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Extremely important Russian warning to the UN Security Council (MUST SEE)

The Saker, October 24, 2022 —


First I want to express my bewilderment.

We do not quite understand which added value other than a time extension of today’s meeting, carries the inclusion in the list of the speakers representatives of Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Greece. We’re not having a debate today, we are conducting a briefing. These countries’ position we already know very well. It could be nicely summed up by a [single] representative of the European Union. Nothing, but a desire to be featured on national TV screens, can we see in that. In the future, Mr. Chairman, we would like to ask you to be more careful when compiling the list of the speakers for the UN meetings on this subject.

Mr. Chairman .We note the briefing by UN Undersecretary General on political issues, Rosemary Di Carlo and Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Denise Brown. [corrects the interpreter] Resident Coordinator.

We see that… the UN Secretariat finally became concerned with the destruction of the civilian infrastructure story. Unfortunately, again one-sidedly. We didn’t hear a single word about the destructions, which Kiev has been causing for 8 years and continues to cause in Donbass. Neither do we hear about the victims among its civilian population from the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Remain without any reaction from the Secretariat the monstrous terrorist attacks by Kiev against such civilian infrastructure as the Crimean bridge, the AFU shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power plant.

The need to convene today’s meeting, our Western colleagues explained by the intensified strikes against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure and civilian targets by the Russian side. Let’s see how the things really are. For the last two months the Ukrainian regime and its Western patrons, apparently euphoric from some tactical advance of the Ukrainian troops in a number of directions, which were achieved at the cost of astronomical losses in manpower and equipment, they in every possible way rehashed the thesis that Russia allegedly has exhausted its material and human resources and is about to … start losing on the battlefield.

At the same time, Ukrainian strategists, supervised by their Western masters, already have been using terrorist sabotage methods on the Russian territory for a long time. There are numerous examples of this. But an apogee of their efforts became the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge on October 8, committed by the Ukrainian special services. Four people were killed, destroyed was a part of the road, which was used by the population of the peninsula to supply them with food, medicines and other vital goods.

Ukrainian officials, including the Deputy Prime Minister, Head of Ministry for digital transformation of Ukraine, Mikhail Fedorov and adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, openly savoured this crime. Enthusiastic messages were posted also on the official Ministry of Defense account of Ukraine. And although Kiev, apparently, reprimanded by its western masters, very quickly, as is their tradition, attempted to shift the blame on to Russia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmitry Kuleba in the leaked on the internet video footage confirmed that Kiev was behind the attacks on Krymsky bridge and Belgorod region. Here are his words, made available to millions of users. I quote. “If you ask me who blows up [infrastructure] in Crimea or Belgorod, then, in a private communication, I’ll tell you that, yes, it’s us”. End [of quote].

Since during the eight years of bitter experience of the inhabitants of Donbass we know well, what the Kiev regime is capable of, a decision was made to cool down the militant ardour of the arrogant Kiev terrorists. With precision-guided missiles strikes and UAVs of Russian manufacture, were destroyed a large number of military installations, and also infrastructure facilities, [reducing] the military capabilities and undermining potentials of Zelensky’s repressive regime.

Of course, this situation did not suit the West and thus caused a genuine hysterics among our Western “colleagues”, which we can observe in all its glory expressed during today’s meeting. Naturally, as before, they do not want to see the truth and acknowledge that the civilian targets were hit and were damaged only in those cases when the drones were shot down near the targets by the Ukrainian territorial defense .. and because of that had deviated from the original course. Or the [damage happened] when civilian targets were hit by the Ukrainian air-defense missiles, which were not capable of Intercepting their targets. There are plenty of such cases, including recorded on video. Anyone who wants to, can watch them on the Internet.

