Gallup polls serve as a tool to contain China and maintain US dominance

Global Times, March 9, 2023 — In the US, polls seem to have become a tool manipulated by its political elites to discredit China on the international stage. Such underhand practice is another manifestation of the US’ hysteria toward China.

The Gallup reported on Tuesday that Americans’ view on China hit a record low, with only 15 percent of respondents seeing China favorably, according to its new poll.

Americans’ understanding of China is not based on the country’s actual development, but negatively influenced by US media’s biased reports. These media outlets have created a false image of China that threatens US global leadership, challenges the so-called international order, and coerces others everywhere. This heavily affects the public’s perception of China, according to Shen Yi, an international relations professor at Fudan University.

Some US polling agencies are keen to conduct surveys on Americans’ attitude toward China so that Washington can use the results to mobilize the Americans, as well as its allies and partners to contain and isolate China.

For the US, a country sparing no effect to maintain a unipolar world and its hegemonic status, it cannot tolerate any country challenging its dominance.

The US did not foresee that China would rapidly develop into the world’s second-largest economy and one day stand on an equal footing with the US in international affairs. Additionally, China has also risen in terms of military, and the Western Pacific, especially the waters close to China, are no longer places where Washington can act at will. A powerful and independent China has emerged in the East. This is what the US could not imagine before and is reluctant to see.

The US cannot accept the prosperity of other countries. It still requires all countries to discard their own security interests to maintain US’ absolute security, and all countries’ economic development must also serve Washington’s economic hegemony and maintain the US dollar’s dominance. Despite being a developing country, China is perceived as becoming too powerful in US’ strategic chessboard, posing a challenge to its hegemony. Therefore, the US propaganda machine is at full throttle to discredit China, a country that has improved significantly in comparison to the late 1980s.

As Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said, “The United States talks a lot about following rules. But imagine two athletes competing in an Olympic race. If one athlete, instead of focusing on giving one’s best, always tries to trip or even injure the other, that is not fair competition, but malicious confrontation and a foul!”

Most Americans are friendly and reasonable, but the US has become arrogant and arbitrary under its leadership of political elites.

These political elites are using all sorts of means to depict China as a castaway. The US’ policy toward China is vicious, destructive and reckless. Its mentality that it cannot stand to see others succeed is morbid.

There are also anti-US sentiments among the Chinese people, but their understanding of the US’ development far exceeds that of Americans’ understanding of China’s real situation. As the Chinese come to know more about the US, they tend to be better aware that the US is not as good as their media portrays. Chinese youths are particularly fed up with the US’ arrogant manner. Over the past three decades, the US has repeatedly incited conflicts, and even war, across the world. It is thus normal and rational for more Chinese people to be fed up with the US government, some of its politicians, and even its public opinion.

Regarding Gallup’s poll, it is absurd to prove China has done wrong by releasing the result of Americans’ views toward China. It is a pipe dream that China would follow the US’ desired path. China’s practice in defending its own interests against the US is sincerely and genuinely supported by the Chinese people, which cannot be shaken by Washington’s dirty tricks.

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