Turkey, Malaysia Back South Africa’s Genocide Case Against Israel

The South African Foreign Ministry reportedly expects other countries to follow suit soon and express support for its case at the World Court.

South Africa is no longer alone in bringing its claim of genocide by the Israeli government to the International Court of Justice. The Turkish Foreign Ministry and the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have announced that they support the case.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oncu Keceli said Wednesday those responsible for killing tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza since Oct. 7 “must be held accountable before international law.”

“Israel’s murder of more than 22,000 Palestinian civilians, the majority of whom were women and children, in Gaza for nearly three months should not go unpunished in any way,” Keceli said. “We hope that the process will be completed as soon as possible.”

The ICJ is scheduled to hear the case next week, Jan. 11-12. Israeli representatives are expected to appear at the hearing.

International rights groups issued a call Wednesday for other countries to file Declarations of Intervention at the court, whose authority Israel recognizes, to bolster South Africa’s case.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said it expects “that within the framework of this application, the ICJ will decide on provisional measures involving those to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza.”

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim addressing U.N. General Assembly in September  2023. (UN Photo/Cia Pak)

The Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs said late Tuesday that it “welcomes the application by South Africa instituting proceedings against Israel… concerning the violations by Israel of its obligations under the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in relation to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”

A spokesperson for the South African Foreign Ministry told The Jerusalem Post that it expects other countries to soon follow Turkey and Malaysia’s lead and back its case.

In its 84-page complaint, South Africa detailed the genocidal intent that’s been displayed in numerous public statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Isaac Herzog, and other top officials, as well as Israel’s bombardment of civilian targets and forced displacement of civilians.

On Friday, Jordan also joined the case against Israel.


Julia Conley is a staff writer for Common Dreams.

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