Iran’s President in Caracas: ‘Imperialism Is in Decline’

Orinoco Tribune, Hune 13, 2023 —

A meeting of Venezuelan youth in solidarity with the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, was held in the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas. The Iranian president called for building the new world that empowers independent and sovereign nations. “Imperialism is in decline,” he said.

Ebrahim Raisi explained, this Tuesday, June 13, that the conditions must be created to ensure that all countries can create their own economic models.

The Iranian head of state congratulated the Venezuelan people for heroically resisting the difficulties that world imperialism has imposed on them. According to his experience, “a people becomes strong on all fronts, when adversities deepen.”

New world

During the meeting, the Iranian president stated that in order to strengthen the new emerging powers, some strategies need to be created, and that Venezuela and Iran have a leading role to play. Thus, they will work to:

• Replace the US dollar with the currency of each country for foreign trade transactions.
• Make use of new technologies and invest in science. For this, a bilateral technological office will be created in Caracas that will be responsible for promoting the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI).
• Increase media and publicity cooperation that reveals the reality of both countries.
• Promote respect for the sovereignty of countries in multilateral bodies.

“The various international organizations, the UN, and its Security Council must update their vision, because they must serve the people and not the governments,” Raisis added.

For the Iranian president, in this new stage of political growth, the independent countries are beginning to unite and the imperialist forces are beginning an unquestionable decline: “The future belongs to the great people of Iran and Venezuela; to the great people of Latin America.”

Iran: Rising Power

At the meeting, the president of Venezuela reiterated the importance of the visit of his Iranian counterpart, which for him was a sign of solidarity between nations.

Maduro said that within the framework of the extensive work agenda, more than 25 bilateral agreements in education, economy, science, and technology were consolidated.

“Today we can say that Iran is an emerging power of the new world that has grown in the face of the battles against criminal imperialism,” said President Maduro.

The Venezuelan president added that what Iran has achieved, even in the face of sustained attacks from the international right, has been achieved with discipline, education, and above all, with love for the homeland “which is the greatest value that youth can have.”

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