Right now Ukraine and its Western patrons are trying to spin another fake about the alleged deliveries to Russia of the Iranian UAVs, in violation of the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2231. We reject any such attempts to draw the UN Secretariat into this unscrupulous game. An example of this is the letter distributed in the Security Council today by Germany, France and the UK with a de facto petition to the UN Secretariat to violate the article 100 of the UN charter and mandate, prescribed in the note of the President UN Security Council S/2016/44 of 16 January, 2016. The US went even further and in their letter directly demanded from the Secretariat to conduct an investigation that the Secretariat is not authorized to open. This is an egregious situation and we submitted our legal assessments in our response letter, which was circulated before this session. We are waiting for the Secretariat to fully confirm that it does not intend to go along with the violation of the UN charter [demanded] by these Westerners’ instructions, and will not conduct any such “investigation”. If the UN experts, in order to please the the Western capitals, will, nevertheless, open such pseudo-investigations, baselessly referring to the provision of the Resolution 2231, we may review the entire complex of our relations with the UN Secretariat, the impartiality of which in that case would no longer be possible to rely upon.

Dear colleagues. Today’s show at Security Council is also a kind of smokescreen for the Kiev regime and its patrons. The West is diligently creating the image of Kiev regime as of an innocent victim of The Russian aggression, [which victim] needs a constant military assistance. Last week there were announcements of the deliveries of the military supplies to Kiev.

The US and the EU opted for the systems that showed the highest lethality against the population of Donbass and liberated territories. USA will deliver to Kiev another batch of M142 HIMARS MLRS and high-precision guided missiles M31 GMLRS, as well as aviation anti-radar missiles AGM-88 HARM. From Paris, Kiev will again receive self-propelled artillery guns Caesar 155 mm caliber. A delivery of 155mm ammunition to Kiev was announced by Germany. To their own population, the leaders of these countries explain that these weapons, supposedly, should help the Zelensky regime in the defense of Ukraine.

Let’s see for what they are actually used. According to DPR-LPR data, only on the territory controlled by the republics from … February to October, as the result of the Ukrainian attacks with the use of heavy weapons, there were destroyed more than 10 thousand houses and more than 2000 civil infrastructure facilities, including 424 educational and 109 medical facilities. For these attacks the American HIMARS MLRS were actively used. The French Caesars also used the opportunity to show their power in an unequal battle with the residential buildings, schools and other civilian targets. Directly from the French weapons in Donetsk since the June this year, no less than five people died, ten were injured, more than 64 buildings were destroyed.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine also strike deep into the Russian territory aiming at civilians and civil infrastructure. On October the 10th, in Belgorod region the AFU launched more than 100 missiles, including the infamous Tochki-U armed with cluster warheads. A woman died, four houses were damaged. In the long-suffering village of Tetkino, Kursk region, which from the spring has been the target of the massive artillery strikes by AFU, despite the absence of the military facilities there, two people were injured. On October 13, the Ukrainian strikes hit an apartment building in Belgorod, … the village of Krasny, customs checkpoint in Shebekinsky city district and other civilian buildings.

Just now, literally on the eve of our meeting, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed … destroyed the industrial plants in this district. It is worth recalling that earlier in this area, just like in Donetsk, the AFU have actively and indiscriminately used against the civilian population the remote mining systems, including the “Petal” mines.

On October 16, [they] fired on the residential buildings in Nikolskoye, the International Shukhov Airport in Belgorod, two civilians were injured.

On October 18, the Ukrainian military once again shelled the village of Belaya Beryozka, Bryansk region. On the same day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked six towns in the Kursk region, a woman was injured, a number of homes were destroyed, several power lines were put out of action.

Prior to this, the Ukrainian saboteurs repeatedly tried to perpetrate an act of sabotage against Kursk nuclear power plant. In total, since early October only, the indiscriminate artillery fire by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including with the use of the abovementioned American HARM missiles, was unleashed on more than 30 peaceful settlements in Belgorod region and Belgorod city itself.

At the same time Kiev, … encouraged by its Western supervisors, openly brags about this. Are they in Kiev and in the sheltering Kiev capitals serious …seriously think that we will tolerate this?

Using an indulgence for any criminal acts issued by their western handlers, Zelensky regime deliberately … strikes the civilian infrastructure on their former territories. For five months the AFU shells city of Novaya Kakhovka in Kherson region. Up to 120 missiles arrive per day, of which most are American HIMARS, with the Ukrainians aiming them specifically at the Kakhovka dam in order to breach it and thus raise the water level, which will cause flooding of the adjacent territories. This scenario may result in deaths of thousands of civilians, thousands of homes will be damaged.

