Netanyahu wants to wipe out all Palestinians – former Nigerian FM

RT, January 16, 2024 —

The war in Gaza is a product of Israeli aggression, Bolaji Akinyemi told RT.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to eliminate all Palestinians and move them to Sinai, former Nigerian foreign minister Bolaji Akinyemi told RT in an exclusive interview as Pretoria’s genocide case against Israel continues before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Akinyemi, who served as external affairs minister from 1985 to 1987, said South Africa was carrying “a heavy load” because Pretoria “will not expect material reward” in taking Israel to the ICJ, accusing it of genocide against Palestinians.

South Africa’s role in the world is a ‘mandalisation,’” he added.

The term ‘mandalisation’ is associated with Nelson Mandela, who repeatedly refused deals for his release from prison until the world saw the country’s problems. “[Nelson Mandela] was stubborn,” Akinyemi added.

The former minister believes that “Netanyahu wants to wipe out all the Palestinians, not just Hamas, [and what] he really wants to do is to drive them into Sinai.”

Israel has no moral standing in Gaza – South African justice minister

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Israel has no moral standing in Gaza – South African justice minister

He argued that Hamas is a product of “Israeli aggression and occupation.”

Akinyemi suggested that the main decision of the ICJ won’t be delivered for a few years, “by which time the war is over, the Palestinians will have been wiped out, or Israel will have done whatever it is that it needs to do.” For this reason, it is “important that the ICJ [delivers] an interim ruling within weeks,” Akinyemi stated.

“If you want to stop the Hamas resistance, Israel has to recognize the fact that the Palestinians must have a home of their own. The two-state solution is the solution,” the former Nigerian minister concluded.

On Thursday, the ICJ began hearing South Africa’s case in The Hague, which claims that Israel has committed genocide against the Palestinians.

South African lawyers at the ICJ stated that the latest Gaza war is a result of Israeli oppression of Palestinians for decades. However, the allegations have been vehemently denied by Israel.

South Africa is asking for a preliminary ruling to compel Israel to stop its military campaign in Gaza.

On October 7, Hamas started Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, launching rockets and sending commandos deep into Israeli territory. In response, the Israel Defense Forces dropped bombs on Gaza and cut off the densely populated Palestinian enclave’s water and electricity.

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