Israel’s Government Is Ripping Up. Internal Divisions at Full Display

Karsten Riise, Global Research, April17, 2024 ─

Israel’s divisions are now at full display – even in the government. 

Six months into the conflict against Hamas, the Israeli public is deeply divided about how to win the war in the Gaza Strip. So, too, are the three top officials in the war cabinet meant to foster unity in that effort. (Rory Jones, The Wall Street Journal, April 16, 2024)

The split between Israel and its once “eternal” ally the USA is also increasing – no doubt, heated discussions are happening between the USA and Israel right now.

US sees its global empire crumbling in the Middle East and the US cannot rein in a religiously extremist Israel which wants to drag the US into the creation of its own regional empire and doesn’t care that Israel even with US help stands to chance of getting out on top of a wider war.

All this proves that Iran really knows a thing or two about strategy.

This is going BAD for Israel in all possible ways.

  1. Israel has morally become a global genocide pariah. Nobody fears Israel, deterrence is gone – instead Israel is hated by more and more – even in Germany, one of Israel’s closest “friends”, 70% of the population is appalled by Israel and in the US, more and more Americans including Jews feel disgust at Israel’s crimes.
  2. Hamas can after six months not be defeated militarily. Hamas is even still in political power.
  3. The hostages are not freed.
  4. The empty towns along Israel’s northern border are poised to stay empty forever.
  5. Iran sent an overwhelming number of 330 drones and missiles, and Iran already promises to send “10 times more” if Israel dares retaliate against Iran – suddenly Israel’s stockpiles of air defense missiles small and frighteningly, soon will be out of air defense, and we can look to Ukraine to see what the means (no electricity, no work, everything breaks down, no nothing).
  6. Iran has shown an upper hand, taken escalatory charge and destroyed Israel’s criminal Dahiya doctrine of endless civilian deaths, even without Iran itself causing civilian harm.
  7. Even Western experts give respect to Iran for its military planning, diplomacy, and mature leadership prowess.
  8. Everybody in the West fears what Israel will do to escalate an already big war in the world – stocks are already tumbling at the prospect of an uncontainable and endless Middle East war involving Iran (backed by Russia and China).
  9. Several Middle East régimes including Israel’s important security partner Jordan are at risk of falling, as Israel continues its genocide and other Muslim régimes stand passively at the sidelines while Iran successfully engages Israel-USA.
  10. Israel’s indispensable partner the USA openly calls for Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu to resign – calls Netanyahu a “risk” for Israel (and USA).
  11. Israel’s population is completely scared – and deeply divided.
  12. Nobody in Israel or the US has got any idea whatsoever how to conclude this, or what an outcome they could ever achieve might look like.

Did I forget a point or two? Probably, but the 12 points above are already devastating for Israel – and the USA with G7.

US to Attack Iran Or Israel Goes Nuclear? Israel Knows Only Genocide and Escalation

Neither Israel nor the USA has even got a plan A.

Instead of taking a pause, rethink, and start a dialogue – Israel drags the US into a flight forward from defeat to complete self-destruction. Israel cannot be dissuaded from retaliating, which is what the US fears. What probably happen these hours is that the US as a “compromise” presses Israel to a diminished “retaliation” – which from the perspective of Iran will not look at all “diminished” or negligible.

By giving warning to the US in advance, and by not killing anybody with its retaliation on Israel, Iran offered a path without a big Regional escalation involving the US and all US allies, potentially up to the nuclear level. But Israel’s divided government unite on one thing, and that is to make sure that such an escalation with dire global effects happens.


Karsten Riise is a Master of Science (Econ) from Copenhagen Business School and has a university degree in Spanish Culture and Languages from Copenhagen University. He is the former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mercedes-Benz in Denmark and Sweden.


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