SACP stands in solidarity with the Cuban people

SACP stands in solidarity with the Cuban people, condemns the imperialist regime of the United States for maintaining and extending its imperialist repression.

The South African Communist Party (SACP) reiterates its solidarity with the people of Cuba and their government in defence of their national sovereignty and freedom against imperialist aggression by the United States. As part of building a powerful, socialist movement of the workers and poor, the SACP will continue to campaign against imperialist aggression and strengthen international solidarity with the Cuban people, and the Venezuelan people, as they continue decisively to assert their sovereignty and in the fight against imperialism.

The SACP strongly condemns the latest acts of imperialist aggression by the United States president, Joe Biden, against the people of Cuba. Biden has extended the application of the so-called “Trading with the Enemy Act” against Cuba. Through this draconian “law”, the imperialist regime of the United States aims to deepen its illegal economic and financial blockade against Cuba. This criminal blockade has overwhelmingly been condemned by the United Nations for decades, year in, year out.

The draconian law gives the United States president unfettered powers to restrict trade with countries that he considers “hostile” and opens the possibility of applying economic sanctions. It gives the president of that regime the power to employ economic aggression against those nations brave enough to assert their sovereignty and freedom.

By this latest act, Biden has once exposed himself as a hypocrite and a big liar. He campaigned to be the president of the United States with a promise that he will normalise relations with Cuba. Biden’s actions against Cuba are a complete volte-face, the absolute opposite, more imperialist oppression of the Cuban people.

Despite the over six-decades-old blockade of Cuba by the United States regime, the people of Cuba have continuously defended their country and created human development systems such as its healthcare and education systems that are the envy of the world. Cuba has shown to the world that socialism pushes back capitalist barbarity, putting people before profits.

The SACP is calling on the South African government, as well as on the BRICS co-operation and other governments, to deepen trade and investment ties with Cuba, and to reject the draconian measures imposed on Cuba by the United States. The imperialist regime of the United States is against the people of Cuba exercising their sovereignty through their government, especially the development of their chosen path of socialism. This oppression of one state, Cuba, by another, the United States, is not only against Cuba. It has a far-reaching extraterritorial impact, against other countries deciding their own development path outside the dog-eat-dog system of capitalist barbarity that the United States imposes through its policy of imperialism, including but not limited to economic blockades, sanctions and militarism—with military bases in other countries and continents.

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