The Heroic Uprising of the Palestinian People: A Fiery Flame Signaling Global Transformations

“10Mehr” Group — October 27, 2023 —

The historical battle that started on October 7 with the crossing of Palestinian freedom fighters of the occupied borders of Israel, has now entered its third week. In this short period of time, the Israeli occupying forces, with the direct support of the United States and European imperialist powers, have killed more than seven thousand defenseless children, women, and men in Gaza; have bombed and razed their homes and hospitals to the ground; have shut off their access to the most basic human needs such as water, food, electricity, and fuel; and are now moving forward to implement a full-scale genocidal plan against the people of Palestine.

These crimes against humanity by the Zionist State of Israel and its western supporters have provoked anger around the world. Not a day passes when we do not see massive protests in cities around the world. But the Israeli State and the U.S. and European imperialists who support it ignore this global outrage. The reason is clear: Israel and its imperialist backers are furious, because for the first time in recent history, the Palestinian people have gone beyond their defensive posture and have taken the offensive against the occupiers of their land to obtain their suppressed rights — an act that is not only unforgiveable by the Zionist State and its imperialist supporters, but constitutes a determining and alarming turning point..

With this action, the Palestinian people brought the entire region into a qualitatively new situation: the illusion of the ‘invincibility’ of Israel’s military power is shattered; the Zionist State’s sense of internal security maintained at the point of a bayonet is severely shattered, and more importantly, the resistance front in the region has become ever more united and strengthened. The criminal and hysterical reaction of Israel and the West against this heroic step by the Palestinian resistance emanates from this undeniable fact.

The Zionist State and the West are now using all their propaganda power to reduce this historic battle to the level of a military confrontation between the Hamas and the State of Israeli, while blaming Hamas for the situation. They portray the Palestinian people’s liberation struggle as a “terrorist” act by an “extremist” group against the “Jews” to silence any opposing voice with the label of “anti-Semitism.” In this false image they are promulgating, there is neither any sign of the 75-year history of oppression of the Palestinian people, nor of the illegal and violent occupation of Palestinian lands, nor of the settlers’ crimes against innocent civilians, including women and children, and nor of the insults to the beliefs and sanctities of the Palestinian people.

But the reality is something different. Such action was historically inevitable because it was not merely a local action against a specific government, but a new flame of transformative fire that has long been burning globally against imperialism and the unipolar world order created by it. It is not the first time we have witnessed such flares, and it will not be the last time either. We have seen this fire blaze before in Ukraine, and there is no doubt that we will see more fires of this kind bursting on the world stage until the complete establishment of a new world based on the independence and sovereignty of the peoples within a balanced and multipolar world.

This fire signals the birthing of a new world. The age of imperialism’s unilateral domination and the unipolar world it has imposed is coming to an end, and one by one the peoples of the world are breaking the rusted chains of imperialism from their hands and standing up in every corner of the world to assert their fundamental rights.

The Palestinian people, who have always been at the forefront of the liberation movements of oppressed peoples, will show the way out of the current deadlock with their heroic resistance.

* Translated from Farsi.

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