The US Sends Troops to Peru. Ukraine To Come Next

Lyuba Lulko, Orinoco Tribune, June 1, 2023 —

Starting from June 1, the United States will deploy its regular military units in Peru. The Americans always act “to protect democracy” in other countries, and Ukraine will be no exception.

The Pentagon’s Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) will deploy hundreds of its Marines to Peru on June 1. US Congress approved the intervention.Peruvian legislators, at the suggestion of US protege President Dina Boluarte, authorised the arrival of 700 American soldiers.According to official data from Washington, the “US personnel” will carry out “cooperation and training activities with the armed forces and the national police of Peru” and without encroaching on the sovereignty of the country.However, Peru has long had such training centres. Therefore, the stated goal is just a cover to deploy soldiers in regions of greatest resistance to American puppets.The people of Peru reject them. Dina Boluarte’s highest approval rating was 16 percent, the rating of the Parliament is even lower.

Coup d’état in Peru
The Boluarte regime came to power through a coup, with Washington’s direct complicity. Leftist President of Peru Pedro Castillo who was popularly elected in 2021, was overthrown by the parliament with the support of the army a year and a half later “due to moral inconsistency.” He tried to carry out anti-oligarchic reforms, but, as expected, he was not allowed to. Boluarte took over his position as Vice President.

US Ambassador to Peru Lisa Kenna, who coordinated the army, was quick to support Parliament’s decision to depose Castillo. Kenna affirmed that her country fully supported Peru’s democratic institutions.

The people of Peru did not accept the new government. As many as 70 people were killed and hundreds were injured in protest suppression. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) found the Peruvian police and army guilty of “excessive, indiscriminate and lethal use of force.” The Commission also denounced the Boluarte regime for stigmatising peasants and indigenous peoples with false accusations of being terrorists, thus justifying the massacres.

Purpose of all US interventions: control resources
Mexican President Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador, commenting on the entry of US troops into Peru, drew the attention of the US government to the following:

“The preservation of the interventionist policy in no way contributes to the establishment of brotherhood on the continent.”

“The Peruvians are our brothers. We consider it unfair what Peruvian congressmen did to remove the legitimate President Pedro Castillo, who was elected by the Peruvians,” Obrador said.

It is Peruvian oligarchs who stand behind these and other decisions, Obrador said. At the same time, though, legislators violated Peru’s entire legal and constitutional framework.

Lawyer Raul Noblecilla confirmed that US troops would come to Peru to control Peruvian minerals, because “this is how servile and submissive governments function.”

“Imperialism controls its backyard,” he warned.

Other countries of the continent, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela do not recognise the US-installed government in Lima.

The Peruvian Ministry of Defence has denied reports about ten US army bases in Peru. Yet, journalistic investigations show that they are present at military units in Peru.

“How the network of North American bases operates in South America” — a book by Argentine journalist Telma Luzzani — mentions that the constant presence of the US military in Peru under the pretext of joint exercises, training, visits and other things makes it clear that the US military operate within Peruvian military bases although they may not have their own or exclusive bases, such as those at Guantanamo Bay.

It was also revealed that there was a network of US laboratories operating in Peru “without appropriate transparency” supposedly to study tropical diseases. To crown it all, the Supreme Court of Peru has recently ruled that there was no right to protest de facto under the country’s constitution.

Ukraine like Peru
The state of affairs in this South American country resembles that in Ukraine, starting from the oligarchy-assisted coup that was legislated through the parliament and coming down to military bases, medical labs, and US control of natural resources.

The United States acts according to a standard pattern. Thus, one may expect US troops in Ukraine who will come to protect America’s property and influence in Ukraine. Perhaps we will see Polish or Romanian troops in Ukraine first, because unlike in Peru, the Russian Federation is conducting a special operation in Ukraine.

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