Disagreements in US Empire’s State Department Over Support for Israeli Genocide of Gaza

Orinoco Tribune, November 9, 2023 —

A leaked memo from the US empire’s state department, obtained by Politico, suggests that staff within the department are having disagreements with the Biden administration’s handling of the latest rise in the Israeli settler entity’s attacks on Palestine. The document even states that the government should be willing to publicly criticize the Israeli settler entity for their actions.

The memo, published this Monday, November 6, reviews an apparent loss of confidence in the current administration—mostly from the mid- and lower-ranked diplomats—due to how foreign policy has been conducted in West Asia, which they indicate could result in complexity when establishing further relations with the region.

According to Politico, the memorandum has two key axes. It calls on the US empire’s government to support a ceasefire, and to balance its public and private messages towards the Israeli settler entity, including criticizing the entity’s military tactics and its treatment of Palestinians, which the US entity typically obscures from the public.

The diplomats in the memo argue that the US empire is showing its true colors in its position as a partial and dishonest actor, which would be “harming its interests around the world.” The shared interests of the US empire and the Israeli settler entity historically benefit themselves by oppressing others.

“When Israel supports settler violence and illegal land confiscations or uses excessive force against Palestinians,” the document states, “we must publicly communicate that this goes against our American values ​​so that Israel does not act with impunity.” It is worth noting that the US empire exists as a settler colonial entity founded on genociding the indigenous population, thus upholding by its very nature the same values that the Israeli entity has been doing since its so-called “inception.”

This document appears to suggest that the US empire’s government does not have the full support of its staff for the unrestricted leeway that the settler colonial empire projects regarding the decisions that the Israeli settler entity makes regarding its current escalation of genocide against the Palestinian people.


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