On the Transfiguration of Europe: From Nuland’s Dream to Nuland’s Nightmare

Batiushka, The Saker, August 19 —

Introduction: Carpathian Rus

The geographical centre of Europe just happens to be in the post-1945 Ukraine, 15 km (10 miles) from Rakhovo (in the Ukrainian occupiers’ language, Rakhiv). This is in the far east of the Ukraine, in the province of ‘Zakarpattia’ or ‘Transcarpathia’, which is the imperialist name given by the Ukrainian centralisers to the area. In reality, it is Kiev that is across, ‘trans’, the Carpathians, not ‘Transcarpathia’.

Zakarpattia was before the Second World War the main part of Subcarpathian Rus, also called Carpathian Rus, Rusinia or, in medieval Latin, Ruthenia. Smaller parts of it are now in the corner of south-eastern Poland, where lived the Lemkos, and in far eastern Slovakia. The people there call themselves Rusins or Rusnaks and despite three generations of Ukrainian linguistic imperialism, many still speak Rusin, which, although related, is a separate language from standard Ukrainian or any of its dialects and is also far more ancient. The first Orthodox Christians in what is now the Ukraine lived here, and helped to convert Kiev.

In 2004 I had to go to the far east of Slovakia (also once part of Carpathian Rus) for a village funeral and there met an elderly ‘Ukrainian’ man. In fact, he was a Rusin. In the early 1950s he had fled the Soviet Union for Norway while serving in the Red Army near Murmansk and from there had come to live near family members in eastern Slovakia near the Ukrainian border. The ex-soldier had been born in 1917 in what was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which then became Subcarpathian Rus in Czechoslovakia, which then became part of Nazi Hungary, which was then taken over by the Soviet Ukraine. The village where he had been born had not moved: politicians had. The Rusins are a people without a country and always have been.

Nuland’s Dream

I mention all this because the drama of the survival of Europe, of which the Ukraine, despite Western European illusions of self-importance, is the geographical centre, is now being played out in another part of the Ukraine. This is 960 km (600 miles) east of the centre of Europe, in the city of Zaporozhye, where there is situated one of the four nuclear power plants in the Ukraine. It is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world, supplying the Ukraine with 20% of its total electricity needs. Since 4 March 2022 it has been under Russian control.

Over the last few days it has been shelled and some fear a second Chernobyl or worse. Now, despite Kiev regime lies, even some non-geniuses among the Western public (though not a single one among the Western politicians) have realised that it cannot be Russians who are firing shells at themselves. Therefore, it must be Kiev that is shelling the largest nuclear power station in Europe and bringing Europe close to nuclear Armageddon. Kiev wishes to cause a provocation and then blame it on Russia. This would be the Bucha false flag operation multiplied by one million. Why do I mention this?

It is because of the American Victoria Nuland (in fact, Nudelman), whose father was a Ukrainian Jew (the same nationality as Trotsky, real name Bronstein). Sent by the White House, Nuland was behind the violent, $5 billion, 2014 overthrow of the democratically-elected Ukrainian government in favour of a Jewish-Ukrainian junta. (By the way, Nuland is married to another Trotskyite (= world domination) neocon, Robert Kagan, who is also of Eastern European Jewish heritage). Now, in her own so eloquent and so highly educated word, we know exactly what Victoria Nuland’s dream for Europe is. It is that she cannot care less about (to put it very politely) Europe.

Therefore, her dream now risks becoming true through the US-supplied Kiev shells which fall on the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, which lies in the same country as the very centre of Europe, as we have described above. Perhaps we should remind Nuland that if the worst comes to the worst and the wind is blowing more or less due south, the radiation from Zaporozhye will not blow on uncared-for Europe, as did the radiation from Chernobyl. Instead, it will be carried over the Black Sea, through Turkey, eastern Syria, the Lebanon and…to Israel, where the real Armageddon lies. Nuland had better be careful what she dreams about. Perhaps in future she should turn her brain on before she opens her foul mouth.

