Presidents and World Leaders Arrive in Caracas to Honor Chávez

This Sunday, March 5, high-level delegations, heads of state, former presidents and world leaders arrived in Venezuela to honor Commander Hugo Chávez, on the 10th anniversary of his passing.

In the early hours of the morning, the president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, arrived in the Caribbean country. He said that he had brought with him the sentiment of the Bolivian people, and that the spirit of Hugo Chávez is well alive in Bolivia. When asked about the Commander’s legacy, the Bolivian head of state indicated that regional integration and unity were among the most dearly held ideals of Chavismo.

Another important figure who was also present to honor Chávez was former Cuban president, Raúl Castro, who was received by the Vice President of Science, Technology, Education and Health Gabriela Jiménez, at the Simón Bolívar international airport in Maiquetía, La Guaira state.

The general of the Cuban Army was accompanied by the Commander of the Revolution and Deputy Prime Minister Ramiro Valdés, as well as Prime Minister Manuel Marrero and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez.

On Saturday, former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales (2006-2019) arrived in Venezuela to join the commemorative activities. Also present was over a hundred personalities and intellectuals from all over the world.

Also arriving in Caracas to participate in the tributes to Chávez was former president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya (2006-2009), as well as his wife and current president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, and Gerardo Torres, vice chancellor of foreign policy.

Chávez in thought
Meanwhile, intellectual personalities were also present to honor the grand Chávez: Fernando Buenabad, Beto Almeida, Ignacio Ramonet, Atilio Borón, Manolo de los Santos, Jorge Lagoñea and Ramón Grofoguel were among the international invitees.

A world meeting titled “The Validity of the Bolivarian Thought of Commander Chávez in the 21st Century” began on Friday at the Teresa Carreño theater in downtown Caracas, in which government leaders and 147 delegates from more than 55 participating countries attended, according to Governor Héctor Rodríguez of Miranda state.

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