Video: The Wagner Group Insurgency Directed against President Putin. Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter and Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Global Research, June 25, 2023 —

Judge Napolitano interviews Scott Ritter on recent developments in Russia, following the insurgency of the Wagner Mercenary Group directed against President Putin.

According to press reports, the Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin:

“Ordered his troops to march towards Moscow to seek “revenge” after accusing Russia’s military leadership of killing his forces. On Saturday night, the country’s first armed coup in decades appeared to come to an abrupt end, with Prigozhin announcing that his troops would return to base to avoid “Russian bloodshed”..

According to Scott Ritter:

SR: “This is a concerted effort between Wagner, the Ukrainian intelligence service, and their Western sponsors … Prigozhin is working on behalf of foreign intelligence Services carrying out their tasks. That task is to collapse the government of Vladimir Putin. I personally believe that he won’t succeed. But that’s what’s happening this morning

JN: Are among those uh foreign intelligence Services the CIA?

SR: Of course the CIA is there. But I think the lead agency here is uh is the British intelligence.

Joe Biden is not fully there

We have an information war.”

In a TV Address President Putin describes this as an:

“Armed Rebellion, A Stab in the Back by Our Country and Our People”.

Russia is currently engaged in a fierce struggle for its future, repelling the aggression of Neo-Nazis and their masters.

Almost the entire military, economic and information machinery of the West is directed against us.”

View this important interview. Judge Napolitano and Scott Ritter

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