President Maduro: Venezuela Is and Will Always Be a Free Nation

Orinoco Tribune, July 6, 2023 —

“The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is, and will always be, a free nation,” stated President Nicolás Maduro, at the launching of the civic-military parade marking the 212th anniversary of the signing of the Venezuelan Act of Independence, and the Day of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

From the Bolivarian Military Academy in Caracas, the president participated in a number of ceremonial events this Wednesday, July 5, including a military parade as a precursor to the civic-military parade celebrating Venezuelan soldiers, which took place in the Paseo Los Próceres.

The head of state stated that it is a matter of dignity to cultivate national identity and pride. “[We] advance every day in our cultural independence, through the education and values of our children,” he added. “The education and values of our youth, and of the organization of the people’s power.”

Maduro also highlighted the importance of building scientific and technological independence, so as not to depend on anything or anyone, as Venezuela is doing. He further noted the construction of economic independence based on the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, which he stated must continue to march on the path of growth and expansion of the national productive forces, in order to bring about the model of economic prosperity that is being built with its focus on the future.

Venezuela forges its independence
“Venezuela is forging perpetual independence with effort, work, honor, patriotism, love, and nation-wide union,” said President Maduro, during a speech at the events celebrating Independence Day and the Day of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

“Today we can say that we are an absolutely free, sovereign, independent people, building our future at a victorious pace,” he emphasized, referring to years of so-called independence that, in reality, were years of being a US neo-colony.

The Venezuelan head of state said that he was proud to celebrate this July 5 in Venezuela, noting that 212 years after the Venezuelan Act of Independence was signed, Venezuela continues “to stand up with dignity, and without kneeling to empires.”

Maduro was accompanied by his wife and deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Cilia Flores; Defense Minister General, Vladimir Padrino López; General Domingo Hernández Lárez, Strategic Operational Commander of the FANB; as well as numerous other authority figures and special guests.

FANB: backbone
President Maduro further noted that the continuation of perpetual and absolute independence requires that the FANB hold a greater awareness of what is happening in regard to the country’s progress.

“It is about the integrity of the independence of the homeland,” he stated. “Generals and Commanders of the four components [of the military], military leaders, you have a great responsibility to be the backbone of the integrity of Venezuela, of the unity of the homeland, of the defense of our seas, air, land; you must be more and more aware of this.”

Maduro also asked the FANB “to be more cohesive in their vision and development, because they will always be the perpetual backbone of the homeland, of the people’s guarantees, of peace, and of security.”

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