From Auschwitz to Gaza: The History of Mass Murder and Genocide

Prof. Anthony J. Hall, Global Research, October 18, 2023 —

As I am writing, a massive genocidal assault is underway on the stateless people of Gaza. Most of the 2.3 million people in Gaza were born into this open air prison where Israel is using its absolute control over what can be brought in and carried out to deny the inhabitants food, water supplies, electricity, and fuel.

The inmates of this tightly packed urban space are being bombed, killing tens of thousands with the promise of a ground invasion to eliminate those trapped inside the densely packed and foul urban strip of Mediterranean coast line.

The US Armed Forces are backing up the many violations of international law that are underway in an unfolding abomination that clearly belongs in the very Big Leagues of terrible war crimes. The attack is being pushed forward on the basis of what is clearly described below as a “pretext” for genocide.

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky cites numerous sources to explain that the government of Israel has conspired with Hamas, a Muslim entity created and funded by Israel to advance an imperial strategy of divide-and-conquer among the Palestinians.

That strategy is meant to divide the government of Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the area of the West Bank sometimes described as the Occupied Territories.

Chossudovsky sees the complicity between Hamas and the Netanyahu government as the basis of the engineered murder and torture of Israeli soldiers and civilians.

The aim of this diabolical scheme is to realize the agenda of clearing out the inhabitants of Gaza as well as bringing about a US war with Iran.

The creation of the basis for such a war has for decades been a primary geopolitical objective of Netanyahu.

Part of the provocation causing Hamas fighters to break through the Gaza Walls— a permitted piercing of what is perhaps the most closely monitored barrier in the world— was the purposeful defilement by Israeli settlers of the al Aqsa Mosque in the days leading up to October 7.

A subject of much speculation is what happened during the period of many hours when Israeli security forces were held back from protecting Israeli lives. Much remains unknown about who did what to whom, and why.

The purpose of false flags, which will be discussed below, is to create the basis for mistaken perceptions about what is real and what is contrived.

About half of the inhabitants of Gaza are children. Christian and Muslim families in Gaza have large numbers of children to compensate for their propensity to have short life spans. In a society of huge unemployment, few options are available to young people seeking a way forward.

When the activities of the local Hamas government are one of the only work options available in Gaza, it is hardly surprising that this organization attracts many who might picture themselves as freedom fighters. Such fighters might well lack a sense of fair play when confronting those that have jailed them and assailed them since their birth.

As I think about the media fabrications concerning 40 beheaded Israeli babies that never were, I can’t help imagining a huge bombed out area with dead bodies of hundreds of thousands of Gaza babies and children. For some reason I imagine these exterminated children nailed up on row after row of crucifixes.

I picture this obscenity with the knowledge that there happens to be huge reserves of natural gas off the shores of Gaza. To eliminate the people of Gaza would be to eliminate a competing claim to the huge treasure trove of potential energy.

Without Auschwitz, Gaza Would Not Exist in Its Present Form

We are living through such a tumultuous time in history that it is hard to find comparisons and metaphors that do justice to what is unfolding at this very moment. As fraught with global danger as is the Russia-NATO confrontation in Ukraine, the opening up on 7 October of a new frontiers of conflict in the Middle East, has immensely upped the ante.

The ruthless Israeli assault on the 2.3 million prison inmates of the GAZA concentration camp, along with the sudden expansion of potential theatres of global conflict, are putting the future prospects of all life on earth on the edge of an abyss.

There is no precedent for the kind of global catastrophe facing all of humanity right now. At this moment, however, the global ground zero of the catastrophe is GAZA.

What can we learn by comparing Auschwitz and GAZA?

I’ll start with a focus on the Auschwitz concentration camp in working my way towards what is going in GAZA. Many will be well aware that Auschwitz has been widely memorialized as the site of the most notorious system of mechanized mass murder ever mounted.

