Former US President Donald Trump Confesses to Planned Theft of Venezuela’s Oil, Venezuelan Officials React

Orinoco Tribune, June 12, 2023 —

Responding to former United States President Donald Trump’s recent confession regarding the theft of Venezuela’s oil during his term, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yván Gil reiterated that Trump’s ambitions to seize resources and assets belonging to the Venezuelan people had been endorsed by his lackeys inside Venezuela.

Trump’s confession emerged during a speech given this Saturday, June 10, in North Carolina, where the former president postured to the audience: “How about we’re buying oil from Venezuela? When I left, Venezuela was ready to collapse. We would’ve taken it over; we would have gotten all that oil; it would’ve been right next door. But now we’re buying oil from Venezuela, we’re making a dictator very rich. Can you believe this? Nobody can believe it.”

In the address, Trump emphasized that because his mission was not achieved, the US government has been forced to buy oil from Venezuela, without mentioning the illegal sanctions continued by the Biden administration and the reconciliation with Venezuela as a timid response to the derailed sanction strategy against Russia after the escalation of conflicts between Russia and the NATO-Ukraine bloc.

Goal: Seize natural resources

Given Trump’s statements, Foreign Minister Gil emphasized through his social media accounts that Trump’s intention has always been to seize Venezuelan oil.

He recalled all the damage that the US has done to the people of Venezuela: “With the support of its lackeys here, it has pursued a single objective: to steal our resources! They could not and will not be able to do it,” he wrote.

Foreign Minister Gil reiterated in another social media post that “Trump revealed that the US strategy, with the collaboration of lackey groups from inside Venezuela, was to seize Venezuelan oil.”

Removing the mask

Trump’s new confession has caused a stir and has ended up exposing the intentions of 60 satellite countries and all those who supported a “government” led by a puppet, said Samuel Moncada, Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN).

“Trump has removed the mask of 60 satellite countries, international propaganda, and all the politicians and intellectuals who supported a puppet to govern Venezuela. The sole purpose has been to loot oil from the Venezuelan people. What a shame!” Moncada wrote on his Twitter account.

Biden continues harsh sanctions against Venezuela

Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for North America, Carlos Ron, stressed that Trump’s recent confession has served as all the evidence needed regarding the hostility of US foreign policy toward Venezuela. He also denounced “the Biden administration’s [continuation of] its policy of illegal sanctions” against the Venezuelan people.

“What additional evidence do we need? Here is Trump confessing that his goal, all along, was to seize oil from Venezuela. The Biden administration keeps in force its policy of illegal sanctions. Venezuela has triumphed and will continue to triumph!” Ron wrote on his social media.

Trump: Sanctions and illegal measures against Venezuela

With the triumph of Donald Trump in 2016, aggression against Venezuela increased with with more than 900 illegal sanctions that affected and continue to affect the majority of the Venezuelan population.

Among the attacks were sanctions against the state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) as well as the seizure of its subsidiary in the US, CITGO Petroleum Corporation.

Donald Trump ‘s announcement is the first he has made after new accusations against him for a federal crime regarding the handling of top secret White House documents. The former president of the United States faces 37 felony charges related to the mishandling of classified documents, a legal attack launched by the leadership of the Democratic Party that resembles the lawfare processes in Latin America against leftist leaders.

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