President Maduro to China’s Communist Party: ‘The Times of The Empires Are Over’

Orinoco Tribune, March 15, 2023 — This Wednesday, March 15, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced, “The times of the empires are over, the times of the peoples have arrived for now and forever,” speaking at the High-Level Dialogue between the Communist Party of China and World Political Parties, the main theme of which is: The Road to Modernization: Responsibility of Political Parties.

In a virtual conference, President Maduro proposed “building a community with a common destiny” that restores world balance, in reference to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s strategy of building an international environment on the basis of cooperation. “Let no one doubt that the time has come for the articulation of a new world, which we call multipolar,” Maduro added, addressing representatives of political parties from all around the world.

He noted that this new world deserves a lot of awareness, leadership, dialogue, coordination, effort, and perseverance to go on the right path of building a civilization that allows the beautiful diversity of peoples and the planet to shine. President Maduro reported his participation in the conference through a video posted via his social media.

Venezuela resists and stands
President Nicolás Maduro further noted during his speech that Venezuela has resisted and is standing, victorious and advancing on the paths of independence of peace, against US and European aggression.

“Venezuela has been the victim of permanent aggression in recent years,” Maduro said. “Our people with great awareness have resisted these attacks, these aggression, and we have gone from an intense—and sometimes painful—stage of resistance, to a stage of growth that must lead to a stage of development and economic and social prosperity for our people.”

He mentioned how the resistance of the peoples who seek peace and development is tested, ignoring the diversity of their cultural, spiritual, and political power. He also pointed out that Venezuela continues to build an independent and sovereign alternative to imperialism.

Maduro reaffirms the anti-imperialist nature of the PSUV
As president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Maduro reaffirmed the anti-imperialist character of the political organization, reiterating his call for unification to promote integration and counteract imperialist hegemony.

“The PSUV is a young party that emerged in the heat of the Bolivarian Revolution, founded by our commander Hugo Chávez, who was born under the banners of the construction of socialism from our deep Latin American and Caribbean roots,” the Venezuelan president noted in his speech. “It is a social and political force in the heat of the fight against North American imperialism and its obsession to hegemonize and dominate our America, in the heat of the fight to build in our homeland our own economic, social, and political model of Bolivarian Socialism in the 21st century.”


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