Gateway to Nowhere. The One World Order Privatization of Amazonia. Greed for Power and Mone

Peter Koenig, Global Research, April 15, 2023 —

Iquitos, capital of the Loreto Department in Peru, has a population of 500,000. It is the largest city in the world accessible only by air or river. It sits in the heart of Amazonia.

We may call the whole vast enormous area of Amazonia PARADISE. It is the fountain of life, with endless biodiversity, forests, intermeshed jungle, wilderness, an uncountable richness of fauna, flora, medicinal plants – and not to forget, an almost limitless abundance of water, together with oxygen, also generated by Amazonia, thanks to the natural carbon – CO2 – the world emits, mostly the Oceans — the essence of life.

Some ‘experts’ claim that the annual flow of the Amazon River could supply the entire world population (growing at 1% / year) for the next 100 to 200 years with 200 liters / capita / day. Is it true? Hard to say. There are no referenced documents available. Though, my educated guess would agree with this statement.

Iquitos is thriving. Tourism, Amazon expeditions, even oil explorations with one of the world’s largest National Reserves, Pacaya-Samiria, a vast area of Amazonian jungle and floodable forest of 20,800 km2 (half the size of Switzerland) in northeastern Peru. It is bordered by the Marañón and Ucayali rivers which, when united at the southern tip of the reserve, they become the Amazon River.

Of course, there is crime. Manmade crime, corruption, extorsion, illegal lumbering, drug trafficking and maybe more. Not all that shines is gold. But, with willpower and conscience, they can be overcome. And the gifts of Paradise are the gifts of Mother Earth. They are divine.

Sounds attractive. Iquitos a town, smack in the center of Amazonia. Natura at its best. Food is not lacking. The local economy is good, much of it thanks to international tourism. The unemployment rate is about 2.5% (2018 – see this), as compared to the average in Peru of 7.3%.

Amazonia is Paradise. It provides food, water and oxygen – the essence of life. Whoever offers an Apple as an incentive for people to leave this paradise may be a Demon.

And whoever bites the apple is a fool.

However, “Paradise is nice, but we want more; we also want land access to the rest of our country, the rest of the world”. They do or do not know, how rotten the rest of the world is.

Sounds like the Garden of Eden. Seduction by the fake glimmering west? Are the Amazonian Iquitoees about to bite the apple?

Is this the ominous apple? They built a suspension bridge to escape isolation, the Nanay Bridge. It crosses the Nanay River, a tributary to the Amazon River; one of about 1,100 tributaries.


Nanay River (black) meeting Amazon (light brown), a continuous phenomenon that occurs very close to the northern shores of Punchana, Iquitos. (Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Nanay Bridge, just north of Iquitos, is 2.2 km long and connects the district of Bellavista on the right bank of the Nanay River with the district of Santo Tomas on the left bank.

To build the bridge it took about three years. It opened in June in 2021. It is attractive and brand new, so to speak. Iquitos’s moto-taxis take hordes of tourists to see and cross the bridge. What most tourists don’t know and don’t expect, is where and how the bridge ends.

Amazingly, when the bridge hits the Santo Tomas district on the left bank, it ends in a tiny dirt road that disappears in the jungle. It’s a bridge to nowhere.

Source: mageba

According to official figures, the cost of the bridge was about US$ 170 million equivalent. But in truth, you have to add at least 50% to 100% to get to the final, or real price.

Say, the Gateway to Nowhere cost some US$ 250 to US$ 300 million. That’s a steep price, you may say – considering — you end up on a dirt road that leads – exactly – to nowhere.

Who built it, financed it? Most people have no idea. Some say the US, others say the Chinese. Some even say, it is part of a foreign ploy to seduce us, Iquitoees Amazonians to escape Paradise, so they can take it over. No joke. Amazonians are clever people. With “they” is meant all those foreigners who are living in a war-like “underworld”, outside of Paradise.

Sounds a bit extreme. But who knows. After all, Lula, one of the first controversial statements he made as the new / old President of Brazil, was that he thinks the Amazon Region, most of which is in Brazil, should be “public property” and therefore administered by the United Nations.

Can you imagine, the UN, of all places, one of the most corrupt international institutions, doing their vassalic bidding to the North American hegemon, to the globalists, to the financial supremacists, the Death Cult Elite behind the World Economic Forum (WEF)?

Lula was most likely ordered to make that declaration. It may have been his ticket to a razor-thin ”win” to the Presidency. During one of Lula’s earlier terms, he answered a similar question with an absolute “No Way”.

