U.S. divides up the pie of millions for subversion

Who gets the biggest piece of the pie of millions? As March is about to close, the United States makes public its usual display of millions approved to finance subversion in those countries where “an extra” big motivation is needed to build an active opposition.

That’s why the latest statement by anti-Cuban Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, following the House of Representatives’ passage of legislation that includes the six remaining appropriations bills for fiscal year 2024: defense; financial services; homeland security; labor, health and human services; legislative branch; and state, foreign operations and related programs, is turning the Americas upside down.

Diaz-Balart, who carries a dangerous record of anti-Cuba harassment, is ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee and chairs the Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs (SFOPS), noted that this legislation funds national security and defense, while “safeguarding American taxpayer dollars by significantly reducing wasteful spending.”

Will the American people really agree to have their money used to pay for generating unrest and aggression to break the peace in other countries? According to the statement posted on the State Department website, yes, because this bill supports America’s closest friends and allies, “while countering adversaries such as Communist China, Russia, and the terrorist states of Cuba and Iran.”

With the overtly interventionist goal in mind, the SFOPS legislation provides non-defense “front-line resources” totaling $58,346 billion, which is $3,412 billion (5.5%) below the FY 2023 enacted level, and $10,581 billion (15.4%) below President Joe Biden’s budget request.

Once again, the pretext of promoting freedom and democracy in the Western Hemisphere is once again being used as a banner of the self-appointed “world police” which, as every year, dedicates a special wink to the case of Cuba.


Some 25 million dollars, which represents an increase of 25% over the previous period, have been earmarked for the promotion of democracy, that is, to finance -as our media has repeatedly denounced- the most diverse and dangerous actions against the State and the Cuban people.

In addition, there is the 25 million for the Office of Broadcasting to Cuba, which is the same thing, the cadaverous Radio and TV Martí, which no longer have any credibility left to sustain their productions or any power of convocation.

A basic manual could be written on the ways in which the anti-Cuban forces from the United States always try to articulate all kinds of projects to “overthrow the Cuban Revolution”, without fear of failing time and time again miserably.

On this occasion, for example, some of the most used basic ingredients of the last 15 years are not missing either: clear instructions on the denial of visas to governments and international organizations linked to the solidarity movement of Cuban doctors around the world, a strategy of international cooperation which the U.S. government insists on describing as “trafficking”, before the astonished eyes of the millions of human beings who have benefited from Cuban medical practice, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic or terrible diseases such as cholera.

Tight restrictions are now being added to prevent the Biden administration from using funds to support Cuba’s non-state sector. Entrepreneurship programs,” once cherished, now also fall into the category of what should not be coddled.

Is the non-state sector a source of job and professional growth for the citizenry in Cuba today? Yes, it is. The range of opportunities for our young people has grown, the State has decided not to turn back on the open road and, contrary to what they could have expected from the other side of those 90 miles, more and more private projects are joining in the eagerness to support their communities.

Perfection does not exist, but an open road to shared social responsibility does… and that, among other reasons, puts the universe of entrepreneurs in the target of traditional attacks and restrictions from U.S. soil.

Another striking element this 2024 is the additional funding dedicated to the Open Technology Fund (OTF) to promote technologies that foster “internet freedom”. This is not a new phenomenon.

The Internet is a great platform for information, disinformation and combat in which info-education has been vital to learn how to identify fake news and mobilizations induced with the purpose of altering the order in the country.


As no front can be left uncovered, funds for subversive maneuvers in Nicaragua amount to 15 million, especially focused on religion.

In the case of Venezuela, on the other hand, the budgets are similar to those of Cuba, since they have allocated no less than 50 million dollars to stir up confrontation under the supposed banner of human rights and civil society.

They also encourage financial support to all kinds of electoral opposition against the current Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moro.

Financing conditions are also planned for Central America and the Caribbean, including Haiti, now immersed in a complex crisis of governance and violence.

As for China, the measures are also abundant, including the prohibition of any repayment of debts contracted with the Asian giant by other countries; its support to Taiwan and the persistence of US$ 300 million in foreign military financing, and US$ 400 million for the Fund to fight against Chinese influence.

Meanwhile, for Israel, a historical ally of US shamelessness, which is now advancing unchecked in the extermination of the Palestinian people, it guarantees “unwavering support”, through the full funding of a memorandum of understanding worth 3.3 billion dollars.

It adds that the US will oppose UN investigations of Israel, impose new conditions on any assistance to Gaza and withhold funding to the Human Rights Council to hold the council accountable for its anti-Israeli actions, among other things that anyone with a heart would find hard to believe… if the US itself had not published it.


They use events associated with the Cuban doctors kidnapped in Kenya to mount a new communications offensive to discredit our country.

They disseminate lines of work for platforms associated with the subversive scaffolding and anti-Cuban influencers in Miami.

They are orienting to take advantage of the situation of the internationalist collaborators to continue broadcasting messages about “slave labor”, “something that we must continue to manipulate”.

Recently leaked information shows a series of maneuvers carried out to induce inflation within the Cuban market. The strategy is divided into four stages: shortages, induced inflation, supply boycott and financial blockade, according to the website Razones de Cuba.

Sources in Miami revealed plans of anti-Cuban politicians to affect Cuban businessmen inside and outside the Island. They seek to extinguish all forms of supply of goods to the Cuban people, both through the government and the private sector.

Operation Streaming, a recent creation of the U.S. intelligence services to manipulate events and figures in Cuba’s history, has come to light.

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