President of Iran Calls For International Tribunal to Prosecute Israeli Leaders For Gaza Genocide

Orinoco Tribune, November 11, 2023 —

President Ebrahim Raeisi of Iran said the Israeli regime must be brought to justice in international courts over its genocide of the Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Raeisi made the remarks while addressing the joint emergency meeting of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the issue of Gaza, in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, on Saturday, November 11.

The Iranian president said the crimes committed by the usurping Zionist regime in recent weeks have brought shame on a historical scale to morality, law and humanity.

Raeisi said the US government was the mastermind and main accomplice in the crimes of Israel. “Now that the international assemblies under the influence of the United States are suffering from indecisiveness, and lack of character and identity, we must take the field,” he stated.

The president said the Arab and Muslim countries shoulder the responsibility towards the issue of Palestine and the oppressed people of Gaza.

Raeisi proposed Iran’s 10 urgent solutions and suggestions for the benefit of the Palestinian nation.

The president urged Muslim leaders attending the summit to take a “decisive and swift” decision in favor of Palestinians.

Raeisi said the United States and Israel must be obliged to accept an immediate halt to the war machine.

The Iranian president gave primacy to the complete lifting of the blockade of Gaza and immediate and unconditional reopening of the Rafah border crossing in cooperation with Egypt to send humanitarian aid to people in Gaza as Iran’s second proposal.

The president said the pressure exerted by the US and its Western allies is by no means an excuse for Egypt to close borders.

As Iran’s third offer, Raeisi urged Israel’s immediate military withdrawal from Gaza, saying the Gazan territory belongs to Palestinians and not those who act under the command of the US and Israel.

He warned all countries, including Muslim nations, to be cautious about any American-Zionist plot under the pretext of ensuring security in Palestine.

Raeisi said Iran’s fourth proposal urges all Muslim countries to terminate any political and economic relations with Israel. He said economic sanction, particularly in the energy sector, against the regime must figure high on the agenda.

As Iran’s fifth offer, the president called on all Muslim countries to label the Israeli regime’s army a terrorist organization. He stressed the importance of establishing an international court to prosecute the criminal leaders of Israel and the US, particularly those who have played a role in the genocide in Gaza.

The president called for the establishment of a special fund for the immediate reconstruction of Gaza with the acceptance of the Muslim countries attending the summit.

Referring to an Israeli airstrike on Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip, which killed at least 500 Palestinians, he said October 18 should be named as the day of genocide and crime against humanity.

If Israel keeps its crimes going in the “unequal war,” Raeisi said, Muslim countries must arm the Palestinian people and help them fight the occupying warmonger. The president undercored the importance of the liberation of Palestine “from the river to the sea” as a permanent and democratic solution.

US main perpetrator, accomplice in Israeli war crimes in Gaza
President Raeisi lashed out at Israel for launching the bombardment of Gaza in violation of all international rules using phosphorus bombs and other prohibited weapons with the aim of genocide, saying the regime has turned half of the besieged territory into a hill of dirt.

“What is taking place in Gaza is a confrontation between the axis of honor and axis of evil, and everyone must clarify their side,” he emphasized.

The Iranian president said the US is the main perpetrator and accomplice in Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. Israel is the “illegitimate child of America,” Raiesi said.

“It is America that has preferred support it over the sacred lives of thousands of oppressed Palestinian children. By immediately forming its security cabinet in the occupied territories, America encouraged the Zionist regime to carry out criminal operations against the helpless people of Gaza and called it legitimate defense,” the president said.

The claim of legitimate defense is “one of the bitter ironies of history, which goes against any established legal rules and international standards,” the president said.

He said the US sent its warship to the region to effectively enter the war on behalf of Israel.

“The all-out support of the Zionist regime in the UN Security Council and preventing the adoption of a resolution to stop the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza was another service of America to the aggressors, allowing them to conduct war crimes more than ever,” Raeisi stated.

The Iranian president drew an analogy between the scale of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the US crime of atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Raeisi said the Muslim world would be able to overcome problems and hardships through unity and integrity. He said Iran is for the policy of good neighborliness and harmony within the Muslim world.

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