Greed for Power and Greed for Money – that’s what is driving the West, the Global North, if you will. So, the protagonists of these shady attributes believe Amazonians, inhabitants of Paradise, may be seduced by an architecturally brilliant and  good-looking bridge, first to nowhere, and ultimately – maybe – just maybe – out of Paradise into the glorious fake heaven made to hell.

The inferno you may not see from the inside of the wilderness and the richness of life.


All powerful nature, vast and rich and diverse Amazonia works at a different cadence than our western, what we call, civilization. Amazonia has different dimensions, a different time horizon. The power of this colossal richness of water and biodiversity cannot easily be overcome – NOT just with horrendous sums of money, as we are used to in the Global West or North.

Imagine, this tremendous money and military power, called the West, driven by greed and appetite to dominate, to possess all, to subdue everything, nature, flora, fauna, humans, natural resources – literally a Cult of Demons – ready to take over Paradise?

It will not happen.

Imagine further, this Cult of Demons has been preparing the world-takeover moment for at least the last 100 years, with two devastating World Wars, with uncountable conflicts and instigated civil unrest around the world, causing hundreds of millions of deaths.

And now, this Cult of Evil is at the brink of taking over the remaining all-powerful nature, called Amazonia. For that purpose, they may have infiltrated the heart of Amazonia, settled in Iquitos, under the guise of wanting to liberate the isolated city and built the glamorous Nanay River bridge, promising access to the rest of the world.

If this Bridge to Nowhere would become a bridge to the west, thanks to the temptation of the shiny apple — as soon as you bite it, you will feel and taste that it is rotten to the core. But by then there is no return. The Gates to Paradise may be closed; the territory occupied by the very demons that offered you the shiny but rotten apple.

Where does the apparent Gateway to Heaven – away from Paradise – lead you?

You will find a greed and power-driven bunch of oligarchs, who call themselves “Globalists”. They want to do away with nation states and set up a One World Government.

They will also do away with laws, international, as well as national laws, and replace them with a “Rule-Based Order” – meaning that those who run the global show, will make up their rules as they go forward and as it suits them.

Much of these “rule-based orders” are already in place today. International courts are no longer functioning as independent judicial systems. Their magistrates and attorneys are kept on strings: blackmailed, threatened, dismissed, and even “disappeared”, if they dare going against those in command of the “rule-based orders”.

And how do they intend to do so? Well, they have been at it for about the last century, by creating two World Wars, and more conflicts and wars and chaos around the globe. Lately the have also been fearmongering you with “deadly diseases” which pop up from nowhere and suddenly in one day embrace the entire globe.

Corruption is one of the “rule-based orders”. Hence, heftily bought media propaganda is part of the rule-based game. They keep spreading fear – so that people become sensitive to fear.

To heighten the attention and fear-level again, when it risks to ebb off – a deadly shooting in a mall or school, or in the street is instigated and orchestrated. The shooter is immediately killed by the police, so there is no witness, no trial.

Fearful people lose their self-interest, their self-assurance – they become vulnerable for all sorts of propaganda. They can’t distinguish anymore between truth and lies.

A level of fear has to be maintained to keep people walking on their toes, always attentive to the next catastrophe, to the next life-threatening disease… and for that you got to have a well-greased media – bought journalists, richly bonused anchor-people.

Mind you, for those who produce the dollars, it’s no issue. It’s just debt – debt that will never be paid back. But for the bought journalists and media – it’s very good money.

On the other side, where ‘the money is endlessly produced, it is constructing a pyramid that one day, maybe soon, will collapse, leaving those who have been relying on the pyramid, or “hot air” money, in misery, begging for help.

Is this the tempting beauty to abandon Paradise for?

Help is already being prepared by those who pull the strings on the collapse – it’s called programmable Central Bank Digital Currency – or CBDC.

After the collapse if we let it happen, most of you – or us – will own nothing. CBDC will be our all-controlling guidepost. As an incentive for your good behavior, following the “rules-based orders”, you may be given some money in your central bank account. It may be the only account you will ever have.

The money will be controlled, according to your obedience, or made to expire in full or partially – or you may be allowed to use it only for selected purchases, or a combination of all. In any case, control is the name of the game.

That’s the future, dear people, if you don’t stand up NOW – and scream STOP to CBDC and request good old cash back.

And those who resist seduction – the shiny apple in the form of the shiny and beautiful brand-new Nanay Suspension Bridge to Nowhere – may continue to be blessed by Paradise.


Amazonians, Iquitoees – do you really want to cross your bridge to nowhere? Or, perhaps after all, stay in Paradise, timeless paradise, where biodiversity, water and oxygen flows – and keeps you in harmonious health?

