Ukraine and Rules-based Fascism

Kurt Nimmo, Global Research, October 23, 2022 — CIA programs designed not only to destabilize Ukraine but nazify it with followers of Stepan Bandera.

General Mark Miley, the USG chief of staff at the Pentagon, has flatly stated that if Ukraine “falls,” the so-called “rules-based international order” will fall with it.

It is true the word “fascism” gets thrown a lot, often completely out of its definitional context. However, in the case of Ukraine, the word is applicable. Even a cursory look at the political and social landscape of Ukraine reveals the country—the most corrupt and poverty-stricken in Europe—has long practiced fascism, that is to say an authoritarian, racist, ultranationalist form of government and ideology.

In essence, Miley is saying that the fate of the “rules-based international order” hinges on saving fascist Ukraine and its illegitimate government, installed in 2014 by a USG-sponsored coup. Every “elected” government put in place after the Maidan coup is in fact illegitimate.

Miley has underscored an effort by the national security state to retain Ukraine’s special role in undermining Russia, beginning with the Soviet Union following WWII and during the “Cold War,” itself a ruse to further build and strengthen the national security state (NSS) obsessed with world domination.

The CIA, the subversion apparatus of the NSS (the Pentagon being the muscle), has a long and sordid history of support for murderous Ukronazis and their particularly repulsive version of ultranationalism (organized torture, murder, and disappearance).

A declassified CIA document reveals details of Operation Belladonna and how, according to a summary by Red Street Journal,

[in 1946] the United States had already made contact with Ukrainian Nationalists that were keen to ally with the Americans against the USSR, primarily through influencing the development of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (UHVR). The subject discussed in the document was used to gather intelligence on the USSR and Soviet operations both at home and abroad.

The UHVR, an umbrella organization of Ukronazis and “anti-Soviet partisans,” included the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). FOIA Research notes:

The OUN collaborated with the Germans right up from the Polish invasion in September 1939. In December 1939, the Gestapo trained Mykola Lebed and [Stepan] Bandera supporters in sabotage, guerrilla warfare and assassination techniques in Zakopane. Lebed personally supervised the torture and execution of Jews to harden his men.

For the CIA, it was irrelevant that the OUN-UPA carried out the Wołyń Massacre, the organized murder of 100,000 Poles and Jews, or OUN’s collaboration with the Nazis during Operation Barbarossa (the Nazi invasion, the largest in history, of Eastern Europe and Russia in 1942; estimated to have killed 5,000,000 Russians, Slavs, Jews, Poles, and others considered “Untermenschen”).

The psychopathy of Stepan Bandera and Andriy Melnyk was a good match for Abwehr, the German military intelligence service for the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht, and later the CIA. In 1949, “the CIA decided, in partnership with the British MI6, to mount ‘joint’ operations with [OUN] to send agents into the Soviet Union,” operations that were disastrous failures.

Given the scale of Soviet penetration of [OUN and other ultranationalist groups], it could not be expected that such operations would benefit anybody but the KGB, and of course for the next four years or so CIA and MI6 suffered one disaster after another… resulting in many lost lives.

In 2016, the CIA declassified 3,800 documents providing “detailed proof that since 1953 the CIA operated two major programs intent on not only destabilizing Ukraine but Nazifying it with followers of the World War II Ukrainian Nazi leader Stepan Bandera,” writes Wayne Madsen.

In fact, the CIA ran a number of anti-Soviet operations in Ukraine. In addition to Operation Belladonna, mentioned above, there were a number of other operations, including Project Cartel (later Project Aerodynamic), Project Aebath, and others, several with long timelines.

As the CIA expanded its operations in Ukraine, additional projects came to light, Notably, Project AERODYNAMIC (formerly CARTEL, ANDROGEN, AECARTHAGE), which operated between the years of 1949-1970 before being reclassified under Project named QRDYNAMIC in 1970 and later PDDYNAMIC in 1974, and finally QRDYNAMIC/QRPLUMB (formerly AEBEEHIVE) as it operated until 1991.

