South Africa Demands Genocide Protests

South Africa’s foreign minister has called for protests outside the embassies of countries supporting Israel. Naledi Pandor is urging people to make posters with the banner ‘stop genocide’ and says it’s time to ‘stand up and be visible.’ She made the demand at last week’s ANC dialogue on Palestine and says her country’s tough stance is about fighting racism, colonialism, occupation and upholding the UN Charter. Pretoria has taken Israel to the UN’s top court over its bombardment of Gaza that’s killed over 31,000 Palestinians.

However, Pandor didn’t stop at the Middle East. She also warned: “There’s a fierce fight going on because unipolarity and hegemony has been allowed to go on for too long. And now with BRICS, with China emerging, unipolarity stands challenged, and the fight against multipolarity is going to be fierce.” Have a listen to her speech that’s gone viral.


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