Crisis in Nuland’s Europe

The good news is that at least some EU leaders may at last be coming to their senses. They boycotted Russian gas, oil, grain and fertilisers, prices of which commodities have rocketed. Now in just two months’ time, the cold weather starts in Western Europe. And European voters are already extremely unhappy with soaring fuel and food prices, which are increasing at about four times the speed of even the officially-admitted, record-high inflation rates of 10-15%. The fact is that prices are not soaring because of ‘the war in the Ukraine’, as gutless Western European politicians have been chanting in chorus for nearly six months, with American guns poking in their backs.

Even some naïve Western citizens have seen through that particular lie. They have realised that soaring prices are largely due to their politicians’ sanctions against Russia and their decisions to prolong the war for months or even, if possible, for years. (Western politicians told the same lie, confusing cause and effect, when they blamed all their pre-Ukrainian difficulties on ’covid’, when in reality the difficulties were not so much because of covid, but because of their own bankrupting lockdowns, hysterical reactions causing a mental health crisis, masks that did not work and vaccines that did not work). In Central and Eastern EU Europe the situation is especially dire, since, though prices are exactly the same as in Western Europe, salaries there are only one-fifth of those in Western Europe.

Today the Kiev Armed Forces are being thrashed by the Free Ukrainian Armed Forces (though the freedom-fighters would probably not call themselves that), who are backed by the Russian Expeditionary Force, its technology, aircraft, missiles, artillery and drones, and by its Chechen allies. Although the Biden regime in the USA is desperate not to lose face yet again this August, like last August in Afghanistan, nevertheless, now under extreme pressure from Western electorates and at risk of financial meltdown, some European politicians are looking for change in Kiev.

This means finding a replacement for the actor Zelensky, who is the current US-appointed Jewish leader in Kiev. Their candidate appears to be General Zaluzhny, the head of the decimated Kiev Armed Forces – in fact, more than ‘double decimated’, as they have already lost 230,000 out of a paper 1 million. As a military man and not a politician, Zaluzhny appears, unlike the Kiev politicians and Western puppeteers, to have a grasp of reality. He must realise that if the Ukraine is to survive in any form at all, it must negotiate, however angrily the Americans may object.

The Future and a Nuland-Free ‘Ukraine’

In 1990 the very prosperous Soviet Ukraine had a population of 51.5 million. Today its population is just 30 million. What catastrophe happened? Quite simply: Who wants to live or give birth to children in a country which has been mismanaged for 30 years, its infrastructure collapsing, its riches sucked out to New York, London and Tel Aviv by corrupt feudal oligarchs and the US government, a country which is now poorer than several African countries, a country which has no future, its greatest export its women, ‘Russian Brides’, in fact Ukrainian Brides, fleeing from poverty? Millions of economic refugees have fled to Israel, the USA and Western Europe.

The Ukraine’s real, and not fictitious, population before February 2022 is estimated at 36 million. (There has not been an official census in the Ukraine for 20 years: the result would have been too embarrassing for the government, so this figure comes from a well-informed insider estimate). However, by April 2022 that figure had gone down to 26 million, more or less half of the 1990 total. What other country in the world lost half its population in just thirty years? It clearly suggests that Ukrainians have been utterly betrayed by its rulers for 30 years. As they have…

True, of the 10 million Ukrainians who fled within a few weeks of 24 February 2022 (many of them fled only to take advantage of soon obtaining an EU passport – their dreams had come true), 4 million have returned. Nevertheless, 2 million remain in Russia, over 2 million are in Poland and Germany and another nearly 2 million are scattered throughout Western Europe. This means that the population is still 6 million down from 36 million – at 30 million. Below is one possible scenario for the future, (if any of the ‘refugees’ return, the figures will end up higher than indicated here). Of the 25 Ukrainian provinces in February 2014:

The new Kyiv Protectorate (or perhaps it will bear another name?) may take the 11 central and western provinces of the Soviet Ukraine: Sumy, Poltava, Kirovohrad, Chernihiv, Kyiv, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil. Population: 11.2 million. They will be demilitarised and denazified by Russia and ruled over by a military strongman like General Zaluzhny who will deal with corrupt oligarchs as Lukashenko did in Belarus (= take them to the forest and shoot them). This will be a landlocked nation. In effect with 11 million people, it will be a ‘Double Slovakia’, with a population just over a quarter of the 1990 Soviet Ukraine.

