The VII Plenary Session of the Central Committee will analyze priority issues of the country

This was preceded by a broad process of consultation of the documents to be submitted for analysis, in more than 34,000 meetings in which 750,000 people participated, including Party members, members of the Young Communist League and non-members such as workers, intellectuals, scientists and experts on different topics.

This step allowed to collect more than 520,000 interventions and 148,000 suggestions, which served to enrich and update the documents, and to build, from the collective wisdom, the proposals that will be submitted for debate at the Plenum.

This was explained yesterday, in a meeting with the press, by Roberto Pérez Jiménez, member of the Central Committee and head of the Organization Department, and added -as reported by the Cuban News Agency- that the criteria issued and the proposals made on issues such as the evaluation of compliance with the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines and the Development Plan until 2030, address the need to update and modify some guidelines, incorporate new ones, correct deviations, seek reserves, and also make proposals to overcome the current situation facing the country in the economic order.

The transformation of the political and ideological work will also be assessed and an evaluation will be made of the actions and compliance with the protocols established to eliminate gender violence.

On this occasion, the Political Bureau will also give an account of its work.

This, which will be the second conclave of the current year, and the seventh after the 8th Party Congress, will constitute an integral evaluation, and will approve the path to follow, only 15 days before the 65th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.

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