IG Auschwitz began in Poland as a wartime business enterprise bringing together slave labour with the commercial exploitation of cutting-edge edge technologies under the auspices of the National Socialist government led by Adolf Hitler. The aim of the enterprise was to transform coal into aviation fuel as well as into synthetic rubber.

IG Auschwitz was spawned by the corporate leviathan, IG Farben, a giant in the research and development of chemical and pharmaceutical products. This conglomerate, with extensions throughout much of the world, is often referred to as the corporate foundation supporting the political economy animating the Hitlerian Third Reich.

One of the main investors in both IG Farben and IG Auschwitz was Standard Oil of New Jersey, the core corporate asset of the Rockefeller family. The role of the Rockefeller conglomerate in the German oil and gas industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, was one part of a wide spectrum of collaboration between Germany and Wall Street.

For Wall Street brokers, one of the most lucrative stock plays they could recommend to their clients, was to invest in the build up of Germany’s military-industrial complex. The US investments in Germany involved companies like Ford, GM, IBM, ITT, Alcoa, Kodak and Coca-Cola. This list provides just a small sample of the extent of the collaboration.

The Gaza concentration camp can be seen as an outgrowth of the way the history of Auschwitz and related Hitlerian operations have been depicted, misrepresented, and covered up. At the end of WWII, Auschwitz became a symbol, central to establishing the basis for the creation of Israel.

The symbolism associated with Auschwitz, of course, strategically excluded in most cases, the important role of the Rockefeller financial empire in the genesis of the concentration camp.

As described in the Jewish Virtual Encyclopedia, Auschwitz was just the tip of the iceberg.[1]

The article on concentration camps in the Encyclopedia seemingly inflates astronomically the number of German camps incarcerating many categories of people considered unfit or deviant.

With Auschwitz along with its related operations placed in the forefront of publicity, a significant portion of public opinion was made to line up behind the position that Jews have been subjected to such horrors during the European reign of Hitlerian Germany, that a great act of atonement was called for.

The case was made that Jews the world over required a permanent place of sovereign refuge in a dangerous and unpredictable world. As this discourse developed, apparently no one thought to consult with the indigenous Arabs of Palestine to see what they thought of the proposition that they should be made to pay a very heavy price for the bad things said to have transpired in Europe.

The Zionist project of creating a Jewish State was advanced by the British imperial government in 1917. Foreign Affairs Minister Lord Balfour expressed in a declaration to Lionel Walter Rothschild his government’s favourable view of a “national home” for the Jewish people in Palestine.

In the secret Sykes-Pico Agreement between France and Great Britain in 1916, it was agreed that Britain would acquire control of Palestine. This arrangement was confirmed by the League of Nations when it was created in 1920.

Britain’s commitment to the Zionist Jews became lukewarm in the decades which followed as the demands and complexities of the Arab world grew. In 1947 both the United States and the Soviet Union got behind Resolution 181 of the General Assembly in the nascent United Nations. The aim of the Resolution was to create two new countries, one a Jewish state and the other, an Arab state.

The Arab state in Palestine has not been created until this day. Instead, the land for this polity has been illegally taken through military conquest and other means that have contributed to the hideous spectacle presently unfolding in Gaza.

Israel and Palestine After 1948 

Portions of the Semitic Arab population of Palestine attempted through military resistance in 1948 to prevent the apprehension of their lands by the military forces of the nascent Jewish state. The Israeli Defence Force was composed initially from the Jewish militias that had fought against the British in exercising their Mandate to govern Palestine.

This Jewish fighting contingent overpowered their Arab opponents causing sufficient horror to motivate about 800,000 Palestinians to flee their homes. This episode in Palestinian history is remember as the “Nakba.” Nakba means “the catastrophe” in Arabic.

The Nakba carries a meaning much like the term, “Shoah,” in Hebrew. The Shoah is the term used to describe the experience of European Jews during the period of Hitlerian rule in Europe.

