Statement by the Communist Party of Luxembourg: Against War, Armament and Sanctions

Do not shift the burden of the crisis onto the wage-earners

Statement of the Central Committee of the KPL

The war in Ukraine, which is increasingly becoming a proxy war of the U.S. and NATO against Russia, has increased the danger of a new world war and the use of nuclear weapons. This war did not start only since Russia’s intervention on February 24, 2022, but has been raging since 2014, when the Kiev regime – coming to political power through the “Maidan coup” orchestrated by Ukrainian fascists, the U.S., the EU and NATO – started a war called »anti-terrorist action« against its own population in the Donbass. Already 15,000 people have died in this war.

A brief willingness by the Ukrainian leadership to negotiate terms with Russia to end the war was quashed within hours in early March at the instigation of the United States and the West. Instead of using the tried and tested means of diplomacy to seek a solution to end the war, some 30 Western states, including Luxembourg, are steadily supplying new weapons to Ukraine. Luxembourg has also subscribed to the EU and NATO policy that “Russia must be defeated on the battlefield”. Luxembourg and other Western states constantly provide Ukraine with billions of dollars of new financial resources – that are urgently needed in their own country to solve acute social problems.

Rising prices for energy, for basic foodstuffs and almost all products and services of daily use have since been justified by the war in Ukraine. In reality, the EU is waging an unprecedented economic war against Russia, which in the future will also be directed against China. People are already being told to put up with unacceptable restrictions and prepare either to pay exorbitantly increased heating bills in winter – or to freeze. Galloping inflation is having an additional negative impact on the situation of employees, young people and pensioners.

The Communist Party of Luxembourg supports the trade unions and all social forces calling for protest and resistance to the passing on of the costs of the crisis and the economic war to wage earners. The KPL strongly opposes the government’s decision to spend 4.7 billion euros on military purposes over the next six years.

The KPL calls on the government to exercise its sovereign rights and distance itself from the warmongering and false “anti-crisis” policies of the EU and NATO. All possible efforts must be made to support as soon as possible a solution to end the war in Ukraine that takes into account the security interests of all sides involved.

At the same time, the CC of the KPL reiterates the demands for Luxembourg’s disengagement from NATO and for the dissolution of the U.S. and NATO military bases in Luxembourg. We demand that the government sign the resolution on the ban of all nuclear weapons, which is on the table in the UN General Assembly. Luxembourg soldiers must be withdrawn from foreign countries. The increase in the military budget must be withdrawn and the funds thus freed must be used for social purposes.

Esch/Alzette, July 21, 2022

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