President of Iran to Visit Latin America on Sunday

Orinoco Tribune, June 8, 2023 —

Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi will tour the region to cement bilateral ties with Latin American countries.

In line with international interactions and in order to continue with the policy of strengthening relations with friendly countries and raising the level of economic, political, and scientific cooperation between them, the Iranian president will begin an international tour in Latin America on June 11. Accompanied by a high-level delegation, President Raisi will visit Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba in the coming days.

During President Raisi’s visit to the Latin American region, in order to improve the level of relations and expand interactions, several cooperation documents in various fields will be signed between the Iranian authorities and authorities of these three countries.

The president will also meet with local and Iranian businesspeople and economic figures during his tour. A significant number of countries in Latin American have close political and international views to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and economic and trade cooperation between Iran and these countries can bring many benefits to the parties.

The Islamic Republic, in particular the current government, advocates the strengthening of ties between Iran and Latin America as a way to thwart the plots of US imperialism against independent countries.

Last February, Iranian Foreign Minister Hosein Amir Abdolahian visited Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba, as part of his Latin American tour.

The head of Iranian Diplomacy exchanged views with senior officials from Nicaragua , Venezuela, and Cuba and discussed strengthening their relations in political, economic, and investment fields.

During this tour, Iran, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba once again will condemn the illegal sanctions imposed against them and promised to work together to thwart them.

The four countries, known for their antihegemonic and anti-imperialist stances, have been subjected to interference and a harsh sanctions regime by the United States and its vassals such as the European Union.

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