The Plot Against Algeria

Mohsen Abdelmoumen, Orinoco Tribune, March 17, 2023 —

A press release is circulating that attacks Algeria in many Spanish media, such as La Vanguardia, El-Independiente, and in several Spanish websites such as Servimedia and, of course, in the usual propaganda instruments of the Makhzen that never miss a chance to spit their venom on our country.

According to this statement, several EU reports, as well as information leaked by Le Monde and CNN, and a report by the Institute Coordinates of Governance and Applied Economics indicate that “the alliance between Russia, Algeria and Iran to control the Sahel is a source of growing political tension, which is of great concern to the European Union and the United States. According to these reports, “the Algerian regime intends to facilitate the installation of Russian military bases in the Sahel with the help of Iran”.

We quote: “The Algerian regime is reportedly receiving a large supply of drones from Iran, which are going directly to the armed militia of the Polisario Front, a group that has the support of the Algerian authorities in its struggle against Morocco. Iran, which is doing the same by supplying the terrorist group Hezbollah, intends to establish the most radical branch of its Islamism in the Sahel and Sahara, needing the support of the Algerian military establishment.” Also according to the statement, the newspaper Le Monde reportedly published an article indicating that the Algerian government had allowed the Wagner group to enter the Sahel to reach Mali, provoking France’s departure and thwarting the U.S.-led coalition’s efforts to end terrorism in the region. And of course, the communiqué embroiders on the purchase of arms from Russia by Algeria, which would thus finance “Putin’s war” in Ukraine, and on the joint military maneuvers between the two countries.

The scenario of instability
To add another layer to this concerted attack against Algeria, Jesus Sanchez Lambas, a Spanish lawyer, vice-president of the Coordinating Institute of Governance and Applied Economics and member of the Executive Committee of Transparency International, linked to Freedom House and the World Economic Forum, predicts a double scenario of instability that would allow Russia to impose a real “vice” on the European Union with Ukraine in the North and the Sahara in the South, aggravating the energy supply crisis in Europe.

We quote: “While the humanitarian drama in the North focuses all the political and media attention of the United States and the EU, the situation in the South is perceived as something distant and culturally alien to the West. This is a false security in the face of a social, political and military problem that will reach us sooner than expected. The Western powers must anticipate the foreseeable catastrophe by strengthening” – and this is where it gets even more interesting because it includes a dithyrambic panegyric of the rogue entity of Morocco – “their relations with the few reliable partners in the region, like Morocco. It is almost too late”. ( )

I would like to ask Jesús Sánchez Lambás, who supposedly fights against corruption in Transparency International, how much is in the pockets of the Makhzen? Dear readers, here is another one who has sampled the jar of jam called Marocgate.

Algeria is not Libya
While the Makhzen is distributing envelopes to buy support for its policy of colonizing Western Sahara and in the process harming Algeria, the tarmac of the Houari-Boumediene airport in Algiers is crowded. Algeria is making a major comeback on the international scene and this disturbs many people, the intentions of the visitors not always being easily discernible at first sight. Nevertheless, we can say without much mistake that most of these visits obey a very precise agenda that is not always friendly, except with regard to representatives of friendly countries, and often aims to promote purely selfish interests.

For Algeria is rich, very rich, in gas, oil, rare earths, gold, iron, materials, water, sun, and territory … Enough to arouse many envies in this period of major crisis that sees Europe in full recession because of its counterproductive sanctions against Russia but also deprived of Russian gas because of the terrorist action of the United States in the Baltic against the Nord Stream pipeline that supplied Germany. Moreover, Algeria does not intend to bend to the diktats of anyone and leads its boat in full independence, rightly believing that it has won its sovereignty at the highest price and admitting no interference in its politics, whether internal or external. However, one cannot rule out the fact that the empire wants the same fate for us as it did for Libya, where the 3,000 leaked emails of Hillary Clinton revealed that the NATO intervention and the assassination of Gaddafi had nothing to do with a desire to establish “democracy” in Libya. Libya’s 143 tons of gold, billions and oil were far more attractive than any Western “humanitarian concerns. Except that Algeria is much tougher than Libya.

“European neo-colonialism for dummies”
We will not enumerate all the visitors who have been jostling each other in Algiers for several months, the list being too long. After Macron came to buy raï tapes in Oran, followed by Borne accompanied by a pleiad of ministers and business leaders, we saw the arrival of military delegations of several nationalities, including British and American, and high-level personalities on the security and diplomatic level, the latest being Bonnie D. Jenkins, assistant to the American Secretary of State Antony Blinken in charge of arms control, who came to consolidate the security agreements between the two states and, incidentally, to organize a “party” in Algiers between the ambassadors of the NATO countries. We had not yet had the pleasure of receiving a gardening specialist. It is now done with the visit of Josep Borrell, head of European “diplomacy” and vice-president of the European Commission, who travels to Algiers this Sunday for a two-day visit. It must be recognized that Borrell has a particular conception of diplomacy and that belongs only to him, which is why we insert quotation marks to his function.

