The Intellectual Blah-Blah: The ‘Rise’ of Fascist Fascism in Israeli Colonialism

Susana Khalil, Orinoco Tribune, Sep 25, 2023 —

Genocide, racism, Apartheid, the violation of the Right of Return of the millions of Native Palestinian Refugees… and the theft of history and cultural heritage from the Palestinian native people are key operational instruments of that colonial entity.

Without fascism, “Israel’s” colonial entity would not exist.

There is no rise of the extreme right wing in “Israel’s” colonial entity. This entity of “Israel”, being colonial, is per se extreme right wing. It is per se racist, it is per se genocidal, it is per se Apartheid. They have no other, that is their In sæcula sæculorum, their sempiternal. Their ideologues so dictate; otherwise, it disappears.

Genocide, racism, Apartheid, the violation of the Right of Return of the millions of Native Palestinian Refugees, the Wall that divides Palestinians from Palestinians, and the theft and falsification of history and cultural heritage from the Palestinian native people are key operational instruments of that colonial entity. The injection of divisive sectarianism in the Arab-Persian-Kurdish mosaic and the intelligence of regular warmongering are part of the attrition for the benefit of that colonial expansionist injection. For example, the invasion of Iraq is a plan of international Zionism. This expansionist colonialism needs to be surrounded by weak countries as part of its security and colonial expansionism and also invents “historical rights” in other Arab-Persian countries… it is the project of the so-called “Greater Israel”.

There is no rise of the extreme right, they are in their process, in their normal and natural course of colonization.

That which is called the “State of Israel” is an Apartheid regime because Apartheid is a vital instrument in its colonial essence. Apartheid is not an end, Apartheid is one of the many instruments of the final mission, and the final mission is colonialism. Such colonialism necessitates the expulsion of the native Palestinian population from the homeland. This is a modality of extermination.

The existence of this colonial regime was born and built just as it lives and survives within a fascist praxis. Fascism within this colonial anachronism operates in multiple political and religious branches. This distribution or diversity is for the benefit and strengthening of its colonial fascistoid machinery.

That colonial fascism called “Israel” has achieved a great intellectual and academic alienation, in addition to the media, Hollywood, and derivatives; through a sophisticated subjugation in the contemporary inquisition that operates through international Zionism.

International Zionism is the most powerful fascism of our time. Zionism is the imperial engine, Zionism is imperialism itself.

As a native Palestinian Semitic of the Diaspora, I cannot be distracted, I cannot be diverted in the debate whether this expansionist colonialism, which was imposed from Europe and by Europeans in Palestine in 1948, is a democracy or not. As a native Palestinian Semitic of the Diaspora, the debate is about the liberation of the native Palestinian Semitic people from the yoke and colonial expansionist anachronism called “Israel”. The debate, study, analysis, and reflection are against colonialism and imperialism.

I do not invite you to ignore or not study the sociology of that colonialism, quite the contrary. Study it, yes, but in order to abolish it, not to legitimize it, not to adapt to it, not to normalize this attack on humanity, and not to submit ourselves to its intellectual fraud. This is lethal, that is to say: it would be the end of the native Palestinian Semitic people, that is to say, the Zionist colonial project of an “Israel” and more, the so-called great “Israel”, to expand, to take other Arab-Persian territories. Many will see and feel this as exaggerated. They also saw and felt it exaggerated when there was talk before 1948 of the intention of creating a “Jewish State” in Palestine from Europe… they saw and felt it was impossible. It was logical to see it as impossible, but logic, that reasoning is imaginary, it is entelechy. Praxis devoured logic.

The moral/humanist problem is not whether Israeli colonialism is a democracy, or a dictatorship, or a tyranny, or a totalitarianism, or a fascism. The moral/humanist problem is that it is a colonial and expansionist entity that is not limited only to Palestine but to other Arab-Persian countries. The moral/humanist problem is that it is a pillar of Western imperial savagery. The moral/humanist problem is that it is a guardian of Western hegemon tyranny.

We cannot legitimize any “democracy” sustained by colonialism. Colonialism is the very opposite of democracy.

It is sadistic, it is cruel that intellectual subjugation in which the rapist must be legitimized.

The instrumentalization of democracy as a justification to legitimize this colonial anachronism called “Israel” is disturbing; a dismal and frightening outrage on the moral conscience.

The colonial fascist entity of “Israel” instrumentalizes the human values of democracy. Israeli colonialism has turned the value of democracy into its great fetish. The human value of democracy becomes an aesthetic strategy, but the worst thing is that there is a submission to it, instead of facing it, instead of confronting it, instead of liberating democracy, by abolishing this colonial entity.

The instrumentalization of human values such as democracy by Israeli colonial fascism is nothing new. Democracy is a bastion and principle of our contemporary times. Each epoch will instrumentalize according to the values of its respective historical time; in past times it was in the name of God.

Now there is a powerful intellectual repression in which self-censorship is reached, and in that self-censorship, we see intellectual acrobatics, an intellectual talent that condemns colonialism and self-censorship in many cases of which they do not address the colonial crime, and their criticism or condemnation is artificial, as it does not go to the root of the problem, that is to say, the abolition of that colonial entity today in the XXI century. That entity is condemned within its legitimization, which is an advance for the Zionist fascist colonialism, it is an advance of that colonialism… and that contributes to the end of the native Palestinian Semitic people.

There is an honest and well-documented Palestinian who said “Israel” is a dictatorship for the Palestinians. No, “Israel” is a colonialism for the Palestinians. The dictatorship of the Palestinian people is the Palestinian Authority, which is at the service of that colonialism.

After the Oslo agreements, when the Palestinian native armed struggle was abandoned, I personally thought and felt that both Palestinians and Arabs, in general, and those in solidarity with them, were going to generate a fertile and fruitful debate, a study, a contribution that stems from the peaceful struggle. No, that is not so because debate, analysis, and study are forbidden, that is to say, to talk about the Palestinian cause, that is to say, it is forbidden to talk about the liberation of the native Palestinian people. And this censorship operates in the name of peace.

There are those who speak in favor of the human rights of the Palestinian people and at the same time speak of “Israel’s” right to exist, for the desire of a diverse, plural “Israel”. This is a fraud that strengthens Israeli colonial fascism.

This intellectual blah-blah is effective since it operates from fear of saying: End the colonial entity of “Israel”.

I digress in this article.

As difficult as the struggle may be, let us not get sidetracked.

Let us think about the essence of the Palestinian Cause. Let us think about starting to write the INDEPENDENCE ACT OF THE PALESTINIAN ARAB REPUBLIC.

I provide some notes for the draft of the Act of Independence of the Palestinian Semitic Arab People.

Article ? …Every citizen bearing the Israeli Colonial name is abolished and gets the Palestinian Native name.

National Constitution of the Palestinian Arab Republic.

Article ? Every citizen of the world who wishes to possess a Palestinian nationality has the right to do so, requesting the required permission before the National Constitution of the Palestinian Arab Republic.

I recapitulate the article

Let us not be diverted, let us self-censor ourselves, let them hijack our imaginary of justice. We go astray with so much charm found in the reckless intellectual wrapping.

The debate and analysis is about the end of Zionist colonial fascism.

May the fear hidden in the intellectual mantle not rob us of the appointment we have with History.

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