Peace and Diplomacy Between the US and Russia or More Empire-building?

Irwin Jerome, Global Research, October 23, 2022 — Will U.S.-Nato-Russian Relations Reach a Critical Flashpoint One Way Or the Other?

The World’s in a Sorry State of Affairs

The on-going 75 year-long uprising in Palestine and Israel by dispossessed Palestinians, horribly treated no better than if they were inmates in a Nazi death camp, is a reflection of how the current War in Ukraine is so typical of a major proto-fascist shift going on everywhere in the Human Race’s tectonic plates. The tremors between the West & East in Ukraine, as well as everywhere else in the world, are head’s up warnings of the “Big One” that’s on its way. The cacophony of what all is happening is like the wailing groans, moans and shudders a torpedoed, mortally-wounded, ship makes as it breaks up in its slow descent into the abyss of a watery grave.

Israel’s terrorism against Palestinian people is the same quantitative violence being waged by the total military might of the U.S., NATO and their Western Ukrainian puppet regime against Russia and the Russian-speaking people of Eastern Ukraine. In fact, early on in the U.S.-instigated and manipulated war in Ukraine, President Zelensky himself stated as one of his dream objectives for Ukraine was to “become a Big Israel”, with its own police state to include having armed forces in “all institutions, supermarkets, cinemas, there will be people with weapons.”

In one way or the other, the same ideological forces constantly seek to destroy the sovereignty and democracy of people as well as whole countries, such as in: Haiti and Cuba in the Western Hemisphere; Ukraine in Eastern Europe; Syria and Yemen in the Middle East, as well as everywhere else in the world. The list to be cited is indeed a long, grim one. The objective, in all cases, is the eventual subjugation of all oppressed peoples until they’ve been turned into U.S. vassal states.

The US and its Western allies, with malevolent forethought, constantly try to totally negate or erode the sovereignty of nations for their own Empire’s endless expansion. One example of so many others one can cite, is the never-ending economic, political, ideological crisis in Haiti.

Another blatant example is how the oppressive, meddling Monroe doctrine of the United States is constantly at work, as it has been ever since the birth of the U.S, is its ever-attentive and quick to punish Western Hemisphere nations like Cuba and whomever others have ever dared to go their own way, political or ideologically; such as the punitive 60 year-old economic embargo ruthlessly waged by the U.S. against the Republic of Cuba since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Its outrageous, but the world’s mainstream corporate press remains either dumbed down, brain dead, or totally bought out when it comes to speaking truth to power about all this. If it wasn’t so dismally sad and pathetic, it would be totally outrageous and unacceptable. So, what’s new!

Now, the $64,000 dollar question is, “When will Russia, the United States, and its NATO allies, finally reach that flashpoint moment of truth in Ukraine; when they, or some more malevolent Deep State ideological force behind them, decides it’s time to take the next colossal step of empire-building in Ukraine and against Mother Russia, and its “Geronimo! Bombs Away!”

The truth of the matter is that the United States and every other European Caucasian settler nation that ever re-formed itself in the New World was born and still remains in a constant state of empire-building aggression. First it was aggression against: the indigenous First Nations of the New World and everything in their natural world; then it was against Black Africans violently imported in chains to do all the back-breaking work of the ruling White imperialists who rushed to the New World to aggressively lay claim to whatever piece of it they could.

As time has moved on, these self-branded New World Americans have continued, with ever  more cleverly-devised laws and doctrines, like: the Monroe Doctrine; Manifest Destiny; Declaration of Independence, which really translates to mean a Declaration of Perpetual Expansionism and Subjugation; the more recent declaration of a Project for a New American Century, and; now an even newer 21st Century, Madrid-NATO-Summit devised, Strategic Concept of U.S.-led Militarism that, so far, has emerged from out of the virtual World War in Ukraine. Still forever left unaddressed and unresolved, however, are the more critically-important human life crises, such as uncontrolled exponential population explosion and total Biosphere collapse. Both ultimate examples of Homo sapien’s on-going evolutionary savagery in the 21st Century!

