The War on Gaza Resumes: Washington Is the Source of the Plague

Al-Carmel Editorial Team, Orinoco Tribune, Dec 3, 2023 —

On Thursday, the White House Spokesman John Kirby announced that if “Israel” decides to resume the war on the Gaza Strip, then “we’re going to continue to support Israel as they go after Hamas — the security assistance continues to flow. That’s not going to change.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in the occupied Palestinian territories on Thursday evening and participated in the “Israeli” War Cabinet meeting, giving his blessings to the resumption of the massacre in Gaza. Later that evening, he stated that “As we’ve said from the outset, Israel has the right to do everything it can to ensure that the slaughter Hamas carried out on October 7th can never be repeated. Hamas cannot remain in control of Gaza. ”

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal published information about Washington supplying the “Israeli” occupation army with hundreds of thousands of munitions, including one-ton bunker-buster bombs.

The above quotes confirm that the United States is deceptive when it claims that it is pressuring “Israel” to extend the ceasefire or ensure the protection of civilians. It affirms that what the “Israeli” killing machine is doing in the Gaza Strip is with a green light from Washington, with US partnership in the decision-making process and US weapons for executing those plans.

Washington’s actions and statements by its officials confirm that they have informed the “Israeli” side of the necessity to resume the war on Gaza and that they will remain by “Israel’s” side.

In essence, US President Joe Biden, considers the war on the Palestinians in Gaza to be his personal war, and “Israel” is nothing more than an instrument for its execution. He did not exclusively endorse the Israeli narrative, whether speaking about “Hamas beheading children” or the resistance tunnels beneath Al-Shifa Hospital and elsewhere. In a conference on November 24th, he declared that what happened on October 7 was directed against him, stating, “I believe one of the reasons why Hamas struck when they did was they knew that I was working very closely with the Saudis and others in the region to bring peace to the region by having recognition of Israel and Israel’s right to exist.”

Ten days after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, Biden arrived in Tel Aviv to declare his solidarity with Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, participating in the War Cabinet sessions, contributing alongside the “Israelis” in planning the war.

In addition to threatening the forces of resistance in the region and sending military support, Washington has actively promoted the “Israeli” propaganda narrative of the war. Biden denied “Israel’s” bombing of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital and repeated the lies about a Hamas HQ beneath Al-Shifa Hospital. These claims were proven false after the enemy’s army stormed the hospital.

Who holds the United States accountable? No one. The United States prevents any [international] accountability of “Israel” as well. The United States prevents any interruption in the war of extermination on Gaza. Washington, which participates in the killing of Gaza’s people, claims from its podiums and some of its directed media outlets to reject the war and make efforts to stop it. But the truth lies elsewhere.

Why does the US administration openly lie?
The answer is it wants to silence domestic United States entities that have begun to voice objections to Washington’s continued support for Israel, especially after the numerous massacres against civilians. According to a memo obtained by the US media outlet Politico and published on November 6th, officials at the State Department believed that Washington should “publicly criticize Israel ’s violations of international norms such as failure to limit offensive operations to legitimate military targets” and it’s “excessive use of force against Palestinians.”  The memo revealed that US diplomats believe that the official opinions of Washington “contributes to regional public perceptions that the United States is a biased and dishonest actor, which at best does not advance, and at worst harms, US interests worldwide.”

It can be concluded that Washington decided to publish so-called leaks about the existence of disagreements between the Biden administration and the Netanyahu government, and another [so-called leak] about Washington’s efforts to pressure “Tel Aviv” to be less aggressive in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, as an attempt to pacify Americans who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, or those who are no longer able to cover for and justify Israeli crimes. The White House is absolutely insistent on completing its regional project: the normalization between Arab countries and “Israel,” eliminating Hamas and all resistance factions in Gaza, and placing the Palestinian Authority in charge of the Gaza Strip on “Israel’s” behalf.

In this context, it must be emphasized, once again, that Washington directly manages the “Israeli” war on Gaza. All US statements about the necessity of continuing humanitarian ceasefires are nothing but sheer lies. It’s enough to remember that before the start of any new “Israeli” military phase, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrives in Tel Aviv to oversee the military plans and participate in setting its political boundaries. Since the beginning of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood Blinken has come to the occupied Palestine three times. The first was at the start of the military campaign when he stated, “I come here as a Jew.” The second was before the start of the ground operation, and the third was on Thursday, November 30th, hours before the ceasefire was broken and the military aggression resumed. In all three instances, Blinken participated in Israeli War Cabinet meetings.

Once again, this should not come as a surprise. The United States of America is waging war on the Palestinian people.

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