Iran and Bolivia United Against the Unilateral Hegemony of the US

Sdenka Saavedra Alfaro, Orinoco Tribune, March 2, 2023 —

The fight for a common front framed in the multilateralist vision, which strengthens the peoples with conscience and worldview against the hegemonic American and European terrorism, which only thinks of invasions, interference, looting and exploitation of natural resources at the cost of death, pain, misery; It is the fundamental strategy in the relations between the countries that today face the blows and the inhuman sanctions of the policies and pressures of imperialism, such is the case of the Islamic Republic of Iran that with its 44 years of resistance has been supporting progress and independence of the countries not only of Asia; but also throughout the Patria Grande.

In this sense, the expansion of bilateral relations between Iran and Bolivia are an example of the alliance between these two States that share an identical revolutionary consciousness in strengthening and cooperation in the face of unilateralism; the same widely deepened and put into debate by the Iranian Vice Foreign Minister for political affairs, Ali Bagheri Kani, who in recent days on his official visit to the Andean country took the opportunity to present the foreign policy of his country in the main hall of the Political Science career and Public Management from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA).

In his speech, Bagheri emphasized that Iran is sharing its experience of more than four decades of its resistance against the pressures and sanctions imposed against it by the US hegemon, after the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran; those that have led it to consolidate due to its advances and achievements, in science, medicine, education, obtaining fourth place in robotics and nanotechnology worldwide or being the first country to nationalize its oil, also being a power in technology and production of drones, missiles, satellites, rockets, as well as being ranked 18th among the largest economies in the world.

As Iran is a regional power, it plays a key role in the fight against terrorism in Western Asia, being a fundamental pillar in the entire Axis of Resistance. The Persian political system is no longer a “mere culture, but an integral and efficient model to govern a State” that does not carry out coups, that does not intervene; but it supports the countries that are sanctioned, blocked.

Today, in the 21st century, it is urgent to join efforts in unity, in the integration of peoples, “because if we do not align ourselves, we will not be able to defeat the common enemy,” said the Iranian Vice Foreign Minister, recalling that his country defeated terrorist groups such as ISIS (DAESH in Arabic), Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, created in the US breeding ground, which has been the cause of the largest humanitarian disasters in the Middle East and the world, whose consequences have exceeded the borders of countries paradoxically being a problem for international society due to the wave of terrorist attacks by the misnamed “Islamic State”, who were created by the US, as Donald Trump pointed out when he stated that Obama and Hillary Clinton are its “co-founders” —who also added— “Obama is the founder of Daesh, and (…) that Hillary Clinton is the co-founder”.

At the same time, Bagheri made reference to Iranophobia, the media war created by the US, Europe and their lackeys to cultivate an anti-Iranian policy, we see this in the manipulation, in the misrepresentation of the news, in the constant fake news; since the international news that comes from Iran is not direct, but by news agencies such as Reuters, which is based in the United Kingdom, also France-Presse (AFP) based in Paris, and Associated Press (AP) based in United States, which are influenced by imperialist policies; therefore public opinion is not well informed of Washington’s inhumane measures that go against the Charter of the United Nations.

Today, the struggle of the peoples with a multilateralist, anti-imperialist vision that watches over the rights of all international actors is regaining strength; In this sense, the policies of solidarity and brotherhood are a tangible reality, since the country of the Ayatollahs collaborates and alleviates the sanctions and hybrid coups that the US and Europe inflict against Venezuela, Cuba or Nicaragua, countries to which today it cooperates by sending aid; such as the arrival of gasoline tankers to blockaded Venezuela, the establishment of Iranian hospitals in Bolivia, assistance in oil, energy, agricultural and livestock matters to Nicaragua, or to Cuba in fishing, biotechnological and water resources matters, strengthening ties of friendship and cooperation not only with these countries; but even with those who do not have the same ideological position, since solidarity and brotherhood should follow this frank and sincere line in the face of world peace against the totalitarian, rebellious and warmongering positions of the enemies of the free peoples of the world.


Sdenka Saavedra Alfaro, Bolivian writer, journalist, teacher and researcher, based in the Axis of Resistance, Islamic Republic of Iran.

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