Glasnost, the Game of Soviet-American Peace and Diplomacy

“Glasnost The Game” is a strategy board game invented by Yiannis Laouris, a Cypriot neuroscientist, that depicts a modified political map of the Earth, divided into 166 territories, grouped into five continents. Players begin with ownership of 25 industries and 25 armies. Industries represent economic power, while armies are used to colonize/capture adjacent countries or apply political pressure in order for every player to reach the ultimate goal of disarmament. Players attempt to colonize territories from other players to do so. Though the game can still be purchased through or, the concept of Glasnost and Disarmament, in either game form or real life. is still a very, very long way from catching on.

In the Real Game of Life, It’s Who Throws the First Nuclear Sucker Punch

On October 7th, Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist President Zelensky, once again appealed, “To the international community, as I did before February 24th, that we need preventative strikes, so the Russians will know what will happen to them if they use nukes, and not the other way around.”

The U.S., NATO and Western Ukraine obviously continue to remain nuclear-poised, ready to utterly annihilate Eastern Ukraine and Russia the moment Russia makes the wrong move.

If Only America Had Another President Like Dwight Eisenhower in Charge

President Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower, former General of the U.S. Army during WWII, once was referred to as “The Peace President’ because in 1953 he refused to use the Atomic Bomb during the Korean War. ‘Ike’, as he was familiarly called, is still fondly remembered for his many pronouncements about how to act or how not to react to the dangers of the nuclear age, and for his brave and courageous stand not to use the Bomb against the Koreans and Chinese.

Eisenhower believed the United States should never bankrupt itself to: finance the military; guard against the rise of the military-industrial complex, and; not allow the dominance of its bloated defense budget to become, as Eisenhower said, “the disgraceful theft of our children’s heritage, and future well-being”. ‘Ike’ once commented, “in the rocket age we must not fail to comprehend the grave implications of this growing complex to the very structure of American society.”

Eisenhower recognized any war with the Soviets or Chinese would be the end of civilization as human beings know it. When American politicians were discussing how to restructure the U.S. Dollar and economy after such a potential nuclear war, Eisenhower quipped, “Wait a minute, boys. We’re not going to be restructuring the dollar, we’re going to be grubbing for worms.”

During the Korean War, Ike refused to use the Atomic Bomb, even when the brilliant American General Douglas MacArthur of WWII fame in the Pacific believed he could swiftly end the Korean War with his controversial military ‘blitzkrieg’ strategy that he believed could have ended the war in a mere 10 days if he had been allowed to use the Atomic Bomb against China and North Korea. Macarthur prophetically warned in 1953 that unless China was decisively dealt with at that point, within 50 years time, China would become a serious threat to world peace and security. Within the context of war, MacArthur was absolutely spot on, but within the context of the survival of the human race he was absolutely dead wrong.

MacArthur’s radical Dr. Strangelove plan called for: 30 to 50 tactical atomic bombs to be dropped on the borders of the Yalu River between North Korea and China; then call on a half-million Chiang Kai-shek’s troops, sweetened with two U.S. Marine Divisions, to seal off Chinese reinforcements from assisting the North Koreans; further spreading a belt of radioactive cobalt to create a radioactive defense perimeter all along the Yalu with a life of 60 to 120 years that would have made it impassible for any invasion from the North for at least 60 years or more.

When asked about the fear of Russia coming to the Chinese and North Koreans defence, MacArthur declared, “Russia? It makes me laugh!” MacArthur pointed out the only way Russia could ever have moved troops, weapons and material to resupply them would have been along the then one-lone track of the Trans-Siberian railway that only led onto a peninsula to the sea.

In any case, General MacArthur’s military action plan was never carried out because of what he referred to as “The Great Betrayal” between the American and British governments who leaked his bold military plans to the Chinese and Russians before it ever happened and that was that.

Two good resources to better know what transpired back then, nearly 70 years ago, are:

All Civil and World Wars Boil Down to Failures to Communicate, to Negotiate

Yet, sadly, now in the midst of an ever-escalating war in Ukraine, by yet other military and political madmen and their master war plans, Eisenhower’s forewarnings seem all but forgotten as the world continues to threaten to blow itself up.