Today we circulated a letter to the Security Council, calling upon the leadership of the UN to prevent this monstrous provocation.

The irresponsible AFU attacks on Zaporizhia Nuclear Plant continue, creating serious risks to nuclear safety at the station. The scale of civilian casualties, in case if ZNPP is severely damaged, let alone after a full-scale man-made accident with the radioactive contamination, does not worry Kiev. They are ready to make any human sacrifice in order for NATO to keep waging its proxy war with Russia and continue the arms deliveries to Ukraine. We keep the UN leadership informed of these egregious incidents, but no meaningful response from them so far .. have been received so far.

Ukrainian militants managed to seriously damage Kakhovsky and Antonovsky bridges through the Dnieper, through which the inhabitants of Kherson were supplied with food, medicines and so on. Another attempt to destroy Antonovsky Bridge was made by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the 19th of October. The Russian air defense systems managed to protect this installation, and for these attacks, again, the American systems HIMARS were used. Ukrainian militants used the same systems earlier for strikes at the place where prisoners from the neo-Nazi Azov battalion in Yelenovka were kept.

Another horrifying illustration of how the Kiev authorities actually treat peaceful people are their barbaric punishment of their compatriots who made their choice in favor of Russia. On September 29, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down columns of cars near Kupyansk, which were about to leave Ukraine in the direction of Russia. About 30 people died. On September 30 AFU again fired on refugees who were leaving for the liberated territories of Zaporozhye region. On the spot were killed 30 while 88 people were injured. Yesterday, October 20, AFU shelled the ferry crossing which was used to evacuate civilians fleeing from Ukrainian shelling and provocations. As a result of this crime there are dead and wounded, including journalists and children.

On October 4, there was published an open video message from 38 military personnel of the 8th Company of the 3rd Regiment of the 25th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In it they reported … reported about receiving criminal orders to kill the civilian population of Kharkiv region.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine recently made a statement about the beginning of an operation to search for the enemies of Ukraine, within which, in the towns of Kharkov region Detained are up to 40 so-called “potential collaborators” who are then interrogated by the security services.

What happens to those people afterwards, showed in his published on social media on the 9th of October videos a member of the Ukrainian military, ex-commander of the neo-Nazi Azov unit, Maxim Zhorin. The footage shows that the bodies of the executed by them Civilians, the neo-Nazis dump in the ravine. Zhorin himself wrote that these are residents of the city of Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, commenting, I quote “There will be a punishment”. The clip’s metadata indicates that it was recorded just over half an hour before the publication. Corpses were dressed in warm clothing, appropriate for October weather conditions. The Russian troops, I will remind you, have been absent from Kupyansk since the beginning of September. Everything suggests that these unfortunate people were victims of extrajudicial execution carried by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis as a part of the cleansing of the city.

Where is a single word of condemnation of these actions from the western delegations? Your silence is the best evidence that despite all the hypocrisy, no one in the west cares about the fate of Ukrainian civilian population. You prefer to cover up this criminal regime that has incorporated nationalists, radicals and outright Nazis, [you] help them to organize provocations and promote lies about Russia and actions of the Russian troops.

By the way, I would like to remind you again, that despite all the reminders, we still did not receive the lists of the victims of the Ukrainian provocation in Bucha in April, the names of these people. This once again confirms that the Kiev authorities have nothing to present in support of their accusations and conjectures. Our Western “colleagues” are trying to pretend that there is nothing which needs to be proven – it’s sufficient to simply take the word of the representatives of the Kiev regime about any of their claims.

Mr. Chairman, before I finish, I would like to inform you in advance, I will not listen to another batch of tirades from the representative of the Ukrainian regime within the walls of the Security Council today, thereby permitting him to experience that bizarre and sinful pleasure, which he [apparently] derives from it, no, I won’t. I think everyone who read his recent offensive comments about Russian diplomats on social networks …[unintelligible] Unfortunately, such antics reflect the current state of the Ukrainian diplomacy and are the evidence of Kiev’s inability and unpreparedness to any dialogue. Let alone a civilized one.

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