATO against Russia 200%. Like the rest without exception of the Western media. For them, Russia and Putin are simply the personification of evil.

No doubt they saw the Ukrainian army in their new combat vehicles, missile launchers and tanks advancing to the city of Melitopol and then Mariupol and then to Sevastopol in Crimea. After which President Putin resigned in Moscow and was handed over to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

It is undoubtedly the wet dream of Western governments and their lackeys at The Financial Times, De Standaard, Le Monde, NRC and the Washington Post. Because those Bradley fighting vehicles and German Leopard tanks are still superior to that Russian ‘junk’. But dreams, the saying goes, are deceptions. Also here.

Volodymyr Zelenski - Legeruniform

Volodimir Zelensky, for our governments and media a kind of saint. Recently, however, the Western security services made it appear that his government is probably responsible for blowing up the Nordstream 1 & 2 gas pipelines. Quarrel in the household? And are they already looking for a new place to live for this hero? As a neighbor of the Shah of Iran, Nguyen van Thieu from Vietnam and the Somozas of Nicaragua.

After all, after a week of heavy fighting with all that beautiful Western material and Western training, that major military offensive has so far turned out to be a major flop. Even De Morgen wrote it last Sunday; “There’s no point in trying to hide that this attack was a failure, but it wasn’t unexpected either.”

Defeat seems assured

Hanna Maljar, Deputy Minister of Defense in Kiev, also seemed to predict the coming defeat this weekend in De Standaard: “Our troops are encountering strong resistance and the enemy has more weapons and soldiers”.

In addition, there is no air force worthy of the name to support this offensive. And for an offensive, the classical military theory states that one needs three times more soldiers than the one that one attacks.

Incidentally, it is striking that among the masses of videos and photos about the current fighting, one sees practically only destroyed Ukrainian equipment and sees dead or captured Ukrainian soldiers. Russia uses a lot of helicopters here, but a story about a downed Russian helicopter is nowhere to be found on the internet or in the media.

In addition, the media talks about the major Ukrainian military offensive that is advancing several km², but it is quickly forgotten that the Russian army is making progress, albeit limited, in Novoprokovka and the town of Marinko near the provincial capital of Donetsk. And the latter is more important from a strategic point of view than conquering a settlement like Neskuchne.

It shows what direction this offensive is really going. Indeed, anyone who looks critically at the evolution of this war knew that. The Ukrainian army has essentially lost a 20% of its territory and only succeeded once in capturing the region south of Kharkov. But with the exception of the cities of Izium and Lyman, these were mainly villages without much strategic importance.

But not for our press, which speaks of a great success if the Ukrainian army manages to conquer a meadow, forest or hill somewhere. The Ukrainian army suffered a heavy defeat at Bachmut/Artyomovsk. How many thousands of soldiers died there on the Ukrainian side will never be known, but there were many. And Ukraine has far fewer soldiers than Russia.

Oekraïne - Front Juni 2023

The front in Ukraine. Green are areas recaptured from the Russians with Kherson on the left and parts of Kharkov province at the top. Pink are the areas held by Russia with from bottom to top: Crimea and parts of the provinces of Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Luhansk. The diamond-shaped particles concern Russian military units.

When this city had practically fallen and people were only fighting for a few crumbs on the outskirts, the Ukrainian army tried in vain to break through that siege. However, an attack on the northern and southern branches of the Russian flanks yielded NOTHING. After months of fierce fighting, Zelensky had to withdraw his men or leave them dead.

Laughable stories

Even then it appeared to any serious observer that the combat power of that army was very weak. After all, that army already used a lot of that new Western material during the battle for Bachmut/Artyomovsk and did not even manage to conquer a village and only a few fields.

They even tried to sell that in our media as a kind of victory. Laughable. “Russian army threatens to be trapped” it sounded at De Standaard, with Jorn De Cock talking about the “difficult situation” of the Russian army in that newspaper.

But that is also the same man who in 2012 already saw the head of Syrian President Bashar al Assad roll over the paving stones of Damascus. He is still walking around and is even present at the major international climate conference in Abu Dhabi this fall.