Since the onset of the Civil war between Western and Eastern Ukraine, that, in modern times, began in earnest with the Western World’s fascist Maidan coup in 2014, proponents on all sides have argued in favor of using a pre-emptive nuclear sucker punch before the other side ever gets the chance. As the war in Ukraine continues, the palpable madness and insanity only continues to ramp up, while the contrary, level-headed, sober-minded political and military analysts in the world continue to be ridiculed, minimized, or relegated to the sidelines.

It’s important to keep in the back of one’s mind the age-old ‘pre-nuclear’ pattern of how dangerous nationalistic civil wars in history have invariably led to even greater, ‘world wars’ that ended up radically shaping the history of the entire human world. To name but a few: Caesar’s Civil War in 49 B.C.; Scottish ‘Wars of the Three Kingdoms’ (1639-1651) the English Civil Wars (1642-1651); the Peninsular War (part of Napoleon’s War of 1808-1814); the Balkan Civil War (1912-1913) that led to WWI; the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), that presaged World War II. Imagine what could ensue in this current civil war or others like it in these post-nuclear times.

Unfortunately, “Glasnost, The Game” has never caught on amongst the imperialist rulers of the world, especially the Americans and other leaders in the West. Long before the outbreak of the current Civil War in Ukraine, and ever since, the United States and its NATO allies have consistently refused to enter into any meaningful ceasefire, peace or disarmament negotiations with the Russians or Russian-speaking Eastern Ukrainians. Since long before the 2014 coup, U.S. and NATO have been methodically manipulating geo-political-military events in Ukraine because they recognize it as being the soft vulnerable underbelly of the Russian Empire and so the best way to finally ‘check mate’ Mother Russia herself.

A recent example of this glaring gap in the dialogue between them is the vote recently taken by the U.N. General Assembly that overwhelmingly voted (143-5, with 35 abstentions), calling the recent democratic vote of 93% of the four regions of Eastern Ukraine, who voted to become annexed by Russia, that the U.N. instead preferred to call, “a sham, conducted on occupied land amid warfare and displacement.”

But elections today, everywhere in the world, even so-called ‘democratic’ ones, are commonly negated wherever the will of the people is said to truly express itself. They don’t carry any weight anymore among the propagandists, especially those autocratic, authoritarian powers-that-be who don’t like the results, just as a majority of American voters still resolutely contend President Trump’s defeat at the polls was a stolen election. There simply exists today too much political propaganda, misinformation and disinformation to ever know what the real truth is about anything.

Glasnost, Perestroika and Monroe Doctrine Are Keys to Understanding the War

The reader should briefly consider some things about the history of Glasnost and Perestroika. Such as how both concepts continue to play an integral part in Ukraine’s evolution as an ideological, political, cultural entity, or how their related histories continue to play an integral part in the life of modern Russia as well as the Ukrainian State.

This is especially true given the current Civil War between Western and Eastern Ukraine. Especially in regard to the overwhelmingly and understandable results of the recent vote, as free and democratic as one can expect in the middle of a war, by the Russian-speaking people of Eastern Ukraine, who opted, for a multitude of political, cultural, economic and military reasons, to return back to Mother Russia, for her cultural sustenance and physical protection.

This means, regardless of the fact that 143 countries of the UN’s General Assembly may have rejected Russia’s annexation of four regions of Eastern Ukraine, doesn’t alter the fact that for the Ukrainian Army of Western Ukraine, and its NATO allies, to continue to militarily mount attacks against the much-hated Russian-speaking regions of Eastern Ukraine and Mother Russia herself, still must objectively be considered “Acts of War” in anyone’s books, even that of the United Nation’s own charter. It leaves unanswered the question, “who now and in the future will protect the human rights and welfare of the Russian-speaking Eastern Ukrainians seeking justice for themselves who, long before even WWII, have been very much hated because of their Russian heritage?

It also calls into question what the legal status will be in the future once the U.S. and its NATO Allied-proxy combatants decide to supply the Western Ukraine’s Army with tactical nuclear weaponry. If, or when, it happens it puts the legal status of the conflict in a whole different light.