Josep Borrell’s statements deserve to be included in a collection dedicated to his verve and colourful speeches, the title of which would be, “European neo-colonialism for dummies“.  For example, the Americans “only had to kill four Indians to get independence,”  he said in a speech to students in Madrid in 2018. It would seem that the colonization of America, which was done on the genocide of indigenous peoples, has escaped him. In December 2022, addressing Latin American parliamentarians who have not yet returned: “Like the conquistadores, we must invent a new world.” Or again, in October 2022: “Europe is a garden. The rest of the world… is the jungle. And the jungle can invade the garden. The gardeners must take care of the garden.”  What on earth is the socialist Borrell, support of Pedro Sanchez, coming to do in the Algerian “jungle” and why now, at a time when Algeria is considered a major player very important in diplomatic matters on the international scene? Indeed, we do not rule out the hypothesis that it probably played a role in the historic rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and there is also talk of its role in the future settlement of the conflict in Ukraine with the upcoming visit of President Tebboune in Moscow in May.

We remind Josep Borrell of his comments during the freezing of the Friendship Treaty between Algeria and Spain following the political change of heart of Pedro Sanchez with regard to the colonization of Western Sahara, caused, we recall, by the blackmail operated by the Makhzen who had spied on the phones of Sanchez and his Minister of Defense with the Pegasus software. José Manuel Albares, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, had gone to cry in the lap of Borrel and he had said: “The unilateral Algerian act is a violation of the EU-Algeria Association Agreement”, adding that the European Union was “ready to face any type of coercive measure applied to a member state. Nor do we forget the recent partnership agreements between the European Commission and Morocco in the midst of the Marocgate scandal, while an arrest warrant is pending against the Moroccan foreign intelligence chief Mansouri and the Moroccan ambassador Atmoun. We mentioned these agreements in a previous article, where Europe is considering a tripartite partnership with the Zionist entity of Israel and its stooge, the feudal kingdom of Morocco, by extending billions of euros to the latter, without caring in the least about the serious problem of colonization of the Sahrawi territory, since Europe is the first importer of agricultural products from this colonization.

Algeria is not Morocco
Regarding the EU-Algeria agreements, it is clear that they do not serve the interests of Algeria, either they are revised to favor a true win-win partnership and not a game of fools as they are currently, or they are canceled. If Josep Borrell believes that he can come and expose the European demands for a win-lose commercial and energy partnership for the benefit of this arrogant Europe of which he is the proud representative and demand that Morocco be supplied with Algerian gas again, he is very much mistaken. Before expecting anything from Algeria, Mr. Borrell, you will have to realize that Algeria is not Morocco and calm down your ardor of matamore which does not impress anyone here. Do not take us for fools, it will be a fair partnership, otherwise you will return to Brussels empty-handed. As for opening the gas tap to Morocco, you can forget it. We have no reason to do a favor to a thug like Morocco, which seeks only to harm us in every way imaginable, even to the point of claiming our national territory. Stop interfering in Algeria’s affairs! We can’t stand it anymore. Algeria is a sovereign country, a centerpiece of the region with its great army and its free people, whether you like it or not.

And take note also that it is out of the question that Algeria considers any partnership with countries like Spain which participates in the Moroccan colonization plan of Western Sahara, thus opposing the UN resolution, or with France which supports the 5th column and exiles one of its agents from Algeria, and which interviews on the state television channel France 24 the leader of Aqmi, who calls for jihad against Algeria. This last point testifies to the degree of “civilization” of Europe by the propensity of its leaders to support terrorists of all kinds. You who are used to making great speeches and giving lessons in democracy and civilization to the savages of the jungle, could you explain to us why you have not said a word about Marocgate, while your colleague the vice-president of the European Parliament is in prison since December 9 in the company of several MEPs, how strange, all socialist like you.

Josep Borrell represents the incompetent and corrupt European oligarchic caste, like Ursula von der Leyen threatened by the Pfizergate scandal, who prefers to favour the interests of the United States over those of their own people. Your bellicose position towards Russia and your involvement in the conflict in Ukraine will lead you to your ruin, but do not count on Algeria to make up for your shortcomings and repair the damage that your negligence will not fail to cause.

Know that all the schemes, all the plots against Algeria, will fail.

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