U.S.-Led NATO Drowns Ukraine in a Bloodbath

Strategic Culture Foundation, August 4, 2023 —

This bloodbath is an obscenity, a vast imperial crime, with no effort at all by the U.S. and European leaders to sue for peace.

New figures indicate the Ukrainian military death toll is at least 400,000 after 500 days of conflict. The real figure may actually surpass 500,000. This is much greater than previously estimated, which was already dreadful. Yet, Washington incoherently keeps pushing the failed counteroffensive to the “last Ukrainian”.

This bloodbath is an obscenity, a vast imperial crime, with no effort at all by the U.S. and European leaders to sue for peace. Crudely put, war is a racket and the warmongers make a packet.

Not surprisingly, the actual casualty figures suffered by the Kiev regime’s military are a closely guarded secret. The NATO sponsors are also keeping a tight lip on the ghoulish losses because to do so would be an admission of the abysmal failure of their proxy war against Russia, and that would entail incurring an almighty political backlash from the Western public. Therein lies a diabolical Catch-22.

Nevertheless, despite the best efforts to conceal the carnage, up to recently several independent observers had estimated the death toll for the Ukrainian forces to be around 250,000 to 300,000 since the conflict erupted on February 24, 2022. Russian military casualties have been put at about 10 percent of those inflicted on the Ukrainian side.

New data this week, however, indicate the scale of losses for the NATO-backed Kiev regime to be much higher.

Satellite imagery cited by Intel Republic’s Telegram channel of newly dug cemeteries in Ukrainian territory suggests that at least 400,000 military personnel have died in battles with Russian forces. The graves presume individual bodies buried. In addition, not recorded are the countless dead who have been obliterated on battlefields or left to rot by Kiev regime commanders.

Another measure is gleaned from grim reports this week in the U.S. media that there have been 50,000 amputees among Ukrainian soldiers, according to the supply of prosthetic limbs from German manufacturers. Extrapolation from that figure of casualties corroborates the far higher estimate of war dead.

Consequently, in light of the amputee numbers, comparisons have been made even by the U.S. media with the level of attrition seen during World War One. The latter is notorious for its horrendous and senseless slaughter of men. The comparisons are correct but strangely glided over by the U.S. media without dwelling on what should be compelling abhorrence towards the violence.

If the battles in Ukraine have been previously called a “meat grinder”, then it would be accurate to refer to the country more as a bloodbath.

What makes this all the more criminal and despicable is that the conflict and death could have been avoided. Washington and its European NATO allies chose to ignore all appeals from Russia to negotiate a political solution to Moscow’s long-held strategic security concerns about NATO’s eastward expansion and the weaponization of the Kiev regime. Moscow’s diplomatic efforts were repudiated in December 2021, two months before hostilities escalated.

Prior to that, the weaponization of the regime went on for eight years after the CIA backed the coup in 2014 against a democratically elected president. (Which, by the way, makes a mockery of U.S. and European condemnations this week of a military coup in the West African nation of Niger. Such selective concern for legalities!)

Ever since the conflict in Ukraine erupted last February, when Russia intervened to defend its vital interests, the NATO bloc has deliberately escalated the violence with relentless arms supplies. Washington has sent up to $50 billion in military support for the Kiev regime. Britain, Germany, France, and other NATO members have likewise plied endless amounts of weapons, ranging from tanks to cruise missiles.

What’s more, the American administration of President Joe Biden has spurned any suggestion of negotiating an end to the conflict with Russia. The European leaders have slavishly followed the insanity and criminality of Washington in thwarting any diplomatic solution.

This is in spite of polls showing most American and European citizens are opposed to the continued arming of the Kiev regime. Many people in the West and around the world are rightly horrified by the slaughter and the danger of this bloodshed spilling over into an all-out war between nuclear powers, which would doubtless be catastrophic on a global scale.

The American and European media have hyped the war in Ukraine with systematic lies and falsehoods. So-called news information has become blatant war propaganda by self-declared Pulitzer prize-winning organs. The origins of the conflict have been distorted and the Nazi nature of the Kiev regime has been assiduously concealed.

Ukraine never stood a chance of victory against far superior Russian forces. Yet from the outset, the Western media indulged in the delusion that NATO was “defending democracy from Russian aggression” (brazenly inverting reality) and claiming that the NATO side would eventually win. Then the Western media promoted the next illusion of a “tide-changing counteroffensive”.

It is clear that the counteroffensive that NATO belligerently canvassed beginning in early June has turned out to be a complete and utter fiasco. Russian defenses around newly acquired territories in the Donbass and Zaporozhye region have been invulnerable to wave after wave of attack. Ukrainian military losses are estimated at around 43,000 in just the past two months alone.

The United States and its NATO partners have pushed the Kiev regime to embark on a counteroffensive that is suicidal. Without air cover and relying on infantry assaults against heavily mined terrain, the Ukrainians have been thrown into the fray like cannon fodder.

Even more damning, the American and European leaders knew that the Ukrainian counteroffensive would not succeed. Reports in the New York Times and other outlets have coyly admitted that.

The impending disaster for NATO is colossal. This calamity makes the debacle of NATO’s defeat in Afghanistan exactly two years ago this month look like a picnic in retrospect.

President Biden is seeking reelection next year and the unavoidable fact is he has blood dripping from his hands for the barbarity in Ukraine. The epic horror – which has recklessly risked nuclear war with Russia – stands as a monumental intelligence, political, military, and moral abomination for Washington and its European vassals.

This week, Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto revealed that European Union counterparts are callously calculating that the war in Ukraine may go on for another four years. Another four years! And these European leaders are willing to continue supporting the Kiev regime with up to €20 billion in additional funds because of their servile deference to Washington’s imperialist objectives. Those objectives are all about confronting Moscow to shore up waning American hegemony. Their irrational Russophobia also plays a nefarious part.

Western regimes unanswerable to their people are responsible for an epoch-making criminal war in Ukraine. Biden and his European accomplices are in a fiendish dilemma of their own making. They can’t admit defeat for the destruction and death, and so they incoherently keep insisting that Ukraine wades deeper into the bloodbath.

If there were any justice, Biden shouldn’t be facing the electorate soon. He and his Western minions, including household media organizations, should be facing prosecution for war crimes.

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