War in Ukraine Is One Strand in the US’s Long Tapestry of Its Monroe Doctrine

The propaganda, misinformation and disinformation surrounding the war in Ukraine is so thick it can barely be cut with even the sharpest of journalistic knives. It’s truly mind-boggling. This writer hasn’t ever seen anything quite like it in his lifetime. It should be as frightening a wake-up call, to citizens of all ages in the world to grasp, before it’s too late, how and why the United States, as the Western World’s main instigator in the NATO-led proxy war in Ukraine, has become such an all-encompassing fascist dark force in this war.

The American Empire’s imperialist-corporate expansionism doesn’t rest, never has, never will. The reality of its still existent Monroe Doctrine, and “Project for a New American Century” codicil, are crystal-clear indicators of that fact.

It’s instructive to take a brief walk down the avenues of time to see exactly how the Monroe Doctrine, as a smothering, frustrating influence in the evolution of democratic, left-leaning social movements in the New World continues to threaten to expand all the more in the Old World. In the days of the old Soviet Union there always remained a dynamic counterbalancing force in the struggle between communistic, communalistic, progressive movements and those imperialistic, fascist-leaning, corporate movements more favored by the Americans and the United States.

Two Centuries of Brutal, Predatory, US-led Imperialism in the New World

A simple fact is that long before the United States was even formerly born as a nation in the New World, the imperialist European forces who first arrived, and later would form that so-called “shining city on the hill”, began importing, from the get-go, Black African slaves to the New World as its first financial, corporate, institutionalized enterprise that since has continued to expand in an endless multitude of forms that have made its much-hallowed Bill of Rights a mockery.

But all this came in the beginning with the blessings of Europe’s Catholic Pope and heads of other European religions, who all gave their blanket blessings as to why their faithful European Christian followers, and their descendants, had the right, forever more, in the eyes of God, to slaughter, enslave, divest and depose the New World’s First Nation peoples, as needed.

By 1823, while the U.S. was still only in its infancy, John Quincy Adams, an original signatory of the nation’s Declaration of Independence, who would go on to become the 6th President of the United States, signed the Monroe Doctrine, on behalf of President James Monroe and all the other imperial leaders of the United States, who had signed the young nation’s original Bill of Rights and its Declaration of Independence.

Furthermore, the Monroe Doctrine originally declared, as a primary principle of US policy, that, henceforth, any intervention by external powers in the politics of the America’s would be considered a potentially hostile act against the United States itself. Secondly, the America’s would forever remain distinctly separate spheres of influence and any effort by any other European power, besides itself, to control or influence sovereign states in the Western Hemisphere would be viewed as a very threat to US security. Thirdly, it further added that the United States in the Western Hemisphere would recognize and not interfere with any existing European colonies, nor meddle in the internal affairs of those European countries.

But it all was a grandiose lie from the outset. On all three counts, the inherent hypocrisy of the Monroe Doctrine and its tenets, as an integral part of American foreign policy, still exists and, unilaterally, is ruthlessly-enforced by the United States. The Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis in 1962 is one poignant example, not to mention the innumerable times the United States has ruthlessly punished or unilaterally overthrown whatever democratic, leftist, revolutionary social movement that ever dared to question or challenge America’s dominant fascist corporate rule of law.

What since has emerged from the Monroe Doctrine, and its offspring, is a whole set of beliefs and mindsets that have made themselves known in whatever country of the America’s ever has had the temerity to challenge the hegemony of American exceptionalism. The US consistently has supported only those colonial right-wing governments opposed to whatever home-grown communistic, revolutionary social movement and its philosophy from ever gaining any meaningful ground in the America’s that might challenge the proverbial ‘American Dream’. The list of U.S.-supported, CIA-assisted, violent regime-changes of left-wing governments is long and reads like a horror story.