The texts of the Western media were teeming with words such as: if, if, would, possibly and probably. But if my cat were a dog, that cat could bark too. However, she doesn’t.

De Wolfsangel en de Europese vlag - De waarden van Europa

The wolf sangel proper to fascist groups and the flag of the EU here brotherly side by side. In defense of those so-called European values?

However, more than three weeks after the start of their offensive on the front line, the Ukrainian army appears to have captured four villages, including Blahodatne. Settlements where no more than a few hundred people lived before the fighting. A very small consolation after three weeks of undoubtedly heavy losses.

What is NATO doing in Vilnius?

How this fight will continue is still uncertain. On July 21, however, there will be an important meeting of NATO in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, where the course of this counter-offensive will undoubtedly be discussed. But there is no trace of any trace of optimism as there was just a few weeks ago.

It is typical that already at the start of this offensive Anders Rasmussen, former Danish Prime Minister, ex-Secretary General of NATO and now an adviser to Volodimir Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, stated that troops from Poland and the Baltic States will have to be sent.

While a Polish soldier made similar noises and spoke of the need for a flight ban imposed by NATO over Ukraine. So they apparently already knew that this offensive would fail and showed their reaction to this. But that’s World War III. They know that too.

It is not known how many armored vehicles and tanks the Ukrainian army lost here, but it must be many. When the town of Novodonetsk was captured, the Russian army immediately sent reinforcements and also a set of helicopters that destroyed many of those NATO-donated vehicles and recaptured the village.

Bradley pantserwagen - Zaporizja - 17 juni 2023

The US delivery of Bradley armored vehicles was viewed by NATO and the media as a serious escalation that would help the Ukrainian army win the war. On 4 June they went on the offensive. What happened next can be seen here. Dealers in scrap metal will make fortunes here.

At one point in the Western media it was written that Russian soldiers had to fight with spades because of a lack of ammunition. Here is proof of the quality of those spades and of the Russian soldiers who use them.

But don’t worry because the Western media wrote in unison last weekend that the best units still had to be sent into the battlefield. But how do they know that? And normally people don’t send bruises to conquer the first lines of defense. It’s military nonsense.

By the way, the most modern version of the Leopard tanks was sent into battle in the first attack wave. Which were then destroyed and could potentially provide a gold mine of very interesting information for the Russians. Should people cheer in Germany?

Former US colonel and dissident voice in the US Douglas Macgregor talks about three Ukrainian armies, two of which have already been destroyed. Now the third also seems to be on its way to the meat grinder and after that there is not much left, except for some third-rate material. Hence the statements of that Polish general and Anders Rasmussen?

What is Russia doing after this Ukrainian offensive?

Is it there that Russia is waiting to finally take action with its army. A matter of saving Russian lives? Will the cities of Zaporizhia, Kherson, Odessa and Kharkiv fall? It seems far-fetched, but as long as the West refuses to negotiate, this can certainly not be ruled out.

But our media doesn’t see that because they are mesmerized by an unstoppable stream of disinformation from the US and NATO. The once socially critical magazine Humo now deals in the most insane stories about that war. The same, by the way, with the Green Amsterdammer for whom insulting critics is a must these days.

For example, the weekly magazine Humo first published an interview with Zelensky and the following week with his wife. And last weekend a British ‘expert’ was presented online who compared Putin to Hitler and Stalin. Why not Attila the Hun?

How this defeat, or alternatively the third world war, will ultimately be sold to readers is still a mystery. But our press, as we know, doesn’t shy away from anything at all.

DNA - Genetisch onderzoek naar het zuivere ras in Kiev

Our media continues to deny that there is fascism in Ukraine. What they did write for 2014. The nationalistic madness goes very far as this announcement shows. Even churches are suffering in the country. And yet Zelensky is not only a great fraudster, but also a Jew and one who even spoke Russian before.

But yes, the country even buys oil from Lukoil, a Russian company, with money from the NATO countries in Bulgaria. Ukraine then places them in large oil tanks that are then shot to pieces by Russia. After which…. Bulgaria even received special permission from the EU for this.

A fascist regime

But there is no doubt that Ukraine supports a fascist regime. Fascism is a term often used as a term of abuse, but seems perfectly applicable here. The statement last year by the Ukrainian ambassador Petro Vrublevsky in Kazakhstan that all Russians should be killed is no coincidence at all.