Russia may take the 9 Russian-speaking eastern and southern provinces: Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Kherson, Crimea (Crimea of course already fled the Fascists for Russia in 2014), Nikolaev, Odessa. Population: 14.2 million

Poland may, with Russia’s permission, take the 3 far western ‘Habsburg’ provinces: Volyn (though a small number in the north of Volyn might want to join Belarus), Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk. Population: 3.2 million. This is the only true Ukraine, for they are the real, historic ‘Ukraina’ – the word simply meaning the borderlands, those next to Poland. Clearly, this real Ukraine would have to receive some sort of autonomy within the NATO-ruled Polish Republic and this buffer-state would have to be completely demilitarised and denazified under Russian supervision.

Hungary may take 1 province: Zakarpattia. Population: 0.85 million. This is providing that its mainly Slav people vote for it by referendum, though, true, many have already taken Hungarian nationality. This region would also have to receive some sort of autonomy within Hungary.

Romania may take 1 province: Chernivtsy. Population: 0.6 million. This is providing that its people vote for it by referendum.

Conclusion: Nuland’s Nightmare

In June 1944 the USA began its occupation of Continental Europe (Its occupation of the UK by 2 million US troops had already begun in 1942). The US occupation meant that World War II never really finished and neither therefore did its denazification. For only the local brutal German form of the Western ideology of Nazism ended, not its far more cunning, subtle, insidious and triumphant Anglo-American form, which was everywhere imposed, by political, economic and soft (Hollywood; Levis; Disney; MacDonalds; Lady Gaga etc) power, after the eradication of the German form. Indeed, in 1945 most German Nazis converted overnight to the Anglo-American form. Therefore, ending World War II today means deamericanising Europe, which means deNATOising it, that is, demilitarising it. This will provide the subsequent opportunity for Europe to retrieve its natural, geographical, social, political and economic historic destiny – as the north-western peninsula of Eurasia, which it can then at last reintegrate, protected and supplied by Russia.

The same revolutionary right of self-determination as in the Crimea could be spread from the deamericanised, that is, demilitarised and denazified, Ukraine all over Europe. Here is the transfiguration of Europe. Within Europe, the EU would collapse like the house of cards it is, if its peoples had for the first time in history the freedom by referendum to choose their country. Their model would be the Crimea in 2014, where people at last received the freedom to choose which country they actually wanted to belong to. Then Catalonia could be freed from Spain. Corsica could be freed from France. Minorities on borders everywhere could by popular vote return to the country they wish to belong to, the borders being adjusted accordingly. The three tiny and racist EU Baltic States, today depopulated, deindustrialised and in a suicidal state of Nazism and which are now about to ban Russian speech in public places, would surely become Russian protectorates like the future Kyiv Protectorate.

If freedom came to the Non-EU countries, the UK would collapse just like the EU and the four peoples of the British Isles and Ireland would at last have the freedom to sort out their affairs in an equitable manner. Moldova could remain an independent country, if its people decided so by referendum. And justice could be reached for the mainly Non-EU countries of ex-Yugoslavia and Albania. So many wrongs could be righted, if freedom came through deamericanisation. Here is Nuland’s Nightmare – the survival, and not the destruction, of Europe. You don’t want Europe, Mrs Kagan? Well, Europe doesn’t want you. Go back to America, Mrs Kagan, and sort out the disastrous state of affairs there. Only when you and your sort have gone, will Europe be transfigured.

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