Cases in point: 1895: Armed revolt by Native Hawaiians tried to stop the U.S. unilateral annexation of Hawaii but were militarily put down and never allowed to vote on the annexation of their country; 1898: U.S. unilaterally claimed the Philippines, again without any vote by the people themselves, with the U.S. arrogantly claiming it as “a ceded territory”; 1898; U.S. military invaded Puerto Rico that had been granted “self-rule” by Spain. But the Treaty of Paris, under U.S. pressure, denied their self-rule and officially approved the cession of Puerto Rico to the U.S.; 1912: U.S, military occupation of Nicaragua during the Banana War sought to protect fascist U.S. Dell Monte corporate business interests over the people’s rights; 1947-1977: U.S. military supported and trained Paraguay’s right-wing military in counter-intelligence and counter-insurgency for its opposing communism more strongly than any other nation in the world; 1948: US supported Paraguay’s dictator Alfredo Stroessner and the regime change of its former left-wing government; 1954: CIA-assisted the U.S.-endorsed overthrow of Guatemala’s President Jacobo Arbenz; 1961: Dominion Republic’s dictator Rafael Trujillo, once he fell out of grace with his American political handlers was assassinated by conspirators sponsored by the CIA; 1962 to 2022: an on-going oppressive, punitive economic embargo has been waged against the Republic of Cuba; 1964: CIA-assisted right-wing failed coup d’etat of President Joao Goulart of Brazil; 1970: CIA-assisted right-wing coup of Chile’s President Salvadore Allende; 1971; CIA-assisted coup of Bolivian President Juan Jose Torres; 1976: CIA-assisted right-wing coup and overthrow of Argentina’s democratically-elected President Isabel Peron; 1989: U.S.-supported invasion of Panama in attempt to overthrow Manuel Noriega and imprison him once he had served his purpose for corporate America; 1990’s: CIA-backed death squads terrorized Haiti’s attempt to form democratic government; 2004: CIA-assisted bloody coup and forced removal of Haiti’s President Jean-Bertrand Aristead by the U.S. military who physically removed Aristead against his will from the America’s under U.S. military escort, exiling him to the Central African Republic and South Africa.

This is but a partial list of the brutal predations of U.S.-led imperialism that have not only gone on in the America’s since the birth of the United States, but throughout the world as it and its allies have continued to expand an ever-widening Monroe Doctrine-style imperialism into places like: the overthrow of the leftist government of Mossadegh in Iraq; the Taliban in Afghanistan, and; Gaddafi in Libya; while, each time, American and Western governments, banks and financial Wall Street institutions, have descended like vultures, to utterly cannibalize their national coffers.

It’s a truly ugly tale to tell, especially within the context of Manifest Destiny, as coined by advocates of the New World Order, who still deeply believe the United States is inevitably destined, by God himself, to forever expand its dominion and corporate brand of democracy and capitalism throughout the New & Old Worlds.

This same curious mindset of American philosophy is what also: led to the: Cold War Domino Theory, that, in turn, led: to the Vietnam War against the Vietnamese people and their Chinese allies; then led to the Cold War against the Soviet Union; then led to the Hot War against Russia in Ukraine and perhaps, in the near or not too distant future, even China over the tensions that continue to build in the South Pacific around Taiwan.

US Western Hemisphere Militarism Seeks to Expand into the Old World

The War in Ukraine speaks to a U.S. imperialist-run Western Hemisphere of The America’s, that continues to expand now into a NATO-dominated Eastern European-Eurasian world, with even greater, more far-reaching imperial goals and objectives for the future.

To know something about how the American Empire’s early objectives were originally laid out in the Monroe Doctrine is to begin to better understand what its new objectives now are in Ukraine and beyond, as has now been more clearly spelled out in the recent historic NATO Summit in Madrid, that seeks to further shore up US Militarism in the 21st century and beyond with its new Strategic Concept that now has identified, as the key threat to Western Civilization’s interests and values being, as they always have been: the continued existence of Russia and China.

Noam Chomsky, one of the world’s pre-eminent Peace & War intellectuals, without mincing his words, recently modestly quipped, upon reading the conclusions of Madrid’s NATO Summit, “The Empire Doesn’t Rest!” A remarkable understatement, to say the least.

But what does the Human Race’s flashpoint moment of truth in Ukraine now mean? If a nuclear threat suddenly could turn into a calamitous slaughter, what will be the ultimate cost of lives lost, and who will have the stomach of another General MacArthur, to exact that cost with some Nuclear Sucker Punch, or ultimate tit-for-tat by a multitude of others that will surely follow?


Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who, for decades, has sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by a host of environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting world philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

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