Just like the burning alive of 45 Ukrainians in Odessa who nonviolently resisted that 2014 coup was also not a coincidence. The media conceals it or twists it in such a way that white becomes black or vice versa. For example, Knack recently wrote about the UPA, an armed fascist terrorist movement founded in 1943, that it fought against the Germans.

Nonsense. Its main activity during that period was the mass murder of Poles and Jews. Sometimes without the Waffen SS sometimes with the Germans. Essentially in the province of Eastern Galicia, the region around Lviv, and Volhynia with the city of Lutsk. But it was apparently just an attempt to whitewash the UPA and the Ukrainian government on the part of Knack.

Founder of the UPA, Roman Shukhevich was today a hero to the Kiev government. The man’s image tennis is nowadays even immortalized on a stamp. The UPA flag can also be seen everywhere in the country, even Chrystia Freeland, the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister, was already waving it in her country. Her grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian collaboration press.

And if in the first week the village of Neskuchne is captured/liberated, this was done by the Azov Battalion eagerly waving the red/black flag of the UPA. That’s called liberating. Since 1943, the former Polish and previously Habsburg regions of Volhynia and Eastern Galicia have been the subject of the most heinous war crimes of WWII.


Up to 100,000 Poles were brutally murdered by the UPA on the explicit orders of its founder Roman Shukhevich, who wanted all Poles and Jews in the region killed or expelled. Where, over time, the Polish secret army also took action and killed up to 20,000 Ukrainians.

Roman Shukhevych - Postzegel Oekraïne

That people in Ukraine are not picky in choosing national heroes is shown by this stamp with the image of this racist and mass murderer Roman Shukhevich. Something for collectors.

It is never known how many people died and the massacres continued after 1945. From 1944, after the tank battle at Kursk won by Moscow, it was mainly aimed at the Russians, because Shukhevich then saw that the Soviet Union was going to win the war. It wasn’t until the early 1950s that the killing stopped.

The prose of ‘hero’ Roman Shukhevich, not intended for sensitive souls:

“(The) UPA commander (Shukhevich, ed.), stated in his order from 25 February 1944: “In view of the success of the Soviet forces it is necessary to speed up the liquidation of the Poles, they must be totally wiped out, their villages burned… only the Polish population must be destroyed” (Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia – Wikipedia)

Attacks on Poles during the massacres in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia were marked with extreme sadism and brutality. Rape, torture and mutilation were commonplace. Poles were burned alive, flayed, impaled, crucified, disemboweled, dismembered and beheaded. Women were gang raped and had their breasts sliced off, children were hacked to pieces with axes, babies were impaled on bayonets and pitchforks or bashed against trees.

They stated, “Do not hesitate to carry out the most dangerous deeds” and “Treat the enemies of your nation with hatred and ruthlessness”.

And what do Poland and Israel think about this? What is certain is that Ukrainian nationalism as we know it today is very extreme. Mykola Mikhnovskyi, together with Dmytro Dontsov, the spiritual father of this form of Ukrainian nationalism even stated that Ukrainians should not marry others, the enemy, such as Jews, Poles, Hungarians and Russians.

The Ukraine of Mikhnovskyi and then that of Bandera and the current government had to be racially pure. His theory was that real Ukrainians have a short head and the others have a long head. And woe to the Ukrainians who resisted that madness, they were killed if necessary. As soon as people had power in Kiev, the prohibition of Russian culture was politically logically the main theme.

When the German-Polish historian Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe (1) wanted to give lectures about his 637-page study on Ukrainian nationalism in the years before the 2014 coup, with the support of the German embassy, this was met with protests and even physical violence prevented by supporters of Bandera. Only a presentation near the German embassy in Kiev succeeded.

Any criticism of Ukraine’s “heroes” is also prohibited. Critical stories such as those about Volhynia are therefore practically taboo. Their nationalism is like a cancer that has now also affected their heads and as long as this continues to proliferate, there will never be a solution to the Ukrainian problem. It will just keep on rampant. And certainly if NATO continues to support this, this war will continue.

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