The origins of GAZA in its present form go back to the Nakba of 1948. Moreover, the origins of the human-rights abomination presently underway go back to the creation and expansion of the Jewish state of Israel without the Arab state meant to accompany it as outlined in Resolution 181.

The creation of Israel as a land open to Jews from throughout the world have transformed a large part of the Palestinian population into stateless people. They have become trapped in this non-identity identity, with all the impediments to the exercise of civil liberties that this negative category of non-personhood creates.

After 1948 some Palestinian people were able to hold their their ground inside Israel. By and large they were extended the status of Israeli citizens. Their descendants make up about 20% of Israel’s population.

Many of those that underwent this transition were initially subjected to military oversight and various forms of discrimination. This discrimination involving, for instance, certain kinds of land transaction continues to this day.

Those who ended up in GAZA circa 1948 go back to those uprooted from their homes in the course of the Nakba. Those who ended up in the GAZA reserve could not or would not leave the region.

Between 1948 and 1967 the stateless inhabitants of Gaza were passed from the military governance of Egypt and the Arab League. This League created something called the All-Palestine Government.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East also asserted jurisdiction, not only over Palestinians in GAZA but over Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and the West Bank.

The agency has tended to reinforce the stateless condition of millions of Palestinian refugees rather than ease people out of this category. For instance by creating a kind of passport for the travels of stateless people, their stateless status is, in a way, reinforced. Over seventy years after the Nakba, stateless status has now been passed along to three distinct generations of Palestinian people.

In 1967 in the Six Days War, the Israel Defence Force made military gains throughout the region that United Nations Resolution 181 had set aside for the Arab Nation including the Gaza strip.

Resolution 181 also stipulated that Jerusalem was to be an international zone where the UN would assure equality of treatment for Muslims, Jews, and Christians. That principle is presently being severely violated in the regular Jewish defilement of the al Aqsa mosque.

The Israeli takeover in 1967 of the territories to be relegated for the creation of a new Arab country, spelt trouble. This illegal military conquest was embraced by successive Israeli governments to fend off any sincere attempt to create a two-state solution.

The issue of the uprooted Palestinians and the growth of the Jewish settler state gathered much attention in the era of Yasser Arafat’s leadership of the Fatah and then of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Arafat’s approach was nationalist and secular.

On this basis, the PLO gathered international interest and political momentum especially in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Some of this attention was gained through spectacles of terror like the hijacking in 1969 by Leila Khalid of TWA Flight 840.

In 1987 a series of Intifadas beginning with the actions of disenfranchised Palestinians, often with nothing but stones for weapons, added spectacle to the drama culminating in the negotiation of the first Oslo accord in 1993.

This Oslo peace process was the closest that Israel-Palestinian conflict ever got to a two state solution. The effort was not successful. It was not grounded on a solid basis of realistic political and logistical compromise.

The deal led to the assassination in 1995 of Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. He was murdered by a strident opponent of any kind of peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Since Rabin’s assassination, the spectrum of Israeli political culture has moved away from the realm of collectivist Kibbutzes and Labour Party dominance in the Israeli Knesset.

The twenty-first century has seen, instead, the politics of well armed Jewish settlers and settlements in the West Bank to the point that any territorial basis has been eliminated for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

In Gaza, the Israeli government asserted in 2007 absolute control of the movements of goods and people into and out of the concentration camp. Almost no exports can get out so the open air prison lacks the basis of a viable economy.

The Israeli government played a big role in founding and funding Hamas to steer Palestinians away from the secular politics of Yasser Arafat and away from solidarity with the Palestinian Authority.

Periodically Gaza was bombed in a process that came to be known within Israel as mowing the grass. Such an operation took place in 2008. It was entitled Cast Lead. In 2014, Operation Protective Edge was the means of mowing (diminishing) the human population of Gaza.

