Iran drastically increases civil defense capabilities

The Cradle, September 3, 2022 — The increase in civil defense capabilities is the latest effort to prepare Iran for possible attacks due to increased tensions with the US and Israel.

Iran has equipped 51 of its cities and towns with civil defense systems to monitor and counter any possible foreign attack on its territory, according to a statement by a Senior Defense Official on 3 September.

The increase in defense capabilities comes amid escalating tensions between the United States and Israel.

According to Deputy Defense Minister General Mehdi Farahi, the equipment is used to “identify and monitor threats by using round-the-clock software according to the type of the threat and risk.”

The Deputy Defense Minister did not specify a specific threat from any country, but in recent months, Israel has stepped up its own efforts to target infrastructure used by Iran in Syria, as well as militias backed by the Islamic Republic.

In addition, warfare has changed with new fronts opening up not just on the battlefield.

General Mehdi Farahi has highlighted more modern threats, arguing that “depending on the strength of countries, the form of battles has become more complicated,” adding that hybrid warfare includes biological weapons, radioactive attacks, and cyberspace.

Iran’s nuclear facilities are no strangers to cyber attacks, compromising the safety and functionality of the facilities. Iran has accused both, the US and Israel of carrying out such attacks, with neither of the two countries confirming or denying such reports.

Despite current negotiations for a new nuclear deal between the US and Iran, tensions have been rising.

Earlier this year, the US organized the “largest ever” naval drills in the red sea together with its allies in the region, whereas Syria and Iraq have become a scene of reoccurring fire exchange between US troops, and Iran-backed militias.

In a recent attack on 24 August, CENTCOM reportedly responded with retaliatory strikes against three vehicles carrying weapons in Syria’s northeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, after the illegal US base had been struck by rockets, injuring several soldiers.

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