Maduro: A brutal narrative has been imposed on Venezuela

The US in its attempt to undermine the political project has imposed more than 900 unilateral measures

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, denounced this Tuesday that narratives have been imposed on Venezuela “with the most brutal power that has ever been exercised” in an attempt to undermine the political project that, for 24 years, has been maintained in the country. .

“All the power of the world came against me. Trump imposed 900 measures and sanctions against the entire economy, against everything that moved in Venezuela, ”he pointed out.

This was stated by the Head of State during his speech at the Meeting of Presidents of the Countries of South America which takes place in the Federal Republic of Brazil.

Maduro stressed that this meeting constitutes an extraordinary opportunity for a reunion. “I have breathed a renewed spirit of integration and I believe that it is the impulse that we must give to our paths”, he said.

Retake Unasur

During his anteversion, the Dignitary urged to retake the founding architecture of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), to generate a new stage of cooperation, respect and mutual support between nations of the region and to reject, in addition, interventionism in the affairs internal to each country.

In this regard, he stressed that the initial architecture of Unasur lacked a vision of the State, while stressing that the regional integration mechanism was established based on priority issues.

“A valid architecture was built that has strength, it had strength until the time came when all that stopped and we have had a setback, without a doubt, there has been a setback,” he reflected.

Renewed spirit of South American integration

From the Itamaty Palace, in Brasilia, Maduro asked his South American counterparts to join efforts to “be able to meet, be able to debate and be able to make joint decisions.”

“I have breathed in this room a renewed spirit of south american integration and I think that it is the impulse that was needed, it is the impulse that must be given to our paths”, he expressed.

In this regard, the national President emphasized that non-interventionism in internal affairs must be a fundamental principle. “We believe in the need to open a new stage of cooperation.”

“Today we are facing the possibility of opening a new stage. Let’s do it with tolerance, with respect, with permanent dialogue, ”she said.

In addition, he urged to overcome the extreme ideologization of the governments and work together to open this new stage and to update the priority issues of the region.

“Let us put aside these prejudices and take steps forward with a vision of the State, with a vision of height, so that this initiative that President Lula has taken and that we have welcomed be the beginning of a new stage of meeting, reunion , union and hopefully true union of South America”, he emphasized.

world geopolitics

President Maduro stressed that a new world geopolitics is emerging and that new world geopolitics has very important players.

There was talk of a unipolar world, where the North American empire was dominant, that has declined and the tendency to decline is definitive”, he asserted.

On the other hand, Maduro highlighted the role of the Brics in the configuration of the new global geopolitics. “A powerful movement that today becomes the spearhead of the processes of change in world power,” he asserted.

He added that the Brics seem to become the magnet for the most powerful emerging group aiming for a change in world geopolitics.

“What prevents us from having a work agenda, from having a basic operating architecture, from having a work schedule, from meeting every six months? Nothing does not prevent them. Let’s make the political, diplomatic, high-level effort to be able to meet again, debate and be able to make joint decisions that become State policies, ”he urged.

In this context, the Venezuelan president regretted that South America has not “had the strength to advance in a true union process” and urged overcoming differences to advance in the construction of new relations.

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