In 2018 attempts were made to conduct peaceful demonstrations aimed at dramatizing the demand by the people of Gaza to return to their homes inside Israel. This attempt to express peaceful opposition to Israeli policies was met with violent recriminations by the IDF.

Israel’s move rightward was amplified by the false flag event that took place on September 11 of 2001. In two previous Substack posts I introduced a large body of scholarship pointing to what really happened in Manhattan and the Pentagon on the fateful day.

The weight of evidence points to the fact that Israel First partisans, many of them deeply involved in the power dynamics of both the Jewish state and of the United States of America, were the primary planners, implementers and cover up agents of the 9/11 debacle.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who grew up largely in the United States, is a telling embodiment of Zio-American character of 9/11 false flag. In acting on the misrepresentation of this event, the US Armed Forces went to war with several Muslim-majority countries.

Zionist pre-eminence in the political culture of the United States was thus demonstrated, consolidated and extended to the outlandish extremes presently on display as the protagonists go in for the kill in Gaza.

Phillip Giraldi, a retired CIA official who describes himself as a “a former on-the-ground intelligence officer” has come to a startling conclusion. He alleges the current massacre of the stateless habitants of Gaza was mounted on the basis of fraud.

He sees the incursions of the Hamas fighters throughout Israel as being based on “something more like a false flag operation rather than a case of institutional failure on the part of the Israelis.”

Prof. Michel Michel Chossudovsky agrees with Giraldi. Chossudovsky argues that the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu not only let Hamas attack Israeli soldiers and civilians. He alleges that the Netanyahu government actually conspired to make the violence spree happen with the object of creating the pretext for a well-prepared genocidal assault to eliminate the Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza.

Prof. Chossudovsky cited the following to illustrate Netanyahu’s complicity with Hamas. Netanyahu told the Likud Party Knesset members in 2019,

“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas…..This is part of our strategy – to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.”



This article was originally published on the author’s Substack, Looking out at the World from Canada.

Dr. Anthony Hall is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”.

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).



[1] This article from the Jewish Virtual Encyclopedia is in my view a good example of the kind of fabricated and exaggerated nonsense produced by the Israel Lobbies. The effect is to undermine and disable serious discourse about what really happened in World War II. Tony Hall

“Most people are familiar with the names of the major concentration campsAuschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, and Treblinka, for example – but few realize that these were not the only places where Jews and other prisoners were held by the Nazis. Each of the 23 main camps had subcamps, nearly 900 of them in total. These included camps with euphemistic names, such as “care facilities for foreign children,” where pregnant prisoners were sent for forced abortions.

The Nazis established about 110 camps starting in 1933 to imprison political opponents and other undesirables. The number expanded as the Third Reich expanded and the Germans began occupying parts of Europe. When the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum first began to document all of the camps, the belief was that the list would total approximately 7,000. However, researchers found that the Nazis actually established about 42,500 camps and ghettoes between 1933 and 1945. This figure includes 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettoes, 980 concentration camps; 1,000 POW camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm; Germanizing prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers. Berlin alone had nearly 3,000 camps.

These camps were used for a range of purposes including: forced-labor camps, transit camps which served as temporary way stations, and extermination camps, built primarily or exclusively for mass murder. From its rise to power in 1933, the Nazi regime built a series of detention facilities to imprison and eliminate so-called “enemies of the state.” Most prisoners in the early concentration camps were German Communists, Socialists, Social Democrats, Roma (Gypsies), Jehovah’s Witnesseshomosexuals, and persons accused of “asocial” or socially deviant behavior. These facilities were called “concentration camps” because those imprisoned there were physically “concentrated” in one location.

Millions of people were imprisoned, abused and systematically murdered in the various types of Nazi camps. Under SS management, the Germans and their collaborators murdered more than three million Jews in the killing centers alone. Only a small fraction of those imprisoned in Nazi camps survived. As many as 15-20 million people may have died in the various camps and ghettoes.”

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