There are thousands of documents that contain sensitive information regarding these project names and the activities involved. A treasure trove of United States history that seems to have gone under the radar of the mainstream press.

Indeed, a “mainstream press” the CIA had infiltrated in the 1950s under the direction of Cord Meyer.

A declassified CIA document from 1966 points out “the underlying objective [of Cartel/Aerodynamic] is ‘Nationalist flare-ups’ in widely scattered areas of the Soviet Union, particularly in Ukraine… As we can see, by the 1950s, the CIA had successfully established a network for counter intelligence with Ukrainian underground nationalists.”

The CIA used a number of acronyms or code names for participants in these operations. For instance, “Cartel-2” was a cryptonym for Mykola Lebed, a Ukrainian ultranationalist convicted and imprisoned for the assassination of Polish Interior Minister Bronisław Pieracki in 1934. In 2010, the Associated Press reported:

Declassified CIA files reveal that US intelligence officials went to great lengths to protect a Ukrainian fascist leader and suspected Nazi collaborator from prosecution after World War II and set him up in a New York office to wage covert war against the Soviet Union, according to a new report to Congress… The US government relocated Lebed to New York City in 1949, where he was safe from assassination, the report says. Through his CIA-funded organization, Prolog, he gathered intelligence on the Soviets into at least the late 1960s. In 1991, he was still considered a valuable asset to the agency, the report says.

Yaroslav Stetsko, Bandera’s second in command, denounced Marxism as a “practice by the Muscovite-Asiatic people with Jewish assistance, and that Moscow and the Jews are the carriers of the international ideas of the Bolsheviks.” His virulent antisemitism wasn’t a problem for the CIA or the USG.

Gerald Sussman writes for CovertAction Magazine:

The OUN, in particular the faction led by the German ally Stepan Bandera and his second in command, Yaroslav Stetsko, OUN-B, was a violently anti-semitic, anti-communist, and anti-Russian organization, which collaborated with the Nazi occupation and actively participated in the slaughter of millions of Poles, Ukrainian Jews, and ethnically Russian and Ukrainian communists in the region. Nonetheless, The Washington Post treated Stetsko as a national hero, a “lonely patriot.”

A friendly encounter between then vice president George H. W. Bush and Stetsko.

The CIA, of course, was not particularly interested in elevating Ukraine’s ultranationalists (that would occur much later, during the orchestrated Maidan coup of 2014). Instead, they were interested in exploiting Ukronazis to undermine the Soviet Union (a dismal failure).

It’s no secret the CIA recruited the Nazi Gehlen Organization after WWII. In the manufactured Cold War, the fact that many Nazis imported clandestinely into America, under Operation Paperclip, were serious war criminals did not make a difference to the CIA. Martin A. Lee writes Foreign Policy in Focus:

The CIA reports show that U.S. officials knew they were subsidizing numerous Third Reich veterans who had committed horrible crimes against humanity, but these atrocities were overlooked as the anti-Communist crusade acquired its own momentum. For Nazis who would otherwise have been charged with war crimes, signing on with American intelligence enabled them to avoid a prison term.

The same can be said for the CIA and USG’s activities in Ukraine. The inheritors of the genocidal religion of Stepan Bandera—mass murder, torture, ethnic cleansing—were artificially elevated to positions of power and influence by way of a USG-arranged coup.

The NSS needs an endless Cold War. It doesn’t matter Russia is no longer communist. Russia and China are perennial enemies of “rules-based” authoritarianism. General Miley, in the above video, has stated that the proxy war in Ukraine is essential, otherwise, the NSS will teeter and fall, which is, of course, pure balderdash.

It will not be reported in the New York Times or any other war propaganda outfit that the neoliberal order is rapidly crumbling and its “enemies” are building their own financial and transaction structures outside of the corrupt influence of the western “international order,” an order that coddles and exploits psychopaths in its doomed to fail effort to prop up its parasitical and violent system of domination.


Kurt Nimmo is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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