If you decide after all, to cross the bridge to nowhere – making it a bridge to somewhere, you may also want to know what else this One World Order – the good old/new OWO – has in store for you.

The Demons, oligarch elite cum Death Cultists – have two major objectives which they will never tell you straight into our face. They may hint at them, a rule to make the Cult’s plans come through, but you are on your own or in solidarity with others you have to discover what their real plans are to sub-do you:

First, they want to drastically, but drastically – reduce the world population. Some say by as much as 80% to 90%. Mother Earth’s limited unrenewable resources will last longer for the few elitists with their serfs. That’s their dream – which, with our collective resistance will not be achieved.

Means to achieve this eugenist agenda are high-propaganda launches of fake diseases, followed by toxic and deadly “vaxxes”, with impacts on health and life either immediately or over the next few years. T,,he variety of killer ingredients in the vaxxes is rich. But you would never know. After a few years it will be difficult to trace cancers, heart-attacks / myocarditis, blindness, dementia and much more – back to the vaxxes.

But, they have more in store to kill or maim you for life, either by fear or by real:

First, propagandize fake climate change, fake-induced energy shortages, destruction of the current economy – creating joblessness, poverty, misery, famine, food shortages – also famine, diseases, death; multitudes of diseases, weakening already weakened immune systems;

Second, they want to have absolute control over the surviving population. Main tools are the QR-code and full and complete digitization so you will be evermore tied to data-machines, robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to control every move you do – followed by  cyber-attacks to wipe out your digital memories, while theirs will, of course, remain intact.

They will also control your diggital central bank money (CBDC). It could be wiped out by a an unspecified cyber-attack. You may be told it’s an accident – and even while you suspect it is not an accident – you may never know, who, what controlling powers are behind the attack. They are keeping tens of thousands of data info-points about you in central places – including your consumption patterns.

What if They decide that your consumption habits are bad for the environment – actually, the more fashionable term now used is “climate change” – what if They decide you are infringing on the rules protecting the world from climate change? – You may be deprived of food, perhaps starving to death – as they can simply block your CBDC account.


Knowing all of this, Amazonians, Iquitoees, inhabitants of Paradise – are you still tempted to leave your heavenly abode by this beautifully colorful-designed suspension bridge to Nowhere? – Or rather into Demon’s Land?

You should know, there is also a war waging out there, beyond the Gateway to Nowhere, beyond the beautiful bridge that ends in a dirt road.

It is a war the west has been mounting and is now fighting by its NATO forces, through a menial, miserable intermediary, called Ukraine. A war against Russia, the world’s largest and by far the richest country in terms of natural resources. Russia holds 16,376,870 Km², equivalent to 11% of the total world’s landmass of 148,940,000 Km².

For the last at least hundred years the west, especially the US hegemon, wanted to dominate Russia ad for that purpose invented and launched two World Wars, both led by their “intermediary” Germany, devastating Europe, and their wars were lost.

Russia prevailed, and Russia will prevail now too. No doubt.

But the war brings misery, death, poverty disease — and is the source of immense corruption.

The west in unison, but under heavy pressure from the US – still, pretending to be the world’s empire, is arming Ukraine, and funding the wretched, corrupt and criminal country with hundreds of billions of dollars.

To no avail. Of course. Nobody in his right mind believes that Ukraine with all their military aid and NATO advice will win the war against Russia.

But it is slowly and surely becoming a war of attrition – it could easily become an “endless” type war, similar to Vietnam and to Afghanistan. Here, like there, it will be the loser takes it all – the loser being the west – the US, NATO and Europe and ALL will be before an impending collapse of the west.

To get a picture what Ukraine really is – the corruption, the criminality with child and women trafficking, with money laundering, drug dealing and much more – see this.

And if you still need more convincing about the corruption of the leadership, this is a report by Seymour Hersh demonstrating how Zelenskyy and his team stole at least US$ 400 million of US aid – US tax-payers money, see this by RT and this by

This Ukraine is what the crooked west – Washington / NATO, plus the European Commission (EC), led by the unelected shady Ms. Ursula van der Leyen – scholar of Klaus Schwab’s (WEF) academy of Young Global Leaders (YGL) are supporting to fight and destabilize Russia.

These People of Darkness have no idea what the sunlight can do where ethics and justice reigns.

Now, people from Iquitos, from Amazonia, what do you think about the Bridge to nowhere? Is it the Gateway to Heaven or Hell? You choose.


Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020).

Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing. 

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