New Geopolitical Order After the US and Russian Elections?

Germán Gorraiz López, Global Research, February 2, 2024 —

The result of the presidential elections to be held this year in the US and Russia could mean the return to the Doctrine of Peaceful Coexistence between the US and Russia and the consequent end to the Cold War 2.0.

The Cold War 2.0

Joe Biden’s harsh statements about Russia (“Putin is a war criminal”) and the implementation of sanctions to achieve the economic suffocation and financial starvation of Russia following the Ukrainian crisis have staged the arrival of the Cold War 2.0 and the return of the geopolitical thesis of George Kennan who affirmed that “to say that the overthrow of regimes hostile to the US is the main objective of the US intelligence services, is an open secret”, which would come symbolized in the gazapo of Biden when stating affirm that “Putin does not deserve to be in power”.

Putin was aware of the new dynamic action-reaction in which Russian-American relations would be involved from this moment on and which resulted in the intensification of the US Kentian strategy to stifle the Russian economy. Such a strategy would draw from the sources of the theory expounded by Sherman Kent in his book “Strategic Intelligence for American World Politics” and published in 1949 where he anticipated that “War is not always conventional: in effect, a large part of the war, of the remote and the nearest, has always been carried out with unconventional weapons: […] weapons […] political and economic”, a strategy that proved unsuccessful and that meant a triumph for Putin.

The Ukrainian conflict would thus have meant a return to the Cold War between Russia and the United States and a return to the Doctrine of Containment, the foundations of which were laid out by George F. Kennan in his essay “The Sources of Soviet Behavior” published in the journal Foreign Affairs in 1947 and whose main ideas are summarized in the quote “Soviet power is impervious to the logic of reason but very sensitive to the logic of force.”

This would include the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO military structures and the increase of military forces with 4 new battalions deployed on the European border with Russia and the Russian response to the installation of missiles in Belarus Iskander-M equipped with multi-purpose warheads as well as S-40 anti-aircraft missiles following the dynamics of the Cold War (action-reaction).

Putin seeks a Peace Agreement that establishes that Ukraine will not enter NATO and that the Ukrainian dispute is outlined with the division of Ukraine into two halves, leaving the East of the country, including Crimea, the Donbas, Zaporiyia and Kherson under Russian orbit and the Center and West of present-day Ukraine will sail under the tutelage of the West, while the imaginary line linking Kharkov, Zaporiyia, Bajmut and Rubizhne would become the new Berlin Wall of the Cold War 2.0.

Thus, Clito Zelensky would have already become a liability for the United States that should be removed with immediacy, not being disposable that if Trump wins in the November elections, Zelensky is accused of corruption and forced to exile to the United States, after which we will see the design of the new cartography of Ukraine and a new triumph of Putin.

The signs of Biden’s senility, the fentanyl crisis, the high cost of living and the increase in citizen insecurity would have plunged Biden’s popularity to historic lows of 38%, which would facilitate the triumphant return of Donald Trump in the November presidential elections, candidate who, according to a poll by CBS News and YouGov, would have the support of 65% of Republican voters.

A possible victory for Trump in November would represent the decline of the Atlantist strategy of Biden and Soros committed to defend Putin from power as well as the signing of a peace agreement in Ukraine and the return to the Doctrine of Peaceful Coexistence with Russia. This would mean the enthronement of the G-3 (US, Russia and China) as “primus inter pares” in world governance which would clash head-on with the obsessive dream of the Soros globalists and the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to achieve the subjugation of Russia, Russia would be for George Soros “the white whale that has been trying to hunt for decades”.

Thus, Donald Trump assured in his social networks that “we have never been so close to World War III” and that there must be a “total commitment to dismantle the globalist neoconservative power group responsible for dragging the world into endless wars”. Also, in a speech delivered at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the future Republican candidate stated:

“I am the only candidate who can make this promise: I will avoid the Third World War”, while denouncing the “excessive amount of weapons currently circulating in the world”, which would be anticipating the return of the US Isolationist Doctrine.

However, Trumpian isolationism would be a missile on the waterline of the military-complex. In the next five years, the recovery of the role of the United States as a world gendarme has been outlined through an extraordinary increase in US military interventions abroad to recover Unipolarity on the global geopolitical board.Thus, after the invasion of Gaza by Israel, the US and Israel will attempt the destabilization of Lebanon and Iran by expedited methods, which would mean the beginning of a great regional conflict that will mark the future of the area in the coming years.

Such a conflict could involve the three superpowers (US, China and Russia) counting as necessary collaborations with regional powers (Israel, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran) and would cover the geographical space that extends from the Mediterranean arc (Israel, Syria and Lebanon) to Yemen and Somalia with the avowed aim of designing the cartography of the New Middle East favorable to the geopolitical interests of the USA, Britain and Israel. Consequently, in the event of the failure of the current judicial offensive against Trump, the gestation of an exogenous plot of the globalists to neutralize it by expedited methods and prevent the utopia of Peaceful Coexistence between the US and Russia would not be ruled out.


Germán Gorraiz López is a political analyst. He is a regular